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If you want to expand your business then you should move to Manhattan. This also applies to your family business. Your family business might have reached its full potential in your current neighborhood or city. However, if you still believe it can grow more, you should move it then. Manhattan represents NYC’s economic and administrative center, so why not move your family business there? You will have more chances to attract more clients, upgrade, expand your business, and make new business connections. However, moving your family business to Manhattan could be a little complicated without commercial movers Manhattan. For this reason, the first step is to hire good movers, and then your move can begin.   

Why moving your family business to Manhattan is a good decision to make?  

Manhattan is one of the most famous boroughs in NYC. It is the smallest borough in NYC looking just at the size. However, it still has over 1,600,000 populations and it’s an economic, cultural, and, administrative center of NYC. Now, these facts alone are enough to decide to move your family business here. One of the biggest benefits of moving your business to Manhattan with moving companies NYC is the large customer base. Not only could 1 600 000 people be your potential customers but also people who work in Manhattan but live in other neighborhoods. However, as Manhattan is a huge area, you need to find a good place for your office. The best places for office spaces in Manhattan are the following.

  • The Financial District  
  • Hudson Square  
  • Little Italy  
  • Tribeca  
  • SoHo  
  • Columbus Circle  
Tall buildings in the distance
Manhattan is a perfect place for any type of business

Why is Financial District a good place for your family business?  

Financial District is located in Downtown Manhattan and its NYC business center. Many financial and insurance companies and banks have their offices here. However, you shouldn’t worry because of this information as other smaller businesses also found their place here. Finance is not the only field that is thriving in this area. Also, the number of technology companies has increased over the years. The reasons why Financial District is popular for business are the following.

  • Lower cost for office rent  
  • Accessibility via public transit  

It almost sounds impossible that in place with such a name, you can find more affordable office rents than in some other parts of Manhattan. The average rent is $60 per square foot which is much less than the $81 one as NYC average price. You can also find storage space Manhattan and save even more money.

How to prepare an office move to Manhattan?  

You probably already know that Manhattan is expensive and moving there won’t be cheap. You can save money by choosing to rent office space in more affordable parts of Manhattan like Columbus Circle, Soho and avoid areas like Tribeca and Hudson Square. Overall, Lower Manhattan has more affordable renting prices than Midtown or Upper Manhattan. However, no matter which part of Manhattan you choose to move your family business, you should hire professional movers. Moving office in Manhattan is a very complicated process that requires experience and knowledge. A good moving company will know the rules of parking a commercial moving truck in different parts of Manhattan. Also, the same company will know the ways to reduce waste during a commercial relocation. These are just a few things you might not know that are important during a commercial move.  

empty office space
You can find affordable space for your new office

How to find a good office space when you are moving family business to Manhattan?  

As said before, the price for renting office space will depend mostly on location. However, when looking for an office space for your family business, price and location are not the only important factors. Other important factors to consider when finding new office space are size, public transportation, parking, security, demand, etc. There are a lot of things to consider, but they are all equally very important. If your office space doesn’t have enough parking space available then it should have good public transportation. This is not only important for your future clients but also for your employees and you. Also, you should search for a location that suits the image of your business. If you run a bookshop, you should look for office space near universities or schools.  

You will be living in Manhattan too  

If you want to move your business to Manhattan but live rather far away from it, then you should also consider moving there too. Manhattan is not only a good place for business but also for living. You will spend more money commuting to work every day than to rent an apartment in Manhattan. If you live alone, a micro or studio apartment will be enough for you. This way, you will be also saving time that you can spend on developing your business. Also, who doesn’t want to live in Manhattan? You will be able to enjoy the charms and beauty of probably one of the most famous parts of NYC. So, you should also start preparing for your move to Manhattan. However, if this is too expensive for you, you can try moving your business first and see how it will go.   

taxi on the street
Manhattan is also great for living

Don’t worry if your business doesn’t start right away  

When you are moving your family business to Manhattan, you should be prepared that the first couple of months might be hard. As you will have a lot of competition in Manhattan, it will be hard to get your name out and build a good reputation. However, as this is your family business, you already have experience in building your name and customer base. A good piece of advice would be to work hard and well, and your future customers will find you eventually. Just be patient and persistent in your pursuit. After all, you will live and work in Manhattan where you can try out new things, meet people, and open so many doors every single day.


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