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Along with the violin, pianos one of the most popular instruments we keep in our homes. While they are truly magical things able to take us far away and not require us to move from the couch, they can be a moving issue. They are bulky and difficult to move around. Depending on the type of piano that you have, they may even be impossible to take through the door. That’s why you need tips for hiring piano movers Brooklyn.

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Found this one on Facebook:

“Comment on my Facebook page, If you’re going to move and store anything, this is the place to call. And be sure to ask for Daniel, because he’s the strategic commander-in-chief. He says, they do. A true leader. Everything done in under an hour–real pros, and the fasted wrappers on the planet. Santa could use a few of these guys up at the North Pole (before it melts away with the Polar Ice Cap). And keep your hands off Daniel. He’s got a fiancee.”

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A recent review we found on Moversreviews.com about us posted by user Garrett on September 28th 2014

“Divine moving & storage made me delighted all through their every step. They were able to finish the move except fault. Out of many movers I contacted with, they communicated on time and explicated us the details about the procedure. I received similar rate from many moving company but their professional behavior helped me to decide for who should be hired. I used to live in a two rooms’ apartment. Divine moving & storage sent one more worker than they told. But the cost had not been increased. I had some costly furniture and a treadmill along with other items. My all items were handed over without a single scratch. So far I could remember, this was the best move we had ever. Though there was insurance from the company but I didn’t have to claim for any coverage.”



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