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When you hear New York, what is the first thing to come to mind? For most of us, it is the skyline of Manhattan or the streets and flat roofs of brick buildings in Brooklyn. However, New York is far larger than the boroughs of NYC, or the New York City itself. New York is also a state on the East Coast of the US, and New York City is not the only city you will find. There are others with a lot to offer, but that gets drowned out by the NYC noise. One of those cities is The Central City, the “sixth Borough”… Let’s talk about moving to Yonkers, NY!

Some basic information before moving to Yonkers

For those of you who have found more information on moving companies Long Island that could lead you there than about the place itself, we have some basic info. Yonkers is the city in Westchester County, state of New York. It is no small city, as it is actually the fourth greatest by population. Of course, the top place is held by NYC, followed by Buffalo and Rochester.

moving to Yonkers - on a NY state highway
What should you know before you take to the road?

So, how big is Yonkers? Well, moving to Yonkers means moving into a city with around 200 000 people. It has many nicknames. The City of Seven Hills, The City with Vision, The City of Gracious Living… but one most describing of both its location and role maybe “The sixth Borough“.

As we all know, New York has only five boroughs, that been Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan. However, Yonkers is practically an inner suburb of NYC, just two miles away from the northern-most point of Brooklyn.

While not as famous as the eternal city, it does share a similarity. Yonkers too is known as The City of Seven hills. Those are Park Hill, Nodine Hill, Church Hill, Ridge Hill, Cross Hill, Locust Hill, and Glen Hill.


When one is moving to Manhattan education options are rather well known. However, what is the situation when moving to Yonkers? Well, as we said before, this city is largely seen as a suburb of NYC. You will be only few miles from downtown NYC and will be able to attend any educational or business obligations there.

a school bus
What are the education options?

However, that is not to say that there are no local options.

  • Yonkers Public schools. All the public schools are operated by Yonkers Public Schools. Their motto of Innovation, Inspiration, and Excellence for all means that your child will be well attended to after you are done moving to Yonkers. There are 25 000 students and 1413 teachers, meaning that the student to teacher ratio is 18.84, which is very desirable. Public schools cover middle/high schools, elementary/middle schools, early childhoods Schools and Adult Education.
  • Sarah Lawrence College. There is also the WCC, or Westchester Community Colledge. It is a public community college in Valhalla, sponsored by the Westchester County and the State University of New York.
  • The Japanese School of New York. Also known as the Greenwich Japanese School, this is an elementary and junior high school. It is funded by the Ministry of Education of Japan, with around 240 students attending.
  • Academy of Jewish Religion. Often abbreviated into AJR, it was founded in 1956.
  • Saint Vladimirs Orthodox Theological Seminary. Founded in 1938, it is under the administration of the Orthodox Church in America.


One thing that you might have noticed while your Brooklyn movers were moving you into NYC (if they did so) is that there is a lot of traffic. And, with Yonkers being so close and so well integrated into the Big Apple, one must wonder – do you need a car in Yonkers city?

The answer? Not really. Around a quarter of Yonkers, households do not own a car, but those that do don’t necessarily need them. This is because the public transit ridership rate of Yonkers is actually the eleventh-highest rate among cities in the U.S.

underground garage
Is the car needed if you live in Yonkers?

That is right. Bee-line Bus System, the provider of Bus service, is providing an excellent service… There are also two heavy-rail commuter lines and a ferry service.


As for the economy, before moving to Yonkers with your business and good office movers you should know who the big employers are!

AS we said, as a traditionally horse-racing town, Yonkers Raceway employes the most employees in Yonkers, after that being IT jobs at Montefiore, Liberty Lines Transit, Leake and Watts Services, Pop Displays USA, Stew Leonards, Consumer Union, Kawasaki Rail, American Sugar Refining, and finally, Fed-ex.!

Small and medium business is running the city. Seize the opportunity!


You will find no lack of attractions in Yonkers, New York. For a good stroll, you can visit Untermyer Park. For culture and family time, the Hudson River Museum offers great exhibits all-year-round at very affordable prices. If your appetite for learning is not diminished after this, there is also a Science Barge on the Hudson River. As Yonkers always had a horse-racing tradition, you will also find Yonkers Raceway and Harness racing track to be renovated and ready. There is also a video slot machine you may want to visit.

As for Shopping, you will find plenty. Moving to Yonkers means moving to a retail hub for the northwest Bronx. For shopping, you should first visit the Cross Country Shopping Center and Westchester Ridge Hill. Both are located at the historic Getty Square, home of the municipal government, in the very heart of the city.

Central Park Avenue will also offer you a great shopping experience.

Sum it all up

All in all, moving to Yonkers is a great option. Pros are that you are living near NYC and all that it has to offer, while not paying the rent, while cons are that you are still in for some commuting and business opportunities are not that present locally. All in all, depending on your goals, Yonkers is a great option for a living!

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