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Moving is a stressful endeavor. A lot of people will tell you this. There are so many things to think and worry about, and you will not know where your head is at times. When you consider all of this and then remember that there is one more member of your family that will need to adjust to a new city, it makes things even harder. This family member is, of course, your dog. This is why you need to know which are the most dog-friendly parts of Brooklyn. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of dog-friendly parts of Brooklyn so your pup will not feel left out. Let’s see where will your four-legged friend feel most at ease.

Dog-friendly parts of Brooklyn

Most of the dog-friendly places will be outdoor because there are health regulations that restaurant owners must adhere to. This will make moving to Manhattan an even worse option as it is mostly urban, with not many parks and dog-friendly parts. You do not want your puppy to be constricted to your small Manhattan apartment.

accommodation for your dog in the most dog-friendly parts of Brooklyn
Your dog needs attention too!

However, Brooklyn is just the place for you and your best friend as there are many open neighborhoods your dog can enjoy. A lot of parks and cafes with pet-friendly accommodation to suit your dog’s needs. It will meet a lot of new dogs while you are exploring your options, so be careful how you handle this. But you are probably well aware of this and know your dog’s socialization levels. With all that said, let’s see which are the most dog-friendly parts of Brooklyn!

Bars and restaurants

People of New York City are notorious for their love of afternoon coffees. And coffee shop owners soon realized that many New Yorkers also own dogs. This is why they made their places dog-friendly, in order to accommodate our furry friends and attract more customers. Some bars and restaurants also offer meals for your dog! Combine this with regular priced drinks, and you have a full house. There are also a lot of options to mingle with other dog owners, and let your dog make new friends and have fun hanging around with other dogs. What are the best dog-friendly bars and restaurants you ask?

Lucky dog

This is a place where you can let your dog run free and hang around with other dogs. People often commend the staff as very friendly. The prices for drinks and snacks are also great, with a pint of beer standing at $6. However, do not bring your dog here if it is not sociable, so you avoid the risk of irritant barking and growling, not to mention the possibility of fighting.

The Levee

The Levee is a dive bar that plenty of New Yorkers love to have a drink in. The added benefit of dog-catering just makes the place better. Hanging around with your friends and your pups is a really relaxing way to go about with your day. The place has a big bar, a garden area, and a big sign with “Beer. Booze. Pool. Dogs” written on it. Certainly one of the most dog-friendly parts of Brooklyn.

The Sunshine Laundromat

The Sunshine Laundromat is just that, a laundromat. However, it is much more! There is a bar area, and also a pinball arcade. And the best thing about the bar is that dogs are allowed! That neighborhood is one of the most dog-friendly parts of Brooklyn. There are also moving companies Brooklyn here to help you with your move to your new home. Why do everything on your own when you can hire professionals to do it for you?!

Dog-friendly parks in Brooklyn

If your dog is a hyperactive little fur ball, then you should know about all the parks you can visit in Brooklyn. Let us say this first, there are a lot of them. You will eventually start visiting one or two regularly, whether because of its proximity to your house, or the freedom your dog feels when running around and hanging out with other dogs. One of the best dog parks in Brooklyn is the Hillside Dog Park. It is located on Vine St, Brooklyn, and its triangular shape will make it memorable. It is great because off-leash activities are allowed and there is a lot of grassy space for your pup to enjoy. There are also a lot of trees for you to find shade and sit on one of many benches while your doggy is depleting its energy reserves.

dog with a flower in its mouth
There are many parks in Brooklyn for your dog!

Another one of the dog-friendly parts of Brooklyn is Fort Greene Park. However, off-leash activities are only allowed before 9 AM and after 9 PM. This is because there are a lot of kids in this park during the daytime. This is good news if your dog is friendly and you are walking it with a leash. Kids can pet it and play with it whenever they want. In addition, Fort Greene hosts an annual Halloween festival called the Great PUPkin, and it is one of the best events you can find if you happen to be in Brooklyn for Halloween. There are a lot of fun activities, and everything is accompanied by dogs in cute Halloween costumes!

dog running
There are many dog runs in Brooklyn!

Dog runs

There is another fun activity for your dog to enjoy. It is visiting one of the many dog runs in New York City. These are extended walkways or parks which you can let your dog run on its own, or run with it on a leash. One of these dog runs is on Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. One of the most dog-friendly parts of Brooklyn indeed!


When you think about it, the less urban the area is, the better it is for dogs. Dogs love the freedom that only parks and open streets without traffic can offer. A cross-city move may be just what you and your dog need! We have listed some of the parts of Brooklyn that are great for dogs. It is now up to you and your dog to see which one is your favorite!

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