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So, you’re thinking of moving to a new apartment in NYC. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current apartment or you’re looking for a place closer to work. Maybe you’re hoping to secure cheaper rent in another neighborhood.

When is the best time to move in NYC? How easy is it to find movers and storage in NYC throughout the year?

Realistically, you can find a new apartment in New York at any time of the year. However, depending on the month, you’ll deal with different circumstances that can make moving a little easieror a little more challenging.

Read on to learn about the best months to move in NYC based on your biggest priorities along with other NYC moving tips.

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When to Move for High Rental Inventory

If your biggest priority is to have a ton of different apartments to consider, you’ll need to start looking during the peak moving season. Like other cities in the country, the summer months are the most active months for apartment relocations in NYC. Consider starting your search in May or June to beat the rush of students that tend to arrive between July and August.

The downside of looking for an apartment when inventory is highest is that competition is highest, too. Prepare for open houses that are packed with prospective tenants as well as huge applicant pools for most apartments in the city. Plus, you may discover that landlords raise their prices knowing that tenants don’t have a choice but to pay more if they want to secure an apartment in the summer.

When to Move for Lower Prices

If you want to leave your current apartment in search of something cheaper, your best bet is to start looking for available apartments in October. According to Apartment List, rent starts to drop in October and reaches its lowest point somewhere around late December through February.

Fewer people are moving in the winter months, so there isn’t the same level of competition driving up costs. With that in mind, you’re not going to see as many apartments that are available for rent in the winter months as you will in the summer months. That doesn’t mean you can’t secure a great apartment in the middle of winter in NYC, especially when you factor in fewer contenders vying for the same lease.

When to Move When Looking for a Roommate

It’s no secret that New York City residents seek out roommates to make those high rental prices a little more affordable. Maybe you got a one-bedroom apartment last year, but you’re starting to realize that solitude isn’t in your budget after all. If you’re looking for a new place and a new roommate, it’s best to move when tons of young people are moving to the city or relocating.

If you don’t mind sharing a home with a college student, you’ll have the best luck securing a roommate in August or January, when the semester starts for most NYC universities. If you’re hoping to live with someone a little older, the best months to conduct your roommate search are the summer months when, as we’ve mentioned, most people are moving in or to New York.

How to Secure Movers and Storage in NYC

New York isn’t exactly known for its abundant parking, navigable streets, or spacious service elevators. Chances are, you’re going to need movers and storage in NYC for your next move.

NYC storage and moving services make it easy to move quickly. This is also a good option if there’s a gap between your current lease and your next lease and you need somewhere to store your belongings while you couch surf.

Diving Moving and Storage makes it easy to book services at any time of the year. Keep in mind that if you’re planning to move or store your belongings during the peak summer months, you may want to get in touch with us on the earlier side to secure your appointment. However, as a top NYC storage and moving company, we do our best to accommodate rush or last-minute moves as well.

Picking Your Next Neighborhood in NYC

Does it cost more to move to a new borough than to stay put in NYC? Not necessarily. While it may take longer to transport your belongings from one borough to another, the difference in moving and storage costs may not be as high as you think.

Plus, changing your neighborhood can lead to savings thanks to lower rent. You’re almost guaranteed to find lower rent if you leave Manhattan, but even going from Brooklyn to Queens or the Bronx will yield a substantial drop in rent.

Can You Avoid Broker Fees in NYC?

Broker fees have gotten so high in New York City that even city lawmakers are getting involved. If all goes according to plan, your future landlords will foot the bill for your broker fees each time you need a new place to live.

Until then, you may struggle to secure an apartment without that 6-15% broker fee. The best way to pay less is to look for an apartment in the winter months when the overall cost of rent is lower and the broker fee dips as a result.

Need New York City Movers and Storage?

Moving in the Big Apple can seem like a daunting task, especially without the help of New York City movers and storage. With this guide, you can find the perfect time to move based on your needs and priorities. With our help, you can also secure the best movers and storage in NYC.

Contact us to let us know more about your upcoming move. We’ll get you on the books and provide an estimate so that you can factor our services into your budget with ease.



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