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Along with the violin, pianos one of the most popular instruments we keep in our homes. While they are truly magical things able to take us far away and not require us to move from the couch, they can be a moving issue. They are bulky and difficult to move around. Depending on the type of piano that you have, they may even be impossible to take through the door. That’s why you need tips for hiring piano movers Brooklyn.

Image of the Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn is home to many pianos and local moving companies are good at transporting them

Pianos are wonderful instruments. The tones they produce can take you from sentimental and melancholic feelings all the way to anger and gore. The kind of tone it will produce is up to the player and the composer. In the same time, pianos are regarded as one of the basic instruments that musically-gifted children are put in touch with. It’s one of the instruments that we use in schools.

What do you need in order to move a piano?

Moving a piano is a delicate task. Given the size of the instrument and nature of almost all of our homes (after all, there is a limited number of people who actually have a double door to their homes), you need to know how to do it correctly. The answer to the question of what do you need in order to move a piano is pretty straightforward: you need to hire reliable piano movers, period.

Moving a piano by yourself is possible but is a very complicated task. It requires special tools, brains, and muscle. You are not going to come by any of it in and for just one day of piano moving. So, get professional help. If you are unable to fit your piano right away in your new apartment, look for storage NYC.

Most important tips on hiring piano movers in Brooklyn

So, now that we know what you need in order to move a piano, let’s take a look at the most common tips for hiring piano movers in Brooklyn:

  • Hire proven piano movers
  • Make sure that you are hiring piano movers in Brooklyn that possess the necessary equipment
  • They should also be Brooklyn movers that have the necessary credentials
  • Take price into account, but do not make it the deal maker or the deal breaker

Hiring proven piano movers

Probably the most important aspect of hiring piano movers is to hire those who actually know what they are doing. The easiest way to find this out is to ask questions about piano moving. If you are hiring piano movers in Brooklyn that are proven and have a pedigree, your conversation will flow pretty naturally. So much so that the mover will take over and start giving out the information about the move that you have not asked yet. Sometimes, even if you are a novice in piano moving, you will learn a lot about the move just by talking to the people who do it on a regular basis.

Piano movers in Brooklyn should be well-equipped to conduct the piano move
Choose the piano moving company that can perform the move up to the highest standards

Another way to hire NYC movers that are proven is to consult the online moving reviews. Yelp and the website of the moving company that you are negotiating with should be your best options. Therefore, find as much information as possible and do your best in order to get the best service. Moving a piano is no joke and you should be hiring piano movers in Brooklyn that can conduct it.

Equipment is important

Should you be hiring a piano moving company that has the same kind of equipment as you do? Or, to put it plainly, a moving company that does not have the proper piano moving equipment at all? Of course not. In order to hire piano movers that will take good care of your piano and protect it well, you need to make sure that they have the necessary tools to perform the piano move.

Therefore, before you sign any kind of a deal with a moving company, ask them to show you what they will be using to move your piano. Afterward, you may make the ultimate decision on whether to go with that particular moving company or not.

Are you hiring a reputable moving company with valid credentials?

Making sure that the piano that you need to move will remain in the good condition, you need to ensure that your moving company is registered, licensed and bonded. There are two licenses that you should look for in a piano moving company:

  • Better Business Bureau and
  • Membership in the American Moving and Storage Association

The above-mentioned organizations bring together reliable NYC movers. You can trust their members.

Piano keys
Make sure that your piano arrives in the perfect condition, choose an insured piano moving company

Lastly, make sure that it is an insured moving company as well. The last thing that you would want is to have your piano damaged or destroyed during the move without anyone having your back. This is what insurance is there. Therefore, make sure to hire an insured moving company. This way, if the piano moving process goes awry, you will have a backup plan.

The role of the price in deciding on hiring piano movers in Brooklyn

Price is always going to play an important role in the decisionmaking process. However, the command over how important it is should be in your hands.

In order to hire the right piano movers, you need to take into account what each moving company that you have interviewed brings to the table. When hiring piano movers in Brooklyn, and basically any kind of a moving company, you should look at how much you will get from the service. From that angle, you will realize that paying less is not always the best option. Sometimes, spending more money on a move will result in better moving results and in a cheaper move altogether.

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