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If you are moving to Manhattan, then you certainly need to know which are the most car-friendly parts of Manhattan. It is the most densely populated part of New York City and that makes it hard to drive around without getting in traffic jams. And believe us, there are a lot of traffic jams in Manhattan. This is why most people use public transportation. There is no hassle in trying to find a parking space that is in close proximity to the location where you are headed. This is why we have created a list of the most car-friendly parts of Manhattan. Let’s see what the economic hub of the United States has in store for us, shall we?

Most car-friendly parts of Manhattan

The things that we have looked into when it comes to a neighborhood being car-friendly is street parking regulations, parking ticket rates, car ownership, and parking complaints. Street parking regulations vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. They are usually concerned with the sides of the road on which you can park, no parking or standing rules, and parking meters. Parking ticket rates are concerned with the difference in parking rates across the neighborhood. Parking complaints differ from people using two parking slots, a parking meter not working, blocked hydrants, etc. All of the neighborhoods in this list are listed compared to other densely populated neighborhoods in Manhattan. They are not compared to other, less populated boroughs in New York City. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

One of the most car-friendly parts of Manhattan overlooking skyscrapers
Which are the most car-friendly parts of Manhattan?

Roosevelt Island

When you look at the New York City’s East River you will see a narrow island. Feast your eyes upon Roosevelt Island. The length of the island is 2 miles and the width is 240 m. Its population is 11,661 according to the 2010 United States Census. A low population is something that naturally goes with the ability to easily find a parking space. This makes Roosevelt Island one of the most car-friendly parts of Manhattan. The island has been changing names since the days of yore. Its first name was Minnehanonck by the Lenape Native Americans tribe, and when the Dutch came, they renamed it into Varkens Eylandtwhich means Hog Island. Later, it was called the Blackwell’s Island, prior to the name being changed to Welfare Island. This was due to the fact that there were a lot of hospitals on the island. The name Roosevelt Island was given after the 32nd President of the United States of America, Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1973. This name remained to this day. Moving companies NYC usually love relocating people to Roosevelt Island because of the low frequency of traffic jams.

Marble Hill

Marble Hill is the northernmost neighborhood in Manhattan. The neighborhood earned its name after the dolomite marble mines during the 18th century for building Federal buildings in Lower Manhattan. It has a population of 9,481 and it is one of the most car-friendly parts of Manhattan. Marble Hill is the only neighborhood in Manhattan that is not on the island. It was at first, but after the construction of the Harlem Ship Canal, it was separated, but still remained a part of the borough. It has a nice, picturesque Dutch vibe going on and there is a lot of parking space. If you live in Marble Hill there is no need to use public transportation. Just drive your trusty vehicle to wherever you want.

roosevelt island
Roosevelt Island is a narrow island in Manhattan.

Upper West Side

Moving companies Upper West Side love this neighborhood! The amount of parking space in this neighborhood is through the roof. If you consider that this area is close to Midtown Manhattan, it may seem strange that there is a lot of parking space. But the cultural and intellectual hub of New York City does not disappoint. It is bordered by Central Park on one side, and the Hudson River on the other. With the population of a whopping 214,744, it just adds to the wonder of how can such a huge neighborhood be so car-friendly. It is also deemed to be one of New York’s wealthiest neighborhoods. The median income is $121,032 and that certainly pairs up well with the number of roadside parking spots. Nobody in this neighborhood sees paying for parking as a big hassle!

Stuyvesant Town

Stuyvesant Town or in other words, the Peter Cooper Village, is a residential development area on the east side of Manhattan. Its development began after World War II and it contains 110 red brick buildings. If you look at this neighborhood from a high rise building, it will look like it was made out of red lego building blocks! There are parks between each of the buildings, all intercrossed with roads and a lot of parking spaces. With its population of 21,049 residing in the red brick buildings, it is certainly one of the most car-friendly parts of Manhattan!



Harlem is a neighborhood located in the northern part of Manhattan. There are three subsections of the neighborhood, West Harlem, Central Harlem, and East Harlem. West Harlem and Central Harlem are one of the most car-friendly parts of Manhattan due to a large number of parking spaces and a low amount of cars. It is one of the poorer neighborhoods in New York City which is due to the fact that it had a turbulent crime-ridden history. Ever since the de-industrialization of Manhattan after World War II, many people lost their jobs. This led to an increase in crime levels. The fact that the neighborhood is poor adds up to people mostly using public transportation. In recent years, the crime rates have plummeted after the successful organization of two police precincts to watch over the area. The population of Harlem has also slowly picked up the pace when it comes to job opportunities and the median income. The population is 116,345 and the median income is $49.000.

To conclude

Manhattan is a bustling and vibrant, fast-paced part of New York City, and it is quite hard to find a car-friendly neighborhood. If you want to move to New York City and own a car, consider moving to one of these neighborhoods.

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