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Garage Sales: Maximizing Profit from Moving Sales

it is time for a garage sale
Time for a Garage Sale

There is a tendency to focus on the negatives when we find ourselves having to move in NYC. The mind is plagued with anxieties. We question our decision with questions like: What is the new place going to offer? Do I really have to leave here? Just why am I leaving? And the biggest of all, “Can I really afford it?” Truth is, these may often be rhetorical but they do have answers. You can make the best of your moving today, even profiting from it through the traditional garage sale – which I might add have been booming in recent times.

Business is all about maximizing profit -except you are a multinational company with one of those big labels, then we can add CSR interests. The point is, home movers have found a new and amazing way of making as much profit as they can through these sales and it is totally practical.

There is a proven set of steps to follow, to get the best out of your sale day. It is easy and most New Yorkers who have moved recently can testify to that. The most important thing is to have at the back of your mind the reason you are making this sale. If you carefully follow through with the laid out rules, you are assured of a profiting garage sale.

It usually begins with all your sentimental attachments to the things you want to sell and discovering you may just be able to make some cash from all that stuff. Now you begin to realize it could help cover a debt, with moving costs or could just serve as extra cash for the rainy day.


The best results usually achieved often starts with proper planning. As soon as you have made the decision to sell off, the time for the garage sale should be fixed smartly. If you find yourself in a location where garage sales are popular, you are at an advantage, as you will tap into a free expose and traffic. All you have to do is fix your own sale at the same time as the others. There are often communities which you could join up and make your own sales.  If you are not a community person then all you have to do is set up at the right time. You might reside in an area where garage sales are not as popular but that is okay. You just have to pick the right date, and Saturdays are best.


Basically, whatever you want to do, creating hype is the smart way to go. It is best you create a form of expectancy for your sale. You can put up adverts with your local paper. It is just being “pound wise”. You put in a few dollars to popularize your little market. There are many other ways of creating this hype and you should not fail to utilize the quickest and easiest of all – the use of social media.

Make sure to make the anticipated garage sale big on your page, weeks beforehand. If you belong to any WhatsApp group or community where such a post will not be out of place, you can post there a week or two beforehand. Remember, it is important to know your target audience.

If you are going to post online, do not forget to take pictures of your items up for sale. Nobody wants to buy ‘words’ at a yard sale, but if they get to see what they want, then you can expect huge interest. Your biggest platform to post this is on Craigslist. You can also experiment with other classified ads websites.

You’d love to snag a sale, you should consider not being specific about certain items.  You don’t want a suburban mom pricing your priced figurines or any such thing as a toy for her child.


No better way to keep the potential clients still hooked up on the idea of buying of that 80s CD, than to have your music booming in the background, with a little snack to go along. You should make sure to keep the sale as fun as possible because if the mood is dull, your buyer might associate it with the item he or who wants to pick.

Also, be sure to have your change on you at all times to be able to sell off quickly before interest is lost. An assistant or two will be useful to keep the buyers occupied and you should be careful about pricing.

You do not have to sell off a valuable item for less. Remember you have Craigslist. On the other hand, be careful not to attach too high a price on any item due to its sentimental value and not market value.

A garage sale is simply one of the most exciting ways of maximizing profits through moving sales. You to make your move easier and more convenient by getting rid of stuff you don’t need or use anymore and picking up cash for them!

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