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Long Island is one of the more famous neighborhoods in NYC, and for a good reason. Being so close to the city, while living in a nice, family oriented neighborhood is a dream for anyone starting a family. This, and many more are the reasons why families move to Long Island, and Divine Moving and Storage NYC is here to help you go over them one by one.

What are the reasons why families move to Long Island

There is no neighborhood that is suited for everyone. Some are more suited for a young professional who is trying to live their youthful life to the fullest. While others are more oriented towards family life. But, what makes a neighborhood family friendly, to begin with? Safety, education, diversity, culture, all of those are necessary for a family friendly neighborhood. But, there are even further distinctions to be made, as not every environment is suited for every style of raising kids. Therefore, lets us find out what Long Island is like so that you if moving to it with your kids can be a great idea.

Reasons why families move to Long Island
There are many reasons why families move to Long Island, so let’s go over them.

Great schools

First off, Long Island has some great schools. Your child can attend all the levels of education without ever having to move too far away. You will easily find preschools and schools where your child will receive the best education possible. There they will be prepared for the for further education, and eventual business environment, like nowhere else. Keep in mind though that it can be tough to get your child into prestigious Long Island schools and that you should start looking into it as soon as possible.


Considering that it is a part of NYC, Long Island is pretty safe. Living in a big city can never be as safe as living in a small one. But, Long Island manages to keep the safety level at a reasonable level. Once you start living here you will not have to worry about your child getting hurt or mugged on the street. People of Long Island take safety very seriously as there are many families living on it. All in all, you can rest assured that if you raise your kid in Long Island, their safety will be pretty much guaranteed.


The great thing about living on Long Island is that you will be close to everything. The NYC public transportation system will take you anywhere you need to go to in NYC. This can prove to be quite beneficial when raising kids as you will have a wide array of childcare services to choose from. In most towns, you must limit yourself to finding childcare in your area. But, by living in Long Island, you will be able to hire any childcare service as long as it is situated in NYC.


If you were to ask Long Island movers weather Long Island is a good place to raise kids, you would get mixed answers. Some would say that it really is, while others would try to convince you otherwise. The reasons are manyfold, but we will try to go over them.

Raising a family on Long Island
In order to raise a family on Long Island, you need to know what it is like.

Long Island isn’t your classic suburban neighborhood. If you expect that you will have a completely quiet life here with nothing interesting or exciting ever happening, you are in for a rude awakening. While Long Island is considerably quieter then many parts of NYC it is still a part of NYC. With that comes the noise and the hassle that every neighborhood in NYC has. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t move there with your kids. Far from so. You just need to know what kind of parenting style you need to have in order to raise your children into healthy people. Only then will you understand the reasons why families move to Long Island.

What kind of families usually move to Long Island

The first thing to know is that you need to have money in order to live on Long Island. Especially if you plan on moving here with your family. There are many reasons why families move to Long Island, but the price of it is definitely one of those. If you have an upper middle to high earning you will be able to enjoy all that Long Island has to offer. The schools, the services, the fun, all of it. But, if you do not make enough money, do not try to move to Long Island. There are many neighborhoods in NYC where you will have a much easier time raising your kids and not dying of work in order to make ends meet.

Know what you are getting yourself into

Long Island is quite diverse. While this may seem like a dream for millennials moving to NYC, it is usually not such a good thing for raising kids. The reason is simple. Kids need to be able to figure out their neighborhood in order to thrive in it. And, if your neighborhood is diverse, they will have a hard time doing so on their own. This is where you step in.

Discover Long Island with your kids
There are many things that your kids will be able to explore while growing up on Long Island. It will be your job to help them through those experiences.

Only if you are a committed parent, should you try to raise your family on Long Island. There will be many things that you and your kids can explore, but you need to do it together. If you are not paying attention to your kids they will get lost in the chaos of NYC. Once again, there is nothing wrong with chaos. All it means is that you need to be there for your kids and help them through it.

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