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Relocating is something that many people fear and dislike. No matter if you are moving to another country or just across the street, moving can be challenging. Even when it comes to moving from Brooklyn to Queens, two neighborhoods that are next to each other. It looks simple when you look at the map, but is it really? Fortunately, Divine Moving and Storage is always here to help you out with your relocation process. This way you will move your entire household from Brooklyn to Queens without any worry.

Make a plan and stick to it

One of the most effective strategies is to organize everything ahead of time and ensure that you are prepared at all times. Planning is everything. There are many things that you can set up. For example, it is a good idea to make an itinerary for your relocation day. Are you going to relocate on your own or with a moving company? You can ask your friends about some popular moving companies Brooklyn has. Next, think about the ways to pack your belongings. Usually, people opt for boxes when relocating. But for this adventure, you will need a huge number of boxes, so make sure to buy them in advance.

A family packing boxes
Hire a moving company and move your entire household from Brooklyn to Queens easily.

Prepare your items for the packing

Whether your family is big or small, there are going to be many items to pack. That’s why you will need to pack them wisely and label them correctly. Of course, you need to prepare many materials for packing and labeling. Those include:

  • cardboard boxes of different types, (specialty boxes, dishware boxes, etc.),
  • paper tape, markers, pens,
  • bubble wrap, and etc.

What is more, you will need extra help with some sturdy items that can’t fit into boxes, such as furniture. Services of furniture removal NYC movers offer are the perfect solution. It is essential that your belongings are properly packed and protected at all times.

Label your boxes before you move your entire household from Brooklyn to Queens
Make sure to label your boxes correctly so you keep track of your items.

Hire professional movers

Moving can be rather chaotic. If you want your relocation to be as relaxing as possible you can hire professional moving companies. They will do all the work instead of you. Your only task for that day would be to overlook and mark items on your list as ‘checked’. This does sound great! You can research in advance and see what are some moving companies Queens community thinks highly of. That way, you will move your entire household from Brooklyn to Queens peacefully and you will be in your new home in the blink of an eye!

Turn it into an adventure

If you are relocating with your children, let them play and have fun during this process. Some things will change, so don’t make this hard on them. Engage them as much as possible and give them some small tasks that kids can help you with. For example, they can pack their favorite toys and books. Let them cover some items in bubble wrap. Their entire life will change, so make this a memorable adventure for them. Move your entire household from Brooklyn to Queens without any stress and enjoy every step of it.

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Born and raised in the upper east side of NYC. I consider myself an expert with anything moving or storage related aspects in New York City. Having been in the NYC relocation industry for almost two decades I found myself at a point that I am able to answer and help my clients on the first phone call. NYC is amazing and I can't wait for it to recover from the COVID related closures. Feel free to email or call anytime! 212-244-4011