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As the name would suggest, New York City’s Financial District (conveniently abbreviated to FiDi by most folks) is Manhattan’s buzzing financial hub. However, there’s more to this neighborhood than business. It has actually grown quite a bit as a residential highlight for anyone interested in a luxurious high-rise lifestyle. Nowadays, the district has much more to offer than you might have thought. If you plan on moving to the Financial District, here is what you can expect.

Breathtaking architecture

The first thing anyone walking into the Financial District notices is the stunning architecture. Of course, it boasts more than its fair share of glossy skyscrapers. These giant constructs will definitely take your breath away, if not hit you with a dash of vertigo.

But you’ll also spot quite a few marvelous marble structures dotting the district. That contrast creates a wonderful sort of blend between old-time grandiosity and sleek, start modernity. The local movers Manhattan has in store for you can relocate you to FiDi, but you will ultimately have to decide which aspect of it suits you better.

Moving to the Financial District:
FiDi isn’t all steel and glass

Nevertheless, its architecture is quite something to behold, and the view rarely grows stale. Living on the higher floors, you will be able to bask in the breathtaking view of the district and beyond, in addition to the confluence of the Hudson and East River. If a great view is what you live for, then feel free to contact professional moving companies in NYC and get started with your relocation.

Rush-hour days clash with calm nights

FiDi is a pivotal business sector in NYC. If you’re looking for professional prospects, then get in touch with some of the residential movers NYC provides. But there’s also a negative side to that aspect. When moving to the Financial District, you will regularly see crowds and congestions during workdays. The streets teem with people in suits rushing about to meet deadlines, and the ground looks like a breathing mass when looking from atop one of the district’s towering buildings.

While the daytime hustle and bustle is certainly something you need a little getting used to, the nights are surprisingly serene. You see, night time life in the Financial District is fairly limited, which means that nights are fairly quiet. So you shouldn’t expect a thriving club scene, you will be able to enjoy a tranquil, almost meditative experience at night. Talking a walk along the riverside or strolling along Battery Park will truly soothe you.

That said, there is one noteworthy exception to this laid back silence. Stone Street is a surprising slice of cobblestone-laden bohemian life dropped smack dab in the middle of FiDi’s glass and steel. There, you will find plenty of pubs, taverns, and cafes to satisfy anyone’s nighthawk itch. You won’t be knee-deep in clubs or discotheques, but the neighborhood is well-connected, so transport to such venues isn’t difficult.

Luxury living in the Financial District

Being practically the finance capital of the world, living in the Financial District basically means being in the lap of luxury. For the most part, the living quarters here are spacious and come equipped with top-of-the-line amenities and utilities. In some living quarters, you can expect gyms, swimming pools, round-the-clock concierge service, and more.

But there is also room for more affordable living, with plenty of walk-ups that cater to a more humble lifestyle. And if you’re downsizing but in need of extra room for your things, there are many long term storage options for you nearby. Suffice it to say that you will find yourself in want for very little after moving to the Financial District.

While many apartments fall in line with the modern aesthetic befitting of today’s tastes, you’ll also find more retro accommodations. These picturesque bricked spaces provide a more than decent living, too. And while it is true that life is more expensive here, that price tag does indeed have a reason for being high. If you’re fine with that, the next step for you would be to hire local movers NYC has to offer.

Dollar bills and a one-cent coin
Odds are you will need to spend more than you’re used to when living in the Financial District

Pet-friendly establishments throughout the area

Catering to pets and pet owners is a perk that few would associate with the solemn facade of the Financial District. All the same, your furry little friend can live in the Financial District with all the freedoms any pet would love to have. A lot of establishments, hotels, and apartment buildings have very lax pet policies, meaning that you can take your dog or cat to most places.

Shopping is a breeze here

Given that the Financial District is home to some of the wealthiest business people on the globe, you can safely expect to see plenty of opportunities for shopping. And that’s exactly what you get – a line of stores and boutiques both luxury and accessible dot the Financial District’s streets.

The bulk of the brand stores are along Broadway Street, where all the high-end shopping mostly takes place, but there are also some more affordable locales. If you like any of the following labels, you will be right at home here:

  • Zara
  • Urban
  • Aldo
  • Gap
  • C21

Once you move to the Financial District, you will be pretty well-supplied with anything you need for a comfy life.

Moving to the Financial District: is it worth it?

All things considered, is FiDi worth considering as your next home? Well, we can round up all the pros and cons in a condensed list and see how it looks. From that recap, maybe we’ll be able to make up our minds more easily.

The Charging Bull
Will this iconic statue be a part of your everyday routine?

As far as the pros go, the Financial District can offer you the following:

  • Amazing architecture to admire and the views to match
  • Calm, pensive nights without too much noise
  • Life in the lap of luxury
  • Plenty of pet-friendly establishments
  • Many places to shop

To dim your enthusiasm a little bit, there are a few drawbacks that you might want to consider, too:

  • Lack of a thriving nightlife scene
  • Daytime can get loud and hectic due to rush hour
  • Living costs are fairly high

So, taking all of the above into account, it would seem that moving to the Financial District is generally a good idea. You will be in the heart of NYC’s business world, a place where the cutting edge meets the traditional. As long as you can afford it, FiDi will not let you down.

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