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When it comes to moving with your family it’s kinda hard to find the right place, either to buy or rent. There are a lot of things a neighborhood has to have in order to be a good neighborhood for a family. Sure, there is no replacement for good parenting and whether you will do what you can to bring up your child the best you can make all the difference in the world. Now more than ever. But, that doesn’t mean that the environment in which you will bring up your child doesn’t play a role. With that in mind, we have come up with a quick guide that will help you find the top Manhattan neighborhoods for families. After that, it will be up to you to pick which is the best one.

Finding top Manhattan neighborhoods for families
Finding the top Manhattan neighborhoods for families is esential if you want to properly relocate.

What makes a neighborhood good for a family

Before you start looking through top Manhattan neighborhoods for families you need to be aware of what makes a neighborhood family friendly. All of these are necessary, but it is up to you to decide which one has the top priority. It’s is hard to find a neighborhood which is top in everything. If you do manage to find one, it is probably going to be quite expensive. But, since you are having Manhattan movers move you to Manhattan, you are probably expecting a pricey lifestyle.


In order for a neighborhood to be family friendly, it needs to have good schools. If it has good daycare centers, great! But, you can live without those. When your kids start going to schools they should be able to do so on their own. While you can drive them from time to time, it will be a good experience for them to explore their neighborhood while walking to school. That is not possible if a good school is two neighborhoods away. Therefore, you should try to find a neighborhood with a decent school. Start by checking out local schools online and figure out their quality. After that, you should go to the schools personally to meet the staff and to see the schools curriculum.

Kids at school, writing
Your kids need proper schooling in order to grow up into good people.

The best thing you can do is to talk to parents and kids that go to the school. Most schools have at least a couple of days per year when they host new parents. Use this to talk to the kids and ask them how they like the school. If you can win their trust you will learn just how good the school is. Don’t expect such honesty from the people working there.


This is usually the top priority for new parents that are moving with kids, and for a good reason. Once your kid starts walking around the neighborhood on your own you will see just how important neighborhood safety is. But, the official estimate of the neighborhood safety is a fickle thing. The official stats can vary from month to month with little connection to the actual safety of the neighborhood. What you need to do, in order to circumvent this, is to look for safety stats over the long period of time. This will give you a better idea on how safe the neighborhood is and if there is any chance that it will become less safe in the near future.


The location of your neighborhood can make or break it. A lot of issues that a neighborhood might have can be circumvented if it is close to a good neighborhood. Often time, you can save a lot of money by moving to a neighborhood that is not the best but is 15 minutes away from the best one. Mind you, this doesn’t mean that it is going to be cheap. But, it usually is considerably less expensive than the best one.

Some of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for families

Upper West Side

And since we are talking about good locations, we have to start this list with Upper West Side. Not only will you find good schools, safe streets, and good apartments, but you will be close to Central Park. This means that you will be able to enjoy the sunny days with your family and have some healthy fun. Most people in NYC cannot afford such luxury as the closest park or nature is at least 30 minutes away.

Walk with your family in the park in one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for families
Being close to a park has tremendous benefits to it.


If, on the other hand, you would like to be nearer the water after moving to NYC, you should definitely check out Tribeca. Over the years Tribeca has become quite a family friendly neighborhood. Good schools, clean streets and a bunch of little parks will help your kid grow up properly. Plus, you can hardly escape the diversity that is present in Tribeca. Here you will find people from all over the world with many different cultures and customs. Therefore, your child is bound to be more worldly than its average peer as it is going to meet a bunch of kids from other cultures.

Hell’s Kitchen

When it comes to transforming neighborhoods, we cannot help but mention Hell’s Kitchen. The neighborhood has gone through some major changes throughout its history and it is proof that a neighborhood can always change for the better. Nowadays, many families make Hell’s Kitchen their home and try to make it as family friendly as possible. Once you move to Hell’s Kitchen you will easily see why it is one of the top Manhattan neighborhoods for families.

Battery City Park

Ask any of the local NYC movers about a Manhattan neighborhood to raise a family in, and they will tell you to go to Battery City Park. Numerous apartments and houses made with family in mind are close to good schools, both private and public. Furthermore, the people of Battery City Park like to work on their environment. Here you will see numerous family-oriented events which will help your child grow up into a proper adult.

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