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When you’re packing, you should be aware that certain things take a little bit more time and effort. Things like glass are fragile and therefore you need to take extra time to protect them from potential damages. It doesn’t matter whether you’re putting your things in a climate-controlled storage Manhattan or if you’re packing for relocation. You need to be careful either way. In case you’re not sure how to protect glass belongings for transport, we’ll give you some useful tips. Just keep reading.

It’s all about wrapping

It surely doesn’t come as a surprise that wrapping is the best way to protect glass belongings for transport. Of course, you don’t have to wrap all of your belongings when you’re packing, it’s enough to just pack the fragile ones. So, make sure to set aside some time to wrap everything before you start putting things into boxes.

Newspapers - use it to protect glass belongings for transport
Newspapers can come in handy when you’re wrapping glass and fragile objects.

What to use for wrapping glass belongings

Luckily, there are different materials you could use depending on what’s easiest to get hold of. Here are some of the options.

  • Newspapers
  • Packing paper
  • Clothes
  • Bubble pack

So, you might have to wonder where to buy moving boxes NYC, but when it comes to wrapping supplies, you could even find them in your home! You can use a few different options for additional protection of glass objects for transport.

Protecting glasses and other hollow glass objects

There are different techniques you should use with different kinds of glass objects. When it comes to glasses, vases and any other hollow glass items, here’s what to do.

Glasses with writing on them
You need to be mindful when packing glasses and make sure to protect them from damages.
  • To protect glass belongings for transport if they are hollow, you should stuff the inside. Use tissue paper, newspapers or packing paper to do this.
  • Next, roll the glasses with paper and secure it with tape.
  • For extra protection, wrap them in bubble pack and secure with more tape.
  • Pack the glasses into the boxes upside-down.
  • Fill empty spaces in the box with packing peanuts, paper or more bubble pack.
  • Don’t forget to label the box as fragile. This will help both you and your local movers when loading/unloading the truck.

Protecting flat glass belongings for transport

When it comes to packing flat glass belongings, you have a little bit less work to do. Here’s a run-down.

  • Roll the glass items with paper.
  • Wrap them with bubble pack. 
  • Secure everything with tape.
  • Put some extra bubble pack or packing paper at the bottom of the box. 
  • Secure the box and label the moving box as fragile.

Don’t skip protecting glass belongings for transport!

We know that packing is something that takes a long time and that nobody enjoys it. It’s understandable that you want to get it over with as soon as possible, but we suggest taking these extra steps anyhow. Wrapping won’t take too long but it’s a full-proof way to protect glass belongings for transport. So, don’t skip out on this step.

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