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If you are planning on moving to Manhattan in November, then you need to know how to spend Thanksgiving here! New York City is a huge place filled with many interesting activities and opportunities for you to spend your Thanksgiving. Your kids are going to love it and if you are moving alone, no worries! There are plenty of activities you can enjoy on your own! In order to help you choose where to go and what to do we have created this article. So, ideas for spending Thanksgiving in NYC. Ready, set, go!

Spending Thanksgiving in NYC – what can you do?

To answer the question, anything you want! New York is a huge city with a plethora of events and activities for you to choose from. Besides that, exploring the new city itself during the Thanksgiving weekend is enough of an exhilarating experience without even attending any events. However, we want you to have the best time possible! So, let’s get to it!

spending Thanksgiving in NYC is a great idea
NYC is a great place to spend Thanksgiving!

Macy’s Thanksgiving parade

This is one of the trademarks of New York City. How many times have you seen giant inflatable balloons of various characters from pop culture in movies? Well, they were all inspired by Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Make sure to visit this after waving your Upper East Side movers goodbye! You will have a sight to see, indeed! If you want to see the balloons actually get inflated, you will have to arrive a bit earlier around 3 pm up to 10 pm. If you just want the full package, you can come by in the evening and see the inflated balloons in their full glory. This is the 92nd year of the Macy’s parade and they always have something new to show. So make sure to come by the Museum of Natural History and witness this amazing event with your own two eyes! Certainly one of the best ways to spend Thanksgiving in NYC.

Visit the Bryant Park winter village

This cozy little winter village is located in one of the busiest locations in New York City. But you will not feel the hustle and bustle of the city at all because you will be amazed by the decorations and other festivities. One of the most famous activities related to the small winter village is the ice skating rink. If you want to skate you will have to cash out $20 but other than that, admission to the village is completely free. Enjoy this little wonderland after you move to NYC. One of the best ideas for spending Thanksgiving in NYC indeed!

new york city
Check out the Macy’s parade!

Visit one of the restaurants for Thanksgiving dinner

After you are done with checking out the festivities, it is time for festivity for your belly. You should visit some of the best New York restaurants like Manhatta, famous for its Sunchoke and chestnut soup with black truffles, Eleven Madison Park, known for its roasted turkey with caramelized apple and chestnut stuffing, or The Breslin, famed for its Candied sweet potato soup. With all that said, have fun spending Thanksgiving in NYC!

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