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Among all the other trends, trends of selecting new homes are changing too. And so, suburbs are the new elite centers while the old elite parts are becoming just visiting spots. The same is happening in New York. Manhattan used to be a symbol of prosperity and good life. But today, more and more people are leaving Manhattan for the suburbs in NYC. Just ask your favorite Manhattan moving company, for sure its employees will be able to confirm this trend to you. But why is this happening? And what are some of the most popular suburbs of NYC? We will try to answer in this article.

Main reasons for leaving Manhattan for the suburbs in NYC

Everybody has different reasons for leaving Manhattan. There are people out there who are trying to make their life more comfortable the best they can. Then again, some people just need change. When you are born and raised in Manhattan, naturally, you will seek adventure someplace else. Residential movers NYC can help you with your new start. However, these are some of the usual reasons for relocating from Manhattan to the suburbs.

Getting away from the Manhattan hype

As attractive as the Manhattan lifestyle may seem, it does not suit everybody equally. People are leaving Manhattan for the suburbs because not everybody enjoys constant attention and endless queues. If you ask people who moved from Manhattan, most of them will tell you that they got tired of apprehensions. In a city of world-famous restaurants, society clubs, and high fashion, it is often hard to leave up to expectations. By leaving all that behind, the same way you would leave old clothes in a Manhattan storage, one gets to leave an unbothered life.

Leaving Manhattan for the suburbs in NYC to avoid the city hype
Not everyone enjoys busy Manhattan life

Secluded lifestyle and more privacy in the suburbs

Similarly, some people appreciate their privacy above everything else. Why would you want to be constantly exposed to scrutiny, when you can socialize only at times when you feel like it? It has been some time since people generally started appreciating this type of lifestyle more. But with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, they prefer staying out of crowds more than ever. Leaving Manhattan for the suburbs became not only a matter of preferences but health precaution too. Besides, global lockdowns and isolations have made people realize, once again, how important is to have your own backyard. 

Economical advantages of living in suburbs

It goes without saying how much cheaper life in suburbs is, compared to Manhattan. Especially if you are starting a family or a new business, these advantages should be even more significant. It makes a lot of difference if you live in 45 or 60 square meters with your family for the same price. Besides the household expenses, there are numerous others to be taken into account. For example, every time you go out to eat in a restaurant in the suburbs, you get to save a small fortune. Not to mention other types of outings. Leaving Manhattan for the suburbs, therefore, may be for simple, practical reasons. And hiring Moving companies NYC makes your move even more practical.

blue piggy bank
Leaving Manhattan for the suburbs in NYC can save you a lot of money

The best suburbs of NYC to opt for if you are leaving Manhattan for the suburbs

New York has plenty of excellent suburbs to choose from. No matter what are your preferences, nearly anyone should be able to settle in one of these:

Leaving Manhattan for the suburbs in NYC is at the same time a brave and reasonable thing to do. All you need to do is small research on the best NYC suburbs. Find a reliable moving company and start planning. Your peace of mind and more comfortable life is just around the corner.

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