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8 Tips to Make Your Mover Love You AKA Moving Game Plan

Moving NYC

Moving in NYC is a painful process. It involves a mind for logistics, preparation, sentimentality, and hard work. When hiring professionals, especially in New York City, it removes a lot of the stress you go through during a move. Movers take the heavy burden and heavy lifting off your shoulders. Since this work is hard, there are some things you can do to make their job easier and more efficient saving you time and money in the process.

Prepare for The Movers

Hiring movers is not as hands-off as you want in NYC or any city. They manage the logistics of the move, the packing and hauling, and the storage of your stuff. Preparation is still required on your part. Make sure they have a place to park their truck. In cramped streets of New York City, it is hard to find a place for trucks to park so they can load and unload your things. Take this into consideration and plan with the property manager or city to set time and space aside. Movers cannot help you if they have nowhere to park.

Have a Moving Game Plan

When the movers arrive at the location they need to pack or wrap everything and empty room by room, it is a good idea to have a plan of action. If you have none, they will do their best, as professionals with experience, to pack what they think makes sense. However, they do not know which stuff you consider a priority over others, or what needs to be set aside. If you take the hands-off approach to their packing, you may be looking for items for a long time not knowing which box something ends up in.

Pack Your Fragile Items

Make fragile items your responsibility. The movers will pack your items as carefully as they can but they are on the clock. A clock you are paying for. They do not want to drag their feet so there is a balance between careful packing and getting the job done. It is strongly recommended that the owner of the fragile items be the one to pack them. That way, they have the control and time to carefully wrap their items to keep them safe. Label them clearly on multiple sides of a box to note the fragile item so when it is being loaded and unloaded, the professionals will know to take extra care.

Group Like-Items Together

If the movers are packing out your stuff, do your best to group items together. This will help keeping like items together and also in the unpacking later. If board games and clothes are in fifteen different boxes because they were spread throughout an apartment, how will you ever find what you are looking for? Try to keep it together so it is easier for the movers to pack and, at the other end, easy for you to know what to unpack.

Storage or No Storage

New York City is not known for its vast storage in most apartments. Sometimes storage units are a necessary evil. When hiring professional NYC movers, life becomes much easier if the movers have their own storage facility. Companies like Divine Moving offer such services. If storage is needed, clearly indicate what stuff needs to go to storage. This to differentiates what needs to be set aside at their storage facility and what needs to go to the new location.

Clear Separation of Immediate Needs

When movers are packing you out of your old place, make sure you set aside things you will need immediately upon moving to the new location. Leaving everything lying around will ensure the movers packing up needed items in boxes with non-immediately needed stuff. When the movers do not have to ask if something should be set aside, then they can move more quickly and efficiently. This helps you as well. More often than not, once you are at your new home, it can take time to go through and unpack all your boxes and find the right place for all the items. It is less stressful when you are not frantically digging through boxes looking for that one item you needed yesterday.

Get Out of the Way

Once the game plan is communicated, everything is grouped and separated, and all is ready to go…get out of the way. The movers are professional. They do this daily and are good at it. Letting them get into the rhythm of their task at hand without interruption is key to a fast, painless move.

Tipping Your Movers

You tip waitresses, you tip your hair dresser, you should tip your mover. While not required, it is proper etiquette to do so. Their effort should be appreciated for lifting and hauling heavy furniture, protecting your walls and floors, and protecting your stuff and tipping is the best way to do so. It is also common decency to offer cold drinks like water or sports drinks if you have them.

The caveat here is their interaction with you. If they act like professionals, show you curtesy, and listen and follow your requests, then a tip is deserved. If they do not, then just like at a restaurant, it is not deserved. Please do not confuse cool, determined, professionalism with indifference. The movers are single-minded in getting their job done quickly and done well.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

These eight tips will make your moving experience with professional movers run smooth and relatively pain-free. We all know how overwhelming moving can be and with the myriad of things to do on your check-off list, these few tips will ease the burden of the move itself and make your movers love and appreciate you.

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