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New York City, the city that never sleeps is waiting for you. Moving to NYC brings a lot of opportunities for you. It doesn’t matter if you would like to move for business reasons or family ones, NYC will enchant you. Moving is always a bit stressful at first. You need to have answers to many questions. When to start planning the move? When to book NYC movers? How to do it? Packing with the organization in mind is just one of the topics. Yet, moving to NYC with kids brings even more complicated questions. NYC is not exactly the most family-friendly city out there. That’s why you need to have a plan to cover the all main problems that might appear during the relocation and prepare yourself and your kids properly for this transition.

A strategy for moving to NYC with kids

You should have a general relocation plan to start with. One should discuss the reasons for the move and the expectations. Then, you need to create a special Excel sheet for moving to NYC with kids. The person that knows your kids best is you, so you should write down small remarks about each and every one of them. Have in mind if they are allergic to a certain type of food, or maybe dust. In general, you don’t have to have a list ready if you don’t have enough time or energy. Some people are not fans of making lists or following the same. However, when you are moving with kids, it will probably be very hectic even if you hire local movers Manhattan. For this reason, it is important to stay well-organized. This is the only way to survive your relocation with less stress. 

a list for moving to NYC with kids
Even if you don’t like the idea of lists. it is helpful to make on for your relocation

Start preparing well in advance

Starting late is the biggest mistake you can make when moving to NYC with kids. It is more complicated to prepare everything when you have kids to take care of. In addition to this, you need to book residential movers NYC at least four to six weeks in advance. A large number of people are moving to NYC every single day. After all, it is one of the largest cities in the entire world. Therefore, take care of everything well in advance. It is better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want your kid to start sneezing while unpacking in your brand-new home in New York City. Make a decision about the best time of moving. If it is possible, find a way to relocate when the whole family is available, so that you are on the same page when making other decisions.

Have daily, small tasks planned

Having daily small tasks planned will also keep you on a good track. In the case that you forget something very important, a plan is there to remind you of it. Some of the questions that you weren’t even aware of will arise. It is a great way to brainstorm further. You will notice that for some things it will take you more time. That is why it is better to visualize your goal and break it into small tasks. As already said, doing things little by little will release you of the constant stress. Before embarking on the whole process of relocation, you must understand the psychology of moving. Expectations of you and your partner are probably going to be different. Pay attention to the most important common problems when moving to NYC with kids like booking movers, storage units NYC, etc.

people packing when moving to NYC with kids
Make sure to always have something planned each day

Think about the school calendar when moving to NYC with kids

The number one problem that you should think about is the school calendar. Yes, because of the price also, but also because of the season of the year when kids are available. As mentioned, it can be challenging to hire Manhattan movers NYC on short notice. In addition to this, it is going to be more expensive. Unfortunately, moving during the summer is expensive. This is the time when most people have free time. On the other hand, you don’t want to make your children’s social life even more difficult. So, think for and about them. This usually means moving during the summer break. As well, you want to avoid tears and breakdowns. Talk to your kids. That would be the best way to avoid drama. When you know what their expectations are, the fewer places there is for misunderstandings.

Think about the age of your kids

It is not the same to move with toddlers or teenagers. Usually, it is actually easier to move with toddlers or kids that are not attending school. This way, if you decide to move to Brooklyn, your kids probably won’t remember their friends at kindergarten. However, if you have teenagers, you already know that they can be sensitive. Have them included as much as possible in the whole process even if you hire Brooklyn movers NYC. They will not complain that much since they will realize that they are respected. Just the fact that you are making a serious plan with them, will boost their motivation to do the grownup stuff. The same goes for kids attending elementary to high school. You should assign moving tasks according to their age. Generally speaking, they all can pack their toys and personal items. 

person holding a child
Consider your child’s age when moving to NYC with kids

Make important decisions together and be respectful

If you are moving to a new home in New York City, you need to organize well for the interstate move. Everything will change, your colleagues, children’s professors, etc. Among other things, your dentist and doctor are going to be different. Because of that, there are things to remember when moving. First of all, you need to collect all the necessary documents. If your kids are changing schools, you need to get their records and everything else that is necessary for their successful transfer

You should do the last medical check with your doctor. Your kids should do the same. First of all, these things can be expensive and the procedures can be different. Imagine the troubles you are going through when your kids’ medical records aren’t there and you need them urgently. Don’t go through all that. Be smart and finish everything on time. Besides, your child will be more relaxed with the familiar doctor than with the new one. Not to mention the time necessary to make an appointment with a doctor in NYC.

Pay attention to your kids

Moving is such a stressful time for everyone involved. It is easy to get distracted with packing and organizing your move. In this case, you might not pay enough attention to your kids. This is something you want to avoid. As mentioned, it can be quite hard for your kids to change schools and leave their friends behind. If they don’t have you as a parent to support and comfort them, they will suffer a lot. For this reason, make sure to check on their kids. If they are small, make arrangements, such as hiring a babysitter or asking someone to help you out. 

mother reading to her child
Make sure to spend time with your kids while moving

When moving to NYC with kids, help them to get to know the area

Anxiety will be there, you will feel it, your kids, even your pets. So, do something to change it. Before school starts, you can go there beforehand and see the facilities. It will help your kid to feel more relaxed. They have to say goodbyes to old friends and most likely change their lifestyle. You know how challenging that can be. Instead, you can all together take your dog for a walk. That will be beneficial for the pet also. Make a couple of turns around the block and make a stop for lunch. Taste New York’s bagel and pizza.  If you still haven’t decided on the neighborhood where you want to live, check top NYC neighborhoods for families.

All the pros and cons of each NYC borough when you are moving with kids

When you have young children, there are notably many things to think about. What kind of neighborhood you want to reside in is a crucial decision. Before choosing a borough, you should weigh its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of the New York City areas that attract families with young children:

  • Pros of Manhattan include its strategic position, quick access to public transit, and abundance of attractions. Cons: Expensive, busy, and fast-paced.
  • Brooklyn’s advantages include being more reasonably priced than Manhattan, a variety of districts, and a hip atmosphere. Cons: Some places may be dangerous, and public transit may not always run as scheduled.
  • Pros: Queens is cheaper and has more room and green space. Cons: There aren’t as many amenities as in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and transportation might be challenging.
  • The Bronx’s advantages include affordable housing and a sense of community. Cons: High crime rate.
  • Long Island is more affordable but a little bit isolated.
city in the distance
NYC is huge so you should consider all the pros and cons of each borough

Which are neighborhoods suited for families with kids?

There are a lot of neighborhoods to choose from. For this reason, if you still need to decide where to move and you have freedom of choice, here are the best neighborhoods for families with children in NYC. First of all, Greenwich Village where the artistic, musical, and literary community is thriving. With so many parks and playgrounds, it is also particularly kid-friendly. Living in Greenwich Village is a fantastic choice if you have young children. Both the people and the streets are welcoming. In addition to this, Upper West Side boasts excellent public schools and is secure and well-organized. Families with young children may also find lots to do, like going to the Central Park Zoo or the American Museum of Natural History. However, it is more on the expensive side so if you want to live here, you should prepare your budget well. 

Neighborhoods to choose from 

Naming only two neighborhoods wouldn’t be fair since NYC has so much to offer. For this reason, you should also consider Brooklyn Heights. It is a charming community with a small-town atmosphere. Despite being near Manhattan, it offers a more relaxed atmosphere. The numerous parks and playgrounds are popular among families with young children. On the other hand, in recent years, families have grown more and more common in the stylish district of Tribeca. It has excellent public schools and is safe. Washington Market Park and Hudson River Park are just a couple of the many parks in the vicinity. An emerging area that is growing in popularity with families is the Lower East Side. Apartments might be on the tiny side, but there are plenty of inexpensive living options available here. Families with young children will love the fantastic parks, playgrounds, and museums of the Lower East Side.

a street in NYC
Make sure to choose a neighborhood that has all the necessary amenities for raising kids

Get to know the area

Don’t forget to ask your moving company for advice. They must have moved a lot of families and they know the most often problems. The best would be to exclude them from the moving day. On the actual moving day, they can cause more problems than good. So, ask their grandparents to keep them for a day or two. Then, you can get them busy with unpacking their favorite toys. But do so as a game. Let them be in charge of the look of their new bedroom. Moving to NYC with kids should be a pleasant experience. Take a lot of pictures and don’t forget about your rights and responsibilities when you move. Enjoy the time in NYC and happy moving!


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