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There are many reasons why the Upper West Side of Manhattan is one of the most underrated, overlooked parts of the city. Perhaps it is too far from the noise of tourist areas such as Hell’s Kitchen and Midtown. Maybe it is the dark reputation, which the region acquired in the 1970s and which has long outgrown. Whatever the reason, Upper West Side has so much to do, which makes it a great place to visit and stay. Let’s look at the pros and cons of moving to Upper West Side to help you decide if you should hire one of the moving companies Upper West Side and move to that part of Manhattan.

Pros of moving to Upper West Side

Playground in Upper West Side
There are plenty of reasons why moving to the Upper West Side can be the best decision of your life

1. Life

The number one reason to love Upper West Side is that it is one of the few remaining areas of Manhattan that has a strong sense of community. While everywhere on the island is too commercialized and very expensive, the Upper West Side has retained its character and residential atmosphere. Moving to Upper West Side seems quite reasonable, while in other parts of Manhattan the idea seems crazy.

2. Proximity to Central Park

Central Park is a very popular tourist destination, but fortunately, this is such a vast area. People are scattered around the vast 843 acres of the park. So there is plenty of space to go cycling, jogging, walking or sitting and contemplating near the Azalia Pond. Living on the Upper West Side gives fitness enthusiasts a unique opportunity to run through the park in the morning before most of the city wakes up. This is an experience that every New Yorker should have.

3. Riverside Park

Upper West Side is a fantastic place for people who like a little green space in their lives. Central Park is not only very accessible, but Riverside Park is also called the Upper West Side home. Riverside Park extends over 86 blocks along the Hudson River. It features cafes, art installations, as well as cycling and jogging tracks. This is, without a doubt, the most impressive park on the Manhattan waterfront, which makes the Upper West Side one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for families. And therefore it is one of the eight officially designated attractions of the city of New York.

4. Fun, unpretentious bars

If your ideal evening suggests a more relaxed pace, then the Upper West Side is your place for nightlife. In places like the E’s Bar, you can play board games, darts and billiards with real New Yorkers in a lively, but not excessive, atmosphere.

Traffic in New York
You can get to enjoy the everyday fun that real New Yorkers have

5. World cuisine for all budgets

Another great thing on the Upper West Side is the fantastic variety of restaurants and cuisines. If you want to impress someone on a special occasion or just have lunch after a happy hour, UWS offers the cuisine you are looking for.

6. Levain’s cookies

Upper West Side, fortunately, is home to the New York bakery, which has become an establishment for world-class cookies and pastries. Levain’s Bakery has earned a reputation as one of the best places in the world to get chocolate chip cookies.

7. American Museum of Natural History

One of the main tourist destinations that Upper West Side offers for consideration is the American Museum of Natural History. With such an iconic stronghold, like massive dinosaur fossils and a blue whale, this museum will amaze you. Stay updated to learn about temporary exhibitions, to expand your wonder and thrill even more.

8. The cultural destination for arts

Although much of Upper West Side is known for its vitality and lack of pretentiousness, the Lincoln Center provides the area with a high cultural appeal by hosting performing arts institutions such as the Metropolitan Opera and New York City Ballet.

9. Easy access to products of high quality

New York is a center for culinary excellence and diverse cuisines. However, you will have to do most of the cooking at home if you do not have a budget for food every day. Fairway is a two-floor specialized grocery store offering excellent gastronomic, bakery and meat services. As well as endless international dishes and products for wholesale. Trader Joe’s is another excellent supermarket with two UWS stores, offering unique wholesome dishes that are easy to put into your daily diet.

10. Magnolia’s cupcakes

This is the second reason to love the Upper West Side, which includes desserts. And this should be a clear sign that the cuisine is part of life at UWS. Bakery Magnolia has become famous for its classic cupcakes with unique flavor combinations that will delight your taste buds. If you are moving with a family to the Upper West Side, your children will be delighted with their pastries.

Magnolia cupcakes
You can check why they are worldwide famous

Cons of moving to Upper West Side

1. Housing

Upper West Side is famous for its residential, cultural charm, but the city is also known for its dollar signs. Currently, the cost of standard one-bedroom apartments at Upper West Side, which are most often housed in brownstones or pre-war buildings, is about $1,900. Although they are the most affordable housing option in the city, they are rarely equipped with an integrated washer and dryer. However, some brownstones, usually consisting of 10 apartments, have a single washing machine and dryer in the basement for all residents.

If you are looking for a studio with more modern day amenities, prices range from $2,500 to $3,500 and up. One bedroom apartments are also available at a minimum price of $2,200.

For those who choose buying over renting on the Upper Westside, the minimum starting point for a decent studio in a co-op is from 300,000 to 350,000 dollars. One bedroom apartment will cost you $500,000 and above.

2. Nightlife

Due to its outstanding residential atmosphere, Upper West Side is not known for its party scene. Therefore, if you are a party person, maybe this part of NYC is not for you.


There are so many reasons to want to enjoy in the Upper West Side. This is truly one of the most livable areas in Manhattan. If you dream of moving to Upper West Side, you will need a team of professional, reliable movers to take you there. Divine Moving and Storage NYC has earned a reputation as one of the most polite, caring and friendly professional relocation services in New York. Get a quote today and you will be on your way to the life you imagine in Upper West Side.

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