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For the best moving company in Yonkers, NY call Divine Moving & Storage.


Divine Moving & Storage is the best moving company in Yonkers, New York. Divine can take care of everything in your home or only select items in your home–we do only as much as you need. Divine’s state of the art storage facility can store the contents of your home or the entire contents for as long or as short an amount of time as you and your family need. Divine makes long term and short term storage a cinch for Yonkers, New York.

Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island
Moving & Storage Company

In Yonkers, Divine Moving & Storage makes moving easy.


Yonkers Moving & Storage: Divine Intervention

Divine Moving & Storage has the knowledge, experience, and state of the art equipment to make this the best and easiest move of your life. Each of our experienced professional movers has spent years moving homes, apartments, condos, and businesses in Yonkers, NY so we know what we’re doing. When it comes to picking a babysitter or tutor for the kids, you wouldn’t call just anyone. You need to know that you are spending your money wisely and getting quality service for your investment. Even more importantly, you want to make sure that those most precious to you–your kids–are being taken care of with the same care you would use to look after them. So when it comes time to move your valuables, personal items, and furniture, you need to hire a moving company who uses the same concern, care and attention to detail you would use on your belongings yourself. In Yonkers that leaves only one company: Divine Moving & Storage.

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Moving, Packing, Storage? We do it all!

Yonkers Moving & Packing Company

Divine Moving & Storage has storage packages for every Yonkers moving need. We offer both full service moving and packing packages in addition to the standard moving packages for clients who want to pack themselves. For clients who want full service moving in Yonkers, we will come to your house fully equipped with moving boxes and packing supplies. We will pack everything from delicate china and crystal, clothing, shoes, and accessories, to decor, fine instruments and art. All larger items like furniture, TV’s, and fine art will be blanket wrapped and sealed to protect them during your Yonkers move.


Divine is here to take care of you, your home, and your family. We will do as much as you need us to do or as little. If you only want help packing the fine china and crystal, then that is all we will do. Sometimes, clients think they won’t need much help and then moving day rolls around and surprise! Life got in the way and they ran out of time. Since each of Divine’s moving trucks comes with a full supply of moving boxes and packing materials, we have you covered. Divine will take care of anything you did not have time to deal with before moving day. That way, we can get you into your new home quickly and efficiently and without any stress.

Packing ahead of time
Packing tips for your upcoming move.

Yonkers Affordable Moving

As Yonkers’ most affordable moving company, Divine does not compromise quality for affordability. Divine Moving & Storage offers competitive prices to make your experience moving in Yonkers an easy one. With both hourly and flat rate moving packages you’ll know what you’re paying up front and will never be charged a dollar more than your original quote. Surprises on moving day aren’t fun for anyone, and we work hard to make sure you’ll never have one.


Yonkers Last Minute Moving

Divine’s full range of Yonkers moving services means that we can handle any and all requests from you and your family–even on moving day itself. Have a last minute change to your moving plan? New home not available in time? Let us know and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of during the planning process and execution of your move. And if you need anything extra at the end, we’re always just a call (or email) away. Divine is here for you before and (even long) after moving day.

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Packing Services

There’s moving the hard way, and then there’s moving the Divine way. Call today for your free estimate and get moving today!


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Black belt in customer service and moving related needs, planning successful moves across NYC for my clients is my goal (an easily achievable one) Born and raised in NYC working in the moving and storage industry for over 10 years. Beside going the all of NYC cross fit gyms I take the occasional break (most of the time on the subway) to read a good book.