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Every now and then, we try to save money when moving. Everyone knows that this is a big, and sometimes expensive process, so trying to reduce the costs is probably always on your mind. There are many things in which you can achieve this. Finding good and reliable movers is one of them. Getting cheap packing supplies and boxes is another. However, finding the perfect time of the year for you to move is the one many people don’t consider. Moving over summers differs greatly than moving over winter. But, what are the perks and difficulties of both seasons? Will the money you save on one compensate for the work you put in? In this article, find out when you should consider moving in winter. You will also discover what the advantages of this season are, and how to prepare for it the best.

The advantages of moving in winter

So, what exactly moving in winter consists of? When do you start, and when do you end your move? First, all experts will recommend you start planning for your move a couple of months in advance. What this means is that, if your move is in January, you should start preparing for it in November. Create a moving timeline and contact the moving company NYC early to get everything in order. Consider this:

  • The accommodations are easier to find when you are moving in winter.
  • The moving companies are more flexible in the winter months.
  • Safety of the roads and the trip does not diminish in winter.

Moving in winter means finding affordable housing

One of the first perks of moving in winter is the cheaper housing you will find. If you still have nowhere to move, and your lease is ending in the winter or spring, then you should consider finding a rental during the winter. Usually, the most options for finding a nice apartment across the country are during August and September. It is during these months that students flock to their universities and try to find suitable accommodations. Because of this, however, the prices tend to rise up and become quite steep.

A home, money and a clock – you will save both money and time on housing when moving in winter.
Save money on housing when moving in winter.

After they all settle in is when the fun starts. This is when you can go apartment hunting. When there are no students, the landlords will become anxious if they have a vacancy. Keeping it open will mean they are losing money – so they will be prone to agreeing to a lower rent. Use this to negotiate it for yourself. 

If you cannot really get a lower rent, try working out some perks instead. Maybe you can get a free Wi-Fi service, or make a deal with the landlord. You might be able to help make new kitchen counters, for example, for one month’s rent off, or similar. Use the time wisely and you can be saving a lot of money when moving in winter.

The moving companies get more flexible when moving in winter

Similar to landlords, the moving companies will also be open to negotiation when you are moving in winter. Just like the apartments get rented out during August and September, the peak moving season is over summer. This is usually because people enjoy the weather- there is no ice on the roads, and they can dress more comfortably. The downside of the summer is that the majority of people want to move during this time each year – more than a million Americans, as some studies show.

A calendar.
Moving companies have flexible calendars in winter.

And even though moving in winter means dealing with some ice and warm clothes, it also gives you a lot more leverage. The moving companies won’t have a lot of clients, so they will be very willing to work with you. Try to negotiate a lower cost of the move or some perks – like cheaper packing services.

Another benefit of moving in winter is that your company will have a more flexible schedule. The moving companies can get notorious about their busy workdays. When moving during the summer months, sometimes you will not even be able to pick the exact day for the move. You will simply need to work it out with the company. During winter, this changes. Because there are fewer clients, the moves will have their calendars open to you if give them ample time to arrange the move. Use this opportunity well!

Your items will be safe when moving in winter

One of the biggest disadvantages of moving in winter people will mention is the safety – or the lack of it. They say that the roads get icy, the weather is nasty and you need to drive so very carefully. Then, it might be dangerous to just load and unload the truck. You might hurt yourself when carrying heavy boxes, or you can slip and fall.

A padlock with a heart on it.
Your items are protected even in winter!

However, most of these are either untrue or they are easy to fix. First, when you are moving in winter, there will be less traffic on the roads. This is because, as we already discussed, there are fewer people moving around. The summer is the time of the year where you find most trucks on the road – during winter, there are significantly fewer. Then, the roads get cleaned quite often, in most parts of the country. And, together with carefully driving, all of this lowers the risk of an accident on the road.

As far as carrying boxes across the slippery surfaces, there are ways to fix that as well. Simply clean up the snow and ice in front of your house on the day of the move. You can do this within an hour, and it will help both you and the movers. You can also do that in your new home before the truck arrives. This way, when you are moving in winter,you will save money and you will be safe!

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