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Plants are a great way to decorate your office. They give an office a brighter atmosphere and keep the air clean. For this reason, when you are relocating to another office, your plants also go with you. The move takes a toll on every participantThat also includes plants. Like every living being, plants also need care when moving to another city. When you are moving your office plants in the summer, you need to think about the weather. In the summer, weather conditions are far from ideal for relocating plants. In addition to this, humidity is also a problem. Transport can also be challenging. If all this sounds too complicated, you should consult office movers for advice. For now, here a couple of tips for moving your plants. 

How to prepare for moving your office plants in summer 

Preparing and packing your office plants properly is your responsibility. Not all plants are the same. Some can withstand without water longer than others. If you are a big lover of plants and flowers, you should know the best how to pack them. The plants must be properly handled, so they won’t suffer from extreme temperatures, lack of water, and restricted space. Manhattan moving is always stressful, even more with your beloved plants. 

On a moving day, water your plants well. If they are in clay pots, you should wrap each pot in damp newspaper. After this, add more layers of dry paper around it. For plastic pots, the dry paper is enough. After this, make funnel-shaped protection from hard paper. Wrap it around the plant to gently protect the foliage. When putting them in the box, pad the pots well to avoid damage. Don’t forget to pack them closely for stability but also use cushioning paper for protection when moving your office plants in summer.   

person holding plants
Make sure to protect your fragile plants properly

On the day of relocation – what to do?

When packing your items for relocation, pack plants the last. If transporting by van, they will be out of your reach through the move. Because of this, it is very important to pack them well. Water them well, and in the summer place them on damp newspaper. Close the lid of the box and fasten with tape for security. If you opt for airline transportation, the preparation is the same. The airline companies provide only transportation. For this reason, it is up to you to protect them from heat or dryness.

If you decide to take them in your car with you, it will be easier to take care of your plants. You can control the temperature, water when necessary and take them out first when unpacking. If you want more information, contact and hire Manhattan moving services for further instructions. Moving your office plants in summer can be easy with professional help.

tree pots on the table
Water your plants well before the move

Moving tips for different types of plants 

If you are moving your office plants in summer, you cannot use the same packing technique for every plant. Here are some specifics you should take into consideration. 

  • Cacti and other desert plants do not need much water. 
  • Good ventilation will reduce humidity. 
  • Stake vines have weak stems. 
  • Terraria should be in ventilated boxes with lots of cushioning. 

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