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If you’re planning to relocate, there’s a good chance that you have some unwanted furniture lying around. According to statistics published by Forbes Magazine, people in their 20s move the most often and the frequency lessens as adults get older.

No matter what age you are or where you’re moving to, it’s important to know what to do with all of that old furniture you don’t want anymore.

Read on to discover more about how moving companies in Brooklyn can help, and what you can do to get rid of your furniture when you’re ready to move on.

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Start with a Yard Sale

If some of your unwanted furniture has some value, consider holding a local yard sale a few weeks before you move. Make sure you advertise the yard sale online and spread the word so plenty of people know about it.

Getting rid of that unwanted furniture not only helps you earn a little extra cash to pay for your furniture movers in NYC, but it also gives the furniture a new lease on life. You’ll also be able to gain some more space in the moving truck, too.

If hosting a yard sale isn’t in the cards, you can also post your furniture on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or online through websites like eBay. The key is to sell these items well in advance of your move so everything is already gone.

Always set a fair price for your furniture to ensure a quick sale. Remember, you’re basically getting a little bonus while killing two birds with one stone. It’s much easier to have someone else come get your unwanted furniture–and you’ll get some extra coins in the process.

Make a Charitable Donation

Another great way to get rid of unwanted furniture is by making a personal donation. Look for local nonprofit organizations and charities in your area that you support. Many of these places could really benefit from receiving your old furniture.

Check to ensure that the place you donate to provides free pick up of your items, otherwise, you’ll be responsible for dropping the furniture off yourself. Most charitable donations are also tax deductible, which is another added bonus.

Always confirm that the charities you want to donate to will accept the furniture before you offer it. Not every organization needs furniture, but there are plenty that might. This could include homeless shelters, women’s shelters, or organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army.

If you prefer to pass your furniture on to loved ones, offer to give the items to friends and family members. You might have a younger cousin or friend who needs some furniture for their first apartment, and odds are they’ll be thankful for the gift.

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Offer it to the Public for Free

If you don’t have time to arrange for a donation, you can also put your unwanted furniture out on the curb. Publish a post online and let people know that it’s available free of charge to the first person who picks it up.

This is an easy way to clear out your place and make room for the move, but you need to make sure that it’s legal. Some jurisdictions don’t allow for bulk items to be placed outside on the street, sidewalk, or curb. Make sure that you confirm that it’s okay to do so before trying this method.

Consider Repurposing

If you’re on the fence about scrapping or selling your unwanted furniture, you can always repurpose it later. Look carefully at the items you’re thinking about getting rid of and come up with ways to make them fresh and new.

An old vintage couch could look brand-new again with some fresh upholstery. The hand-me-down dresser you got years ago might look fabulous with a fresh coat of paint and some new drawer hardware.

Don’t contact moving companies in Brooklyn until you’re absolutely sure how much furniture you need to move. Think carefully about which items you’ll definitely repurpose and which ones you won’t.

Try Storage and Moving Companies in Brooklyn

Let’s face it: Most of us simply don’t have time to worry about selling, donating, or repurposing our unwanted furniture. If this applies to you, then you can also try another alternative: renting a storage facility.

Getting a storage facility allows you to take your time before you decide what you really want to do with the furniture. Always choose a high-quality, reputable NYC storage facility so your belongings are in good hands.

It’s also important to choose a storage facility that’s completely secure and temperature controlled. This will ensure that your furniture is safe and that it remains in good condition, just in case you ever change your mind. Make sure you use the right packing materials if you’re planning to put the furniture away.

Look for New York moving services that also include storage rentals so you’re getting both services from the same company. This will make the entire process of moving a lot easier and you might also be eligible for a discount.

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Make Room for Your Brooklyn Move Today

Determine the best way to get rid of your unwanted furniture before you contact moving companies in Brooklyn. This will make the whole process of moving much easier for you and for the furniture movers in NYC, too.

For all your moving and storage needs in the New York City area, contact the pros at Divine Movers today.

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