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For every art lover, proper storing artwork and collectibles is a key concern when moving. These items mean a lot and they deserve the best possible treatment. Whether it will be on a short-term or on a long-term, preserving them and keeping safe is a must! And to do so, you will need some good, professional tips. Here is how you can store your valuables and keep them in the exact condition.

Preparation is crucial for storing artwork and collectibles

If you want to pack your belongings properly, you will need to put them into best condition before storing. This means cleaning everything. There is no room for dust, rust or any other unwanted spots. Whether you are storing paintings, silverware, antiques or other valuables, choosing the right cleaning product is very important. There is a big chance you will damage your items if you treat them with harsh chemicals. So, keep this in mind when you are buying cleaning products.

Storing artwork and collectibles like these pocket watches requires finesse.
Before you store your collectibles, make sure they are clean and dry.

Know how to pack

Knowing how to pack will save every item that you are preparing for transportation. Not to mention the importance of this step when storing artwork and collectibles. So, what is there to know?

  • Firstly, don’t forget to always pack heavier items on the bottom, and lighter ones on the top.
  • Secondly, you will need the right packing materials.

The right packing materials are the ones that will allow the air flow and circulation. Breathable materials keep your items fresh and will prevent them from catching mold.

And last but not least, make sure they don’t come in contact with cardboard or newspapers. They can be very acidic and cause severe damage to your belongings. In order to avoid this scenario, wrap them in acid-free materials and only after that you can put them in a box.

Be aware of…

In order to ensure the safety of your treasured belongings, packing them right won’t be enough. There are some things you will need to be aware of. Things like:

  • Bugs. Make sure your storage unit is bug-free before storing artwork and collectibles. Moths and similar bugs are known for destroying everything in their way.
  • Mold. Rapid changes in humidity and temperature lead to the growth of mold and mildew. And once it starts to grow, your artwork will be in danger. Be cautious and know how to keep your items safe.
  • Fading. If your storage unit has a window, keep your artwork and collectibles away from the sunlight. If they are exposed to the Sun all the time, it will lead to fading damage.
  • Acidic materials. Don’t keep your items in contact with acidic materials. Even newspapers can damage your valuables.

Document everything

Once you prepare your belongings for storing, write down all of them. Make a report in which you will take a notation of every item’s condition. When you have everything written down on paper, nothing will get lost. And once you want to move your items from the storage, you will know the exact number of stored artwork and collectibles. Organizing their move will be a piece of cake. Also, if possible, take photos of them. Photographs will show you in what condition your belongings were before you stored them. It will be easier for you to notice even the smallest damage on them.

Professional camera on laptop
Take photos before storing artwork and collectibles. It will help you keep track of them.

Pick the right storage unit

When it comes to storing artwork and collectibles, you will need a good storage NYC. Don’t go with the one you’ve just stumbled upon! Choose your storage wisely. First of all, think of the preferred location. It needs to be somewhat close to you so that you can be able to do routine checkups on your items. And secondly, it needs to be in perfect condition. If storage is damaged, has a hole or mold, it will ruin your precious belongings. If you end up with a storage in bad shape, fix every problem before you start storing your belongings in it.

Keep an eye on humidity levels

Most people forget to pay attention to humidity levels. Recommended levels of humidity should be around 50%. If humidity levels are above 60% or below 40%, damages like cracking paint or growing mildew can occur. Instead of risking, regularly stop by your storage and check humidity levels. You can do it by yourself by installing a special instrument hygrometer, or you can hire a professional. With this in control, your items will stay in perfect condition.

Hang them up

If it is possible, hang your artwork in the storage. You can install S hooks and hang all of them. The air flow will be better if they are not stacked on the floor. If you are not allowed to make changes to the storage that you are renting, you will need to stack your artwork. But, make sure you stack them vertically. If you lay them on top of another, their weight will damage the artwork that is on the bottom of a pile.

10 framed pictures on a white wall.
When you hang up your pictures, the possibility of them getting damaged is much lower.

Routine checkups

In the end, don’t forget to make routine checkups. You don’t need to stop by your storage unit every day or every week. But check it up at least once a month. Take your dog to a walk and make sure everything is okay. You will be able to inspect the storage from the outside, and from the inside. If you notice any damage, fix it.

And remember to inspect it for bugs. Even if unit next to yours catches moths, yours unit will be in danger, too. Now you can see why making regular checkups are important. Better safe than sorry. All in all, if you want to preserve your items, you’ll just have to follow our super easy tips. Storing artworks and collectibles, while keeping them safe at the same time, has never been easier!

How your NY storage unit can freshen up your living space

Maybe you can identify with the following scenario: You found the perfect New York City apartment right in the center of our favorite neighborhood. The moment you stepped inside, you fell in love. And to get it, you had to move quick. You submitted the application quickly to beat out the competition, and jumped for joy when you signed the lease.

Storage spaces in NY
Storage Facts


But, sometimes, the perfect location comes with sacrifices. This place just isn’t as big as your apartment in the outer borough, and you have some tough choices to make. Do you really get rid of the desk that got you through college? Can you really part with half of your wardrobe, or weed out your shoe collection? And what would your mom say if that quilt that’s been passed down three generations is suddenly missing?


If you’ve ever found yourself in this bind, you know the struggle. Do you keep a cluttered apartment just because you can’t bear the thought of getting rid of some things? Do you try to loan out your items to friends so that you can decide to bring them back when you miss them enough?

For most people in this situation, a NY storage unit is the perfect solution. It will keep your belongings safe and sound until you’re ready to bring them back to your space. And if you’re still on the fence about whether you should invest in a NY storage unit, here are a few of the benefits our clients have shared with us about why they chose to go the storage route.

I can’t use this now, but I might want it later.

 storage units in NYC

This is definitely the reason we hear most often from people who use storage services. It can be particularly difficult to make a decision about whether or not to keep an item if you’re facing something like a move, in which you have to make tough decisions quickly. Yet, it’s important to remember, too, that if you’re on the fence about whether to get rid of something, it’s because it has personal or monetary value to you. You don’t want to be flippant about getting rid of things that were important to you in the past.

With a NY storage unit, the pressure to make a decision is taken off you. Because, once you see your items after they’ve been in storage for a while, the decision will become clear. You’ll either still feel connected to that item or your indifference will tell you that it’s time to say goodbye. Having this buffer prevents you from making a snap decision that you might regret later.

I like to switch things up, but that’s not exactly cost-efficient.


We love New York because it is a city of change, Changing trends, Changing seasons, Changing fashions.

And with all of this newness around us all the time, you may feel inspired to shake up your own style, especially when it comes to your home. That’s where having a storage unit comes in.

Because, when you find new furniture, accent pieces, paintings, or other decor that is perfect for the current season or latest fashion, it’s always kind of a bummer to get rid of last season’s items.  So, instead of purging your place of all those older pieces, put them in a storage unit instead. After all, styles are cyclical, and you might be happily surprised the next time you pull out that lamp you thought had gone out of fashion.

I feel more zen in a clutter-free space.

Packed NY Storage Unit 

Alright, as much as we love this city of change, we also know that it can be a hectic place to live. Using a storage space is a great way to minimize clutter and make your apartment a more relaxing space.

And don’t worry. If you have a sudden use for one of your items, we provide 24-hour delivery to your home. So it’s as if all of your items are just on stand-by without being in your way.

I know I’m going to be moving a lot in the next few years, and I am so sick of packing and unpacking the things I don’t use all the time.



Moving is one of those things that most New Yorkers have to undergo, and all of us absolutely hate. If you know that you might be moving around once or twice within the next few years, having a NY storage unit takes off so much of the pressure on moving day.

When you only have to move the things that you use on a regular basis, you’ll feel much freer.

It’s a way to keep my belongings safe and in good condition.



There’s a misconception about storage units as a place where items get old, dusty and molded, but that’s simply not true. As long as you find a storage place with climate control, you can actually ensure that your belongings are safer from damage than they might be in your own home. Plus, the less you move your things around, the less exposed they’ll be to damage or wear.

Those are just some of the ways that having a storage unit can spruce up your home and allow you to take good care of your things!

Divine Pro Moving

Affordable New York City movers should not require Sherlock Holmes to find. With one quick call to Divine Moving & Storage’s Relocation Specialists you’ll find out just how easy moving in NYC can be! With all inclusive moving packages relocation your home is as easy as 1, 2, 3: Just call, book, and move. Moving on with your life has never been so easy. Call today to speak to your personal Relocation Specialist and receive your free estimate in seconds.

NYC Storage Hacks for Your New Home

storage for clothes

Whether you’re facing a massive downsizing crisis, or you just need a serious reorganization of your clutter, there are solutions to de-clutter your NYC apartment and make put any traces of OCD to rest.


Moving to a big city such as New York City is exciting and a dream for many, but with that big move often comes a (very) small apartment. While you might have tried all of your downsizing strategies, you’ll want to make the most of your tiny space, which means you will need to get creative.


Small space storage hacks are some of the most innovative ways to make sure that you can keep all of your precious possessions and still comfortably navigate your home. Here are 10 storage hacks for your apartment.


  1. Use Your Walls

Odds are, you won’t have an issue finding space on the walls as you would on your floors. Large furniture and appliances only have one place to rest on; so don’t waste any space putting shelves or storage there.

Your walls are prime real estate for shelving and other wall-hung storage devices. Hang it all on the wall.


  1. Baskets

Baskets are great for decoration and organization. You can fit more staff into tight spaces when it’s uniform and can be fit together. Baskets are great for underneath sink cabinets, in pantries, on shelves, and, you guessed it, hung on the wall.


  1. Over-the-Door Shoe Holders

Shoe obsession or not, these are great and take up minimal space. Place one on the back of the bathroom door for toiletries and towels, and put one on your closet door for socks, underwear, and some accessories. If you have anything that can fit in the same space as a pair of shoes, a few of these are a perfect investment.


  1. Use Corners to Your Advantage

Pieces of furniture against the wall can create a corner that is might be too small or another piece, but it a perfect spot to create more storage. Here is where you can install corner shelves, available in different sizes and styles, to keep small decorative items, remotes, and books.


  1. Multipurpose Furniture

There’s no need to purchase additional storage-specific pieces when your furniture already provides some great storage compartments. Ottomans that open provide a whole storage box. You can build your own trundle bed with drawer or pullout storage, as well as build your headboard to include shelving it.


  1. Store Your Furniture

That’s right. When you’re not using it, just fold it up. Perfect for studio apartments is the fan-favorite: a murphy bed. This bed is hinged at the bottom so that it can be stored vertically against the wall or inside a closet. When you’re up for the day, you have that much extra space.

There are other options for furniture that you can fold-up. Special tables, desks and even counter tops can be installed to be stored flat against a wall or into a cabinet when they are not being used.


  1. Hanging fruit baskets

In the off chance that you lose space on your walls, try hanging storage from the ceiling. Fruit baskets are perfect storage devices, with multiple tiers to them, and can easily fit above something that already takes up space on the floor, such as a side table, a toilet, or a counter.


8.  Bed risers: a college classic.

Bed risers are often seen in cramped college dorm room, but these are great additions to any post-grad, small apartment lifestyle. Risers are about 8 inches tall, allowing you to store more under a normal bed, or even add a short set of drawers. As an added bonus, many of them also have power and USB outlets outlet.


  1. Closet Hacks

Wooden hangers are bulky and some closet storage systems that are professionally installed can be great, but super pricey. Instead, make the most of the hangers you already have by adding S hooks or chains to them, allowing you to add several hangers while taking up the space of one.

Some other options you have for your closet is to add another rod for hangers, hang hooks on the back walls or back of the doors, and hanging a cork board on the door for jewelry and accessories.


  1. Get creative with drawer space.

Everything is limited here. You can find organizers for drawers in many shapes and sizes to help you neatly squeeze what you need into them. Similar to the basket concept, you can usually fit more in a space when it is uniformly organized. For things that don’t fit- hang it on the wall. You can actually install a wall magnet that can hold your knife collection and other large kitchen utensils.


Lucky for you, when you still manage to run out of space for your wide array of belongings, you can use our storage services that are right for you.

Storage in New York City can get expensive. Divine Moving & Storage makes NYC storage affordable so you don’t break the bank moving. Call today for your free moving estimate! 212-244-4011

Divine Pro Moving

How to Use a NYC Storage for Your Business

Whether you run your business through an Etsy shop, Ebay, out of your home office, or in a big brick-and-mortar store, finding storage units with ample space can become a problem as your company grows! At Divine Moving and Storage, we offer several corporate solutions to support your growing firm.

storage units in NYC

Product Inventory

If your company works with clients who order in bulk, our storage units can help you with your order fulfillment. We know it can be disruptive to continually move huge shipments in and out of your office space whenever you receive a new order, and using a storage unit can cut down on distractions while you increase productivity. Whether you produce screen-printed t-shirts, create branded promotional products, or sell several lines of the same basic item, a storage unit can help you keep your workspace organized and clutter-free.

Even if your company runs out of a normal retail store space, renting a storage unit can help you take advantage of bulk sale prices when you purchase back stock of your sales inventory, nonperishable foods for your restaurant, or materials used to make your products. You might also find the extra space handy for switching out seasonal items to keep your inventory relevant year-round.


Rotating Decor

If you run a large retail store, fancy hotel, or high-end showroom, you probably change your decor on a regular basis. The various seasons and holidays can each require any number of garlands, wreaths, throw pillows, light strings, table runners, wall hangings, and other accessories which take up lots of space. Instead of trying to cram all of these decorations into a tiny closet, it may be easier to rent a small storage unit where everything can fit comfortably until you need it in eleven months.

NYC moving and Storage

Secure Records

A NYC storage unit can also be helpful for companies that are required to keep physical records for a certain amount of time before they can be discarded. For example, some businesses are required to keep all employment applications on hand for several years before being allowed to securely shred and recycle them. In these situations, your office may not have the space to hold all the records you’re required to keep.

Even if you do have the space, it may not be as secure as you need. After all, you don’t want to be held responsible for having a job applicant’s or a client’s identity stolen because their records weren’t kept safe in your office. Fortunately, Divine Moving and Storage offers 24/7 security services for all storage units on our property.


Short Term Needs

At some point in time, your NYC offices will probably need to be renovated. In fact, a recent study showed that about 2 out of every 5 buildings in New York City aren’t up to date with city safety and zoning codes. When it comes time to update your office space, entering a short-term storage lease can help relieve the headaches that come with renovations. While everything is brought up to modern-day standards, you can keep office furniture, files, inventory, and equipment in one of our climate-controlled and secure storage units.

Even if your office building is completely state-of-the-art, you may reach a point when you need to replace worn-out furniture and aging electronics. We can increase your flexibility in making these replacements by providing a place to store your new things while you coordinate logistics to move out the old.

Storage spaces for Ardsley NY
NYC Storage units

Companies Without an Office

In New York City, the average rent across all types of office spaces is $65.96 per square foot. Fortunately, we can help many business owners save money by eliminating the need to rent expensive office space. If your firm sells services instead of products, such as home renovation or cleaning services, you can store your equipment and tools in a self-storage unit and simply run the operations of your company from home. We can even help you organize your storage unit so all your equipment is easy to reach whenever needed.

Many sales-oriented firms don’t require an office for their daily operations, but need some sort of space to store marketing materials. For example, your company may need space for trade show booth supplies, big real estate signs, or tables that you use to host seminars. Our storage units are much more affordable for this type of storage than a regular office space.


Companies With Many, Many Offices

Do you work for a large corporation’s headquarters or with a company that employs dozens of workers? Many larger companies run out of storage space in their offices for basic supplies like toilet paper, printing paper, extra computers, and furniture. Using a storage unit can eliminate tacky clutter from your hallways and employee offices. Even though you may have grown accustomed to having extra chairs stacked in a corner, potential clients may not be impressed with such a storage solution.


Do you need help organizing your move into a NYC storage units? Give us a call at 212-244-4011

How to Organize Your NYC Storage Unit

Selecting Storage in NYC

Whether you need a NYC storage unit for just one room of belongings for a couple months, or your entire household of belongings long-term, it’s important to keep your storage unit organized so everything is safe and accessible when you need it. At Divine Moving and Storage, we offer full-service packing and relocation where we can properly store your belongings and find any needed items at your request. However, we understand that sometimes you may feel more comfortable organizing your belongings yourself. Here are our top tips for keeping your storage unit organized.


Use standard-sized, sturdy packing materials.

Although many people like to take advantage of “free” boxes they can find at grocery stores and other retailers, these boxes are not ideal for moving or storage units. First of all, they are generally a mix of random sizes, which makes them difficult to stack efficiently inside a small space. Additionally, these boxes aren’t sturdy because they’ve already been used for shipping. Many grocery store boxes are also weakened by moisture from produce, and may contain pests who were attracted to the delicious smelling food inside. Divine Moving sells new, standard-sized packing supplies which will be best for keeping your stored belongings safe.


Before you store anything, make sure it’s labeled.

When you’re packing your belongings into boxes to move directly into your NYC home, you may only need to label a box based on the room it will be moved into. However, when you’re planning to keep a box in storage for an extended period of time, you probably want to list every item in the box so you can find everything easily without having to dig through every storage container to find one thing. You don’t need to describe every single item, but maybe use labels like “All kitchen plates, plus Jamie’s blanket” or “All DVDs with titles A-M.”

Some things may not need to be stored in boxes. For example, papers in small filing cabinets. We suggest writing labels on regular paper, then attaching the inventory list to the outside of the containers with painter’s tape. Painter’s tape is safe to use on wood and other containers without damaging the outside material.

NYC Storage Unit

Stack belongings safely.

This may seem obvious, but you need to stack your sturdiest, heaviest boxes on the bottom of each pile of boxes, with lighter, smaller ones on top. Even if you think a heavy box of books can withstand the pressure of another heavy box on top, it’s not worth the risk of the top box crushing other boxes over time. It’s also important to never stack heavy boxes on top of those carrying fragile items, such as dishes, art or decor items.

We do encourage you to make use of shelves, tables, and other sturdy furniture to stack your things! In a typical NYC storage unit, you want to take advantage of any safe, open space. However, if these furniture items are antiques, you want to avoid placing anything on top of them. Antiques are fragile and more susceptible to damage while in a nyc storage unit.

If you’re storing art work, wall hangings, and mirrors, never place anything on top of these. Also, do not lay them flat, either on the ground or on a raised surface. Depending on the piece, it may collapse on itself over time. Instead, lean these against a wall or secure piece of furniture on their ends.


Save space whenever you can.

Disassemble large pieces of furniture when you can, such as desks and TV stands. When you do this, make sure you keep all hardware in one labeled container near the furniture pieces so you won’t have to go searching for it later. When furniture can’t be disassembled, try to take advantage of empty spaces. For example, store boxes underneath tables that can’t be taken apart, and store lighter belongings inside of your refrigerator.

But make sure you don’t go overboard in your effort to condense belongings! Keep enough space between your piles of boxes and furniture so you can walk through to find things later.

Divine storage Review

Keep everything clean.

Even though we take measures to prevent pests from living in our nyc storage unit, we protect your privacy by staying out of your storage unit once you’ve moved in. For this reason, it’s important for you to be proactive to avoid gathering pests, dust, and mildew or mold in your space.

One easy way you can keep things clean is by making sure it’s clean to begin with. Make sure your furniture and appliances are cleaned and dried properly before being placed in the unit—this way, mildew and mold won’t grow inside. Also, don’t store anything in a sealed plastic bag, because moisture can easily condense and cause mildew to form.

Before you move anything in, consider setting some wooden shipping pallets on the ground. (typically we will do this at no charge for you if you store with us) These are very inexpensive to purchase at your local home improvement store, and they keep nasty bugs and rodents from nesting under your belongings.

Once everything is moved in, be sure furniture is covered with stretch wrap so dust won’t collect on it. You may also want to strategically place some moth balls, traps for pests, and moisture absorbers as an extra precaution. (again done by us at no charge to you if you store with us)


Are you ready to schedule your NYC storage unit move? Give us a call at 212-244-4011

When it comes to moving in Greenwich, Divine Moving & Storage is your best bet for a stress-free, hassle-free, affordable move. Divine is the best moving & packing company in Greenwich, CT.

moving in greenwich
Greenwich Mover

Moving companies are not all the same. That’s why Greenwich has relied on Divine Moving & Storage for the last two decades to move them in and out–and all around–this New York City suburb and the tri-state area. With unbeatable prices, award winning customer service, and experienced professionally trained movers & packers, it’s no wonder Divine Moving & Storage is the best moving company in Greenwich.


The Best Full Service Moving, Packing, and Storage Company in Greenwich

Full service moving means we take care of everything. Full service moving in Greenwich includes packing and unpacking, piano handling, furniture disassembly & assembly and blanket wrapping all furniture and delicate items with clean brand new moving blankets (which comes standard for every move and not just full service moves), AV & TV handling, appliance handling, and more. Among other services Divine is famous for is our handling of more delicate items that require more care and attention. We know how to pack and protect antiques and fine art for moving transportation and short or long-term storage. While some items only require bubble wrap and moving blankets, other items–like fine art, collectibles, crystal, and fine china need more protection. Divine makes sure each item we handle is protected for the journey ahead. When it comes to moving, Divine Moving & Storage works hard so you can rest easy.

Packing ahead of time
Packing tips for your upcoming move.

Greenwich Moving Self Pack

While some clients need everything taken care of for them, many clients prefer to take care of the packing themselves. And that’s perfectly all right! Divine can coordinate a moving box and packing supplies delivery around your schedule. When we give you an estimate we can even diagnose your moving supplies needs. We move every day so we know exactly what you will need to have a successful move. If there’s anything you didn’t pack–whether you ran out of time or didn’t know how to pack a particular item–Divine has you covered. When we arrive at your house to begin moving your home, we assess the situation and first pack any items that are still not ready for the move.


Greenwich Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies Delivery

Each moving team and moving truck comes fully stocked with a complete inventory of moving supplies, including specialty moving boxes for bulkier items. We have boxes for every size bed (even your baby’s crib and your California king sized bed!), all different sports equipment (bikes and golf clubs included), and anything else you need help packing. For customers paying hourly, there’s no additional charge other than the time it takes to complete packing and moving. For customers paying a flat rate price, there’s no additional fee! That’s moving made easy, brought to you by Divine Moving & Storage. If you’d like to get some tips and guidelines for packing items yourself, please visit our Packing Tips page on our website.

Flat rate move options
Move Day Finds…


The Most Professional Licensed & Insured Movers in Greenwich, CT

With 20 years experience, Divine is proud of our reputation as the best moving company in the tri-state area. From New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut–in every town, city, village, and borough–Divine makes moving simple. It’s as easy as call, book, move, moving in Greenwich doesn’t have to be a headache; moving can be a simply Divine process. For your upcoming move or storage needs Divine can handle any and all relocation requests. Have a last minute change? Renovation or construction actually going faster than expected (lucky you!)? New home not available on time? Let us know and we’ll make sure you and your family are taken care of.


Why move the hard way when you can move the Divine Way? Call for your free quote and get moving today.


Moving in Hell’s Kitchen shouldn’t be difficult, and it never will be when you have Divine intervention. Divine Moving & Storage is the best professional moving and storage company in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. With packing & unpacking services, long and short-term storage, inclusive of furniture disassembly and reassembly, and specialty services (AV & TV handling, fine art handling and more), Divine takes care of everything related to relocation so you never have to lift a finger–except to point!

For two decades, New York City and Hell’s Kitchen have relied on Divine Moving & Storage for safe, efficient, and stress-free relocations. There’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the Divine Way.

Call for your free non-obligation estimate and get moving today!

Chelsea movers
“Easy” parking for moving trucks in Manhattan

Divine specializes in customized all-inclusive flat-rate moving in Hell’s Kitchen to make relocating in this New York City neighborhood affordable and easy. When we quote you a price, you’ll never pay a dollar more than the original estimate. That’s Hell’s Kitchen moving made easy. Divine’s services include best-in-class packing, storing and relocation services to take Hell’s Kitchen residents home. With fastidious attention to detail, award winning customer service, and trained & experienced professional movers, it’s no wonder Divine Moving & Storage is the go-to moving company in NYC. If you want an affordable, professional, efficient move that is simply divine in it’s hassle-free easiness, call today and speak to one of our relocation specialists to customize your move.


Hell’s Kitchen, also called Clinton, was originally known as Midtown West and lays on Midtown Manhattan’s West Side.


With business, medical, transport, and warehouse infrastructure to support the midtown business district, Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen began gentrifying in the 1990s causing this once affordable area to see an increase in rents as it became increasingly desirable. The zipcodes for Hell’s Kitchen are 10019 and 10036, and the post office for the former is called Radio City Station which was the original name of Sixth Avenue’s Rockefeller Center. Although historians are divided as to just how and when Hell’s Kitchen got its name, many point to an association with the notorious Five Points slum which was not only crime-infested but disease-ridden causing the area to be anything but desirable for much of its history. In fact, the infamous Boss Tweed, notable for his despotic rule over Tammany Hall and the Five Points during the mid 19th Century lived in Hell’s Kitchen. Other’s point to its similarity to London’s Hell’s Kitchen for the etymology of the name and also point out that both a gang and local dive bar used the name.

moving trucks
Storage and Moving in Hell’s Kitchen

Still others say that the tenement set up in Hell’s Kitchen around the end of the 19th century were the filthiest and worst in the city earning them the name “Hell’s Kitchen.”


Unsurprisingly, the name Hell’s Kitchen was not a huge draw for people seeking to move to the neighborhood. As realtors and developers moved into Hell’s Kitchen hoping to attract renters and buyers they sought to call the area by less pejorative names. Thus, the name Clinton, Midtown West, and Mid-West came into fashion to call the area. However, the traditional Hell’s Kitchen monicker was hard to shake and many still use this name when referring to the area today. A favorite place among both student and professional actors, Hell’s Kitchen is close to the bright lights of Broadway and the Actors Studio which has played tutor to famous names like Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson, Jane Fonda, Kevin Spacey, Montgomery Clift, Kathy Griffin, Robert De Niro, and James Dean to name just a few. The actor’s studio was founded by famous acting instructor to the stars, Lee Strasberg, who is notable for creating and developing method acting at this venerated Hell’s Kitchen institution.

man with box
Another moving day in ‘The Kitchen’

With it’s proximity to and overlapping of the Times Square Theater District and several other theaters including the famous Studio 54 (the famous 1970s nightclub of the rich and famous) it’s no wonder why many famous names and aspiring actors would choose to move to Hell’s Kitchen.


Many entertainers who went on to become the household names we revere today have called the area home. These entertainers include Burt Reynolds, Bob Hope, Charlton Heston, Alicia Keys, James Dean, Madonna, Jerry Seinfeld, and Larry David. Some of Comedy Central’s most famous live audience shows have been filmed in Hell’s Kitchen. The Daily Show (now with Trevor Noah) has been filmed in the area since it first went on the air. The Colbert Report was also shot here for it’s entire run before handing the studio over to the now cancelled The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.

new york storage
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In fact, several Marvel superheros hail from Hell’s Kitchen including Daredevil and Jessica Jones.


If you’re looking to grab a bite, Restaurant Row has something for everyone. With its abundance of eateries from all cultures and cuisines you’ll never run out of options. Dining options include Thai, Mexican, Chinese, French, Greek, German, Italian, Irish, Caribbean, Afghan, Peruvian, Indian, Pakistani, Argentine, Ethiopian, and Vietnamese restaurants. You’ll never get bored eating in Hell’s Kitchen, that’s for sure! With Hell’s Kitchen becoming a trendy and wonderful place to live, it’s no wonder Divine moves so many new residents into the area. So when you’re ready to plan your move–or even if you need to move last minute–Divine Moving & Storage is here to help.


Divine Moving & Storage doesn’t just move you, we take you home.


If you need a Park Slope Mover, you need a professional, affordable, and reliable moving and storage company, and Divine Moving & Storage is just the company to take you home!

For a Park Slope mover, there’s only one go-to moving and storage company: Divine Moving & Storage. Relocating, storing, and moving Park Slope’s new and long-term residents for almost two decades, Divine is Brooklyn’s most trusted and efficient moving company. Featuring full-service moving and storage options, Divine makes getting into or out of your home a breeze.

Moving in Park Slope Brooklyn
Moving with ease in Park Slope Brooklyn

With a distinctively small town feel, Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood is a favorite hub for young & hip families and polished professionals. This family friendly neighborhood attracts residents seeking to make the move for their kids and burgeoning families who take advantage of Park Slope’s fabulous Public School 321, local attractions like the Prospect Park Zoo and Lakeside’s year round skating facility, and importantly “Dog Beach,” where man’s best friend can take a dip and show off their best doggy paddle.

Between offering outdoor concerts during the summer (many of which are free!) and a laid back nightlife scene, restaurants that attract New Yorkers from the surrounding neighborhoods, and outdoor sports enthusiasts eager to enjoy Prospect Park’s green space (which some claim is better than Central Park!) there’s something for everyone in Park Slope.

Located in the northwest area of Brooklyn, Park Slope was named for its location on Prospect Park’s western slope. Historically, Park Slope’s Washington Park was the home to the Brooklyn Atlantics, later renamed the Brooklyn Dodgers. During the early 20th Century the Brooklyn Dodgers had crosstown rivalries with the New York Yankees and New York Giants. Years later, the Brooklyn Dodgers would be bought out and sent across the country to the West Coast, becoming what is now known as the Los Angeles Dodgers. Long considered one of NYC’s most desirable neighborhoods due to its safety, green space, easy public transit access, nightlife & dining options, high quality public schools, creative capital, and family friendliness, it’s easy to see why New Yorkers who move to Brooklyn’s Park Slope and become attached to this thriving neighborhood. “The Other Fifth Avenue” and Seventh Avenue are Park Slope’s main commercial streets, known for the fabulous array of dining and shopping options.

park slope packing
Packing for your moving

Whether looking to shop, dine, dance, or play, Park Slope has something for everyone.

Park Slope’s dining options feature cuisines from around the world, there’s something for every palate. Dale Talde’s eponymous restaurant is home to the fine cuisine of one of Top Chef’s favorite culinary wizards. Featuring playful Asian American fare, Talde can often be found in the kitchen overseeing his delicious, well priced, and innovative food. And for those looking to catch a late night bite, head on over to Blue Ribbon Brooklyn, a restaurant featuring a creative combination of haute cuisine and down-home eats. Blue Ribbon is a favorite amongst those looking for a delicious meal after a night on the town, but is also open early so early birds can dine in style as well. Thistle Hill Tavern is another local favorite, with a New American menu and cozy interior, perfect for date night.

Thistle Hill Tavern, like Talde’s, features another celebrity chef, Rebecca Weitzman, famous for winning Food Network’s Chopped so you know the culinary choices in Park Slope are top notch. (zip code 11215, 11217)

If you’re looking for a great Italian restaurant, al di là is the place to go. Just be warned: they don’t take reservations and the wait for this nearly decade old Park Slope staple can be long, but residents say it’s well worth the wait for chef Anna Klinger’s Italian masterpieces. For those who don’t like waiting hours to eat, Convivum Osteria is a fabulous option. This Italian restaurant features a delicious menu, with a beautiful atmosphere that makes one feel like they’re eating in a festive antiques shop. For a delicious weekend brunch head over to Mediterranean themed Miriam for the usual brunch offerings and some next level choices at this homey eatery. If you’re in the mood for something quick and easy–not to mention healthy–check out Purbird’s casual and reasonably priced menu. Healthy eaters will also love Park Slope’s famous food coop. However, if you don’t like the idea of working at the coop for your fresh produce, you can head over to Third Avenue for the local Whole Foods, but know it’s in neighboring Gowanus. Park Slope also has their own Farmers Market on Wednesdays during the warmer months.

Moving boxes
Park Slope Mover Boxes

So when you’re ready to move to or around Park Slope–or even if you’re leaving this wonderful Brooklyn neighborhood–Divine Moving & Storage is there to help.

Divine is a moving and storage company founded almost two decades ago in New York City to serve the tri-state area with easy relocations. Divine’s professional movers are experienced in both commercial and residential moves, and with our full-service offerings, you’ll never have to lift a finger! Divine excels at taking care of all facets of moving, from packing & unpacking, long-term or short-term storage for single items or entire homes and businesses to providing the transportation logistics to get you into your new space efficiently and without any stress.

Divine’s custom moving estimates feature flat-rate pricing so you’ll never pay a dollar more than we quote you on-site.

No two moves are the same which means you should only ever pay for the time and space you’ll actually be using. We can also take care of specialized services such as carefully wrapping and protecting fine art, pianos & other instruments, television and AV handling, to setting up your baby’s crib so that you can get back to your life without having to worry about your move. To set up an appointment with your personal relocation specialist or if you have any questions about your upcoming move, feel free to call us anytime and one of our experienced moving specialists can assist you with anything you may need. Divine Moving & Storage features best-in-class round the clock customer service and we’ve built our reputation on being honest, affordable, and efficient to make moving an easy and simple process. For Park Slope mover, there’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the Divine way.

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