It feels like you blinked and summer is already over. Truth to be told, this summer was anything but the summer everyone knows. However, the fall is already here and a proper way to say goodbye to the summer is to pack your summer clothes until next year. Every year, summer clothes get bigger and storage solutions get smaller. When all your usual spots are full, you must get creative and find some new ones. When it’s time to switch your wardrobe, it's always a question where to keep your summer clothes during winter. It’s a shame that there are no professionals in that field as there are moving companies Brooklyn for professional moving. However, don’t worry as with these tips you will be like a pro in your house. 

Where to keep your summer clothes during winter 

Before you start packing your summer clothes for storage, you should take a few steps that will be helpful. For the first step, it will be good to take everything out of the closet and put it on the bed. This way, you will get a better idea of the size you need to store. The next step is to make a declutter of the clothes you won't need next season. For the rest, you should wash summer clothes before putting them in storage. 

The next step is to find proper materials for the storage. As most of the summer clothes can be easily folded, you can use moving boxes for this purpose. You can get them from NYC movers. For more delicate items like dresses and formal clothes, you will need garment bags with padded hangers for extra protection. 

The good places  

When you are looking for places where to store summer clothes, first start from your home. The good places are space under the bed, the top shelves of the closet, under the stairs closet, or in the spare bedroom. The most common ones are the attic, basement, or garage. In all these locations, there is a danger of moisture and pests if not packed properly. If this is not enough space for you, you can look for storage NYC. 

The storage is a good solution if your summer clothes exceed your house storage possibility. It's a great solution if you want to avoid an unnecessary mess in your home. However, you should also keep storage tidy and try to avoid clutter in your storage. 

Tips for storing your summer clothes like a pro 

Now that you know where to keep your summer clothes during winter, it's time to see what to use for them. 

  • Moving boxes - they are good for summer shoes 
  • Cloth containers - as the name suggests, it’s a good way to store your clothes on long-term 
  • Plastic containers - are good if you chouse the garage or attic as your storage place, as they offer good protection from pests 
  • Vacuum-seal bags - They are perfect when you want to store a lot of items in small places like under bed storage 

Decluttering your long-term storage is just as important as decluttering your home. Even though you’ve rented a unit to keep the mess out of your home your unit should not be messy. Treat your unit as an extended part of your home and always make sure it is clutter-free and clean.
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