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There are some tasks that can get on your plate once a year (or maybe once every few years). These tasks almost always come as a surprise, since you are don’t do them that often. The problem is – when they do you are not entirely sure what to do with them. When the time comes to store gardening tools, people are usually dumbfounded. Don’t feel bad, though, as this is normal. Take any task that you always delay doing, and you will soon realize there are more than a few that you somehow always neglect. Of all the ones that you can encounter, this one is usually the least uncomfortable one. There is a simple solution found in a pattern of how you store them. The question remains – what is this pattern used to store gardening tools?

This pattern is created based on the actual usage of the tools. We will share a few easy techniques for how you can rearrange your garage (for example) in order to easily store your tools. The main objective is to have every tool stored at your disposal when you need it. The most common mistake is storing items that make them very difficult to find afterward. You should keep in mind that, everything you store will be needed at some point. Make sure to make it easy to get the tools once the need presents itself.

store gardening tools to make gardening easier.
Gardening is a lovely hobby. Just be careful with the tools

Store gardening tools so that you can fetch them easily

The same rule does not apply only to when you need to store gardening tools. This rule applies to whatever you need to pack or store. It doesn’t matter whether you are using storage space Manhattan, or your garage. If you are packing something away – do it in a way where you can snatch it back with ease. One example of mistakes that usually happen is when you are moving. People pack their belongings in boxes and focus on the packing process, which is logical. Rarely do people actually take into consideration the unpacking process that is unavoidable. This is perhaps why people dread unpacking so much. Think of it this way – smart packing (or storing) is an investment for the future, making your life far easier down the road.

gardening plants
You’ll be only as good as your tools!

On another note, people usually make a mistake thinking that having the best moving supplies NYC will make the unpacking process any easier. This is untrue. The only thing that makes the recovery of desired items easy is the way you pack or store them. The same goes for when you need to store gardening tools. Your job is to think of a strategy that will make it super easy to get them back when you need to. This is why we will share a few tips and tricks that will make your storing easy. Furthermore, this will have a lot of help with the recovery of your items.

Still, the first question that can come across your mind is – where do I start? 

First, find an appropriate storage space

The first step when you need to store gardening tools is to find an appropriate place to do so. You want something that will not be in your way constantly. But still, this place has to be reachable when you need them. So, what is the perfect location? Depending on your living space, you will either look at a garage (if you live in a house) or a basement (cellar) if you live in an apartment building. Both of these options are equally good, with maybe a garage winning by an inch. Still, good enough. This will be a perfect home for your gardening tools, considering that you do not do gardening work all year long.

Once you identify the best possible storage option, you can proceed to plan how you are going to spread them apart. Keep in mind that there is an endless source of packing tips you can refer to if you end up being lost within the process. One such tip would be to organize the tools themselves. You want to classify them into two major categories: the one you use often and the ones you barely ever use. If you, by any chance, identify those that you don’t use at all – these will be perfect! These are the ones you really need to say goodbye to and sell them to someone. You’ll both make more space – and make some extra bucks in the process.

Create shelves to store gardening tools

The second step that is not that expensive, but may require some extra time is to create shelves to store gardening tools. If you stuff them all in boxes or bags, you will have a very hard time finding them later. But, if you spend a few hours building some shelves, you will keep the tools out of your way. Furthermore, the tools will be within arms reach whenever you need them. It’s a win-win. You can, maybe, find some wood without even having to buy any. People usually throw a lot of stuff out, so if you move around or make a Facebook post about it – someone might reach out.

working in the garden
If you can’t find your tools, you can always use your hands.

All you need thereafter are a few nails and some screws, and you can make your shelves in a day. On the shelves, store the items based on the early mentioned categories. The ones you use most frequently should be the closer ones, and the ones that are rarely used should be in the back. That’s all there is to it.

If you have any other questions or need professional storage assistance, feel free to contact us! We are here for you!

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