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Divine Moving and Storage is a reliable moving company located in Staten Island. If you are worried of relocation, there is nothing to worry about since Divine Moving and Storage is here to help you out with such concern. We have solutions to take care of all your anxiety. Our life keeps moving and so the circumstances keep coming and going. Relocation is a task that creates worries to an individual about proper transfer of their valuables.


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Divine Moving and Storage undertakes your relocation task to give you an easy shifting. If you have a huge quantity of relocation stuff then you may look for our services capacity. If your stuff are sophisticated and delicate then you may have to bear some extra cost because it needs some more care for relocating. If you are hiring a reliable moving company like Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island then it can surely relief you of getting better services. Call us at (212-244-4011) for more details about our moving services.


Our Moving and Storage Services

The process of relocation to a new place is always chaotic and tiresome. The bustle and hustle that is involved make you stressed out and tensed. The situation gets chaotic as you have a lot of work to do within a limited time. However, this process can get easier for you if you hire Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island that offers a complete range of moving services. Here are the services we offer to our clients.

  • Packing and Moving Services- We help our clients to pack their goods with proper care by using good quality packing materials. We have experts who do the packing part of the entire process. Our packing team has the knowledge of how to properly and safely pack the different items whether they are tough or fragile in nature. After the packing process is over, we deliver the goods in specially designed vehicles which are meant for transporting items. Most of our clients would say that packing is the major time-consuming part of the whole process of moving and it is best done by experts like us.
  • Loading and Unloading- The employees of a moving company assist in loading and unloading the goods. It is best that they do the loading and unloading part since they have the proper knowledge in how to properly place the items on the truck and how to safely get them out of it.
  • Unpacking- This is also as important as packing the items before you start moving. When the items arrive at your new location, our expert staffs would help you to unpack the items one by one and place them where you want in the new house. Although unpacking may seem to be an easy process, it is not so. Our experts practice utmost caution while unpacking the items since many times it has been noticed that while the goods are taken out of their packs, some items have faced damages.

Why should you Hire Us for your next move?

Making a move across the country is a big deal. Lots of breakable items and cherished belongings will have to be packed up and entrusted into someone else’s care. Considering what’s riding on the prospect, choosing a professional moving company like Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island should be an absolute priority. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire us.

  • Fine Print- Once moving companies have been reviewed and a winner selected, a contract will generally be presented. Be sure to read this closely and understand all of your rights and responsibilities under the contract before signing. Knowing what you are getting into can help you avoid any problems down the road.
  • Pricing- Anyone looking at moving companies should seek out quotes from companies they are interested in. Generally, what will be required to obtain these are dates for the move, the number of rooms to be moved and the estimated mileage involved. Quotes will not generally be the final prices, but they can help give you a good idea of what you are looking at budget wise.
  • Availability- It is a good idea to also check and see if moving companies in your area are available on the days you might need them. It is possible your first choice or even your second might not be, which will make the research into background become a little more important.
  • Specialty- If you need to move across the country and the movers you are calling the only handle in town work, you are barking up the wrong tree. Before you dive into researching reputation and backgrounds, check with different moving companies to find those in your area that fit the bill you need to be filled. You will likely find that some companies only handle local moves, while others will go across the country and even down the street.
  • Reputation- This is a vital consideration to take into account when choosing among moving companies. In order for you to find the best moving company in your area, it is highly recommended to call better business bureau, local chambers of commerce or other consumer reporting agencies. It is also a smart idea to check with co-workers, family, and friends for recommendations that might have. The better the mover’s reputation, the more likely it is you will have a good move. Bear in mind that one bad report doesn’t mean a moving company is bad. No single company can please all people all the time.

For hassle free and safe move, call (212-244-4011) and we would be happy to assist and help you with your moving needs.

Our Service Guarantee

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Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island

Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island will guarantee our clients that they will never go wrong in choosing our moving company to help them with their moving needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable movers had undergone thorough training to assure our clients that we can meet their demands, needs, and preferences. With our help, clients are assured that they will have a safe and comfortable move. So, what are you waiting for? Hire Moving & Storage Company in Staten Island today and get in touch with us at (212-244-4011).

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