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The coronavirus has left us with a very unstable market during the past year. This has caused numerous problems to companies, including numerous moving companies. Divine Moving and Storage NYC will help you make sense of the Manhattan real-estate market, as well as debate on whether the market is truly bouncing back. To dig further into the current state of the Manhattan real-estate market, keep on reading!

Manhattan real-estate market
The market froze as the people started to move out of the city and further away from the crowds.

How did the Manhattan real-estate market freeze?

Let’s start from the beginning. When the Manhattan real-estate market was still on the up-and-running at the beginning of 2020, the world was overcome with the looming threat of Coronavirus. Numerous Manhattan movers have kept on working even long after the COVID-19 hit, which means that people were buying properties. In this case, usually outside of the city and far away from the crowds. The start of the pandemic froze the market since people didn’t know how to react to it. After the pandemic started to unravel and numerous people lost their jobs, many people have used the situation to buy the city real estate at lower prices.

What’s happening right now with the Manhattan real-estate market?

Let’s take a short overview:

  • When the vaccines came into play, they promised a much safer working environment for numerous people.
  • The travel bans have been lifted for people that have been vaccinated, and you could see a glimpse of normal life that has caused people to believe that the end to the pandemic is near. While this may be the case, it’s not as near as we might think.
  • The Manhattan real-estate market has been on the rise. The number of sales at this time is bigger than it was in 2020.
  • Some of the best movers in Manhattan still don’t have as many jobs, but you can definitely see the people becoming way more comfortable with the situation and celebrating its end.

What does all of this mean for the global economy?

The truth is that the global economy won’t recover from the COVID-19 loss for a long time. But it’s nice to see the beginning starting to unfold. Manhattan real-estate market is the leading market which is the clear indicator of where certain parameters of our economy are. That’s why it’s important to stay tuned and follow the news. The better state of the market is back, and hopefully, it’s here to stay!

Manhattan real-estate market is successfully bouncing back!

Are you looking to invest into Manhattan real estate?

Are you looking at the state of Manhattan real-estate market because you plan on purchasing a home? If you’re sure in your financial abilities, right now is a great time to invest in some real estate that’s still under priced. When you start planning your Manhattan move, keep in mind that we’re at your disposal! Why hire mediocre movers, when you can have a premium relocation company on your side, and all that for a reasonable price? Start the new chapter of your life on the right foot and have a seamless transition!


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