NYC Storage

Looking for a safe place to keep your belongings? Search no more for Divine Moving and Storage is here to make storage easier, more convenient and safer for you and for your belongings through our NYC storage services.

We are aware of the fact that there would be times in your life where you would be in need of a storage space. It may be because you do not have a spare room or space in your home to keep them or it may be because you are planning to move houses or offices and so, you want to keep them in a safe place for the meantime. Hence, regardless of what life takes you, you can expect that we would always be here, ready to serve you as long as you are in need of our services. With us, you can free your mind from worrying about your belongings being damaged or lost for we assure you that we would look after it wholeheartedly.


Regardless of where you are residing in NYC, expect that you can avail of our storage services at all times. All that you need to do is to contact us using the number provided here in our site and then one of our representatives would answer you call. With that, we can discuss about the size of the storage that you are looking for. Don’t worry too much for our warehouse is more than capable of accommodating them all. You would also be able to know the price that you have to pay for storing your items in this process but nevertheless, expect that we offer our services at a competitive price. After an agreement has been made, you can then start packing your things and bring them in our storage facility directly or if you want, we can also go to your location and pick them up. You can even take advantage of the packing service that we are offering you.


NYC Storage

There are tons of reasons as to why you should opt for our services instead of our competitors and one of those reasons is that we offer a wide range of storage capacity sizes and the price ranges depending on it’s size. This only means that you are given the chance to choose which one suits the number and size of your belongings as well as which one fits your budget. In addition to that, we have been in this industry for 16 years already and our credibility has also already been proven. In fact, we have even acquired loyal clients who have been working with us throughout the years and there has never been a case where our NYC storage facility and services have failed to meet their expectations.

We are here to offer you the perfect solution to your needs. It you have chosen to store your beloved items in our facility, expect that outmost care would be given to it. We also do our best so that our facility would be at it’s best condition. In fact, we even focus on climate control. We also clean our facility on a regular basis and of course, has the best security system 24/7. There would also be no instances where some of your belongings would be lost while they are under our care. This is because we have a detailed inventory for your belongings.

What makes our facility great?

  • 24/7 security

We are aware of the fact that people with ill intentions always surrounds us and they do not choose the time to attack others. Hence, we have strengthened the security in our facility. In fact, not only do we have surveillance cameras for we also have motion detectors that would alert us in case a motion has been detected from an unknown person. In addition to that, we also have theft alarms that would provide you peace of mind that your belonging would ever be stolen as long as they are in our NYC storage facility.

  • Fire safety

If you have heard news about a storage facility being burned down or has been destroyed by fire with all the belongings of their clients gone together with the facility, such thing would never happen to us. This is because not only is our facility clean but it is smoke free as well. Yes, you heard it right. No one is allowed to smoke in our facility, not even our staffs. In addition to that, we can stop the fire before at an early stage for we also have fire alarms installed in all areas of our facility.

  • Temperature control

Not only can we help prevent your belongings from being stolen for we can also make sure that it’s condition would remain the same from the moment that you have left it under our care to the moment that you would be bringing them to it’s designated place or location. We monitor and control both the temperature and climate in our facility. In addition to that, we also have blankets that we would be using so that the furniture that you have left with us would receive the highest level of protection.

Apart from the things mentioned above, we also have convenient access hours and no long term commitment as well. This is because we wanted you to work and continue to choose us because you have been fully satisfied with the NYC storage services that you have gotten from us and not because you are forced to do it due to your long term commitment with us. This is also because we are highly confident that we can meet all of your requirements when it comes to your storage needs.

With the things listed above, there is no longer a reason for you not to choose Divine Moving and Storage the next time you would be in need of our services. Contact us today and enjoy the best services you rightfully deserve.