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Finding an apartment in NYC is a notoriously difficult endeavor! But little do people know that finding a suitable office space is an even more complicated and challenging process! You are supposed to find an office of just the right size and price! And sure – it might seem like you must have a lot of options in a city as huge as NYC, right? But once you try to find a place that fits both your needs and your budget, some problems might ensue. That being said, finding office space in NYC is hard, but it’s by no means impossible. With our help and with the help of our useful guide, you will find yourself hiring expert office movers in no time!

Consider using a commercial broker for helping you find good office space

It goes without saying that you could find a suitable office space by yourself. But, unless you are lucky, it might take you a lot of time – maybe even too much time. Which would be a shame, because there is a whole group of people whose occupation is helping you find appropriate office space. And that’s where commercial brokers enter the scene.

A broker for finding office space in NYC.
Would you like some help with finding office space in NYC? Then all you need is a commercial broker.

As experienced individuals, brokers are already familiar with all the property listings in the area. They will be able to find an office that perfectly fits your needs size-wise, as well as money-wise. And the best part? All you will have to do is just visit the space they find for you. The only thing that deters people from hiring commercial brokers is the fact that they do come with a price. But so do the best Queens movers and yet they are still necessary for relocations in this area. Our advice to you is to consider this as a worthy investment – one that saves your time. And we all know that time is the most valuable resource of all!

Decide on the neighborhood of your dreams

Are you set on finding an office space in the heart of Manhattan? Do you prefer to be more frugal and find an office in some of the cheaper Queens movers? Well, we all know that New York has developed exponentially and today, all five boroughs can be a great location for your business. You just have to choose. Unless you have your heart set on a specific borough and neighborhood, we assume that your final decision will heavily rely on your budget. Speaking of which, it plays a very important role when it comes to finding perfect new headquarters for your business.

What can you realistically afford?

It’s no secret that we would all love to have a shiny office in one of Manhattan’s commercial buildings. But that’s not always possible. Office space is measured in square footage, among other things. Let’s say you need a 2,000 square foot office space. If you take it for granted that a square foot of office space in Manhattan costs $50, that would add up to a whopping $100,000 per year! In terms of monthly rent, that would end up costing you $8,333.

A man holding a stack of dollar bills.
There is no reason to overspend on a new office.

If paying rent this high would only lead you into debt, what you need to do is quite clear. You will have to find a more affordable option than Manhattan, and then you can proceed to call Divine Moving and Storage NYC to help you relocate.

Determine the square footage you need before finding office space in NYC

This is a tricky one because deciding how much square footage is needed definitely isn’t an easy thing. You need to have enough space so that your employees and business ventures can function normally, but you also need to ensure the office you choose isn’t too big for your needs. As already established, that would just lead to unnecessary waste. If you don’t know how to determine how much square footage you need, there is no reason to be embarrassed. A lot of business owners struggle with this one.

That’s why a general rule of thumb is to ensure every employee has 150 square feet of available space. Of course, you can adjust this unwritten rule a bit if you have imagined a different office layout. One of the worst business moving mistakes is moving into an office that is too small for your needs, employees, and office items. So keep your eyes wide open when choosing the right headquarters for your business.

A picture may be worth a thousand words – but don’t rely on it

If you haven’t hired a broker and have looked for an office space yourself, you have most likely focused your efforts on finding representative pictures of the place. And that’s certainly a great way to choose the perfect office. But that’s only the first step to finding office space in NYC because pictures alone can’t cut it. Some landlords might use misleading or outdated pictures, creating a false image of the property. That’s why when you find an office you consider to be worthy of your business, you should make it your task to visit it.

Inside of an office.
May the new office space bring you more profit and prosperity.

This way, you can even get the bigger picture when it comes to potential renovation and remodeling. Because any office space can be remodeled to an extent – it all depends on the agreement you make with the landlord. At least an inspection of the property will give you a chance to get to know both the landlord and the available space. No one said that finding office space in NYC was going to be easy or quick. But it will certainly be worth it once you move into your new workplace with reenergized motivation for the job ahead. And a beautiful office will give your employees the push they needed, so everyone turns out to be the winner in this situation.

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