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Since many cities offer innovative and interesting opportunities for small businesses that operate within their borders, some companies prefer to create new branches or move their entire headquarters to a different location. When this happens or when companies hire employees from another state or country, the complex process of moving employees happens. Finding a new home or 24-hour storage Manhattan, understanding what can be taxed, and making the right plans for moving forward can all be a problem for workers. The good news is that employers can help employees relocate. They can streamline the process and ensure that employees start their new positions with the right foot.

Why you should help employees relocate

You are not required to offer a relocation package. But if you do not, it may be more difficult to hire the best talents. Because the candidate may decide that the costs and hassle of relocating offset the benefits of working for you. And then they can decide to stay with their current employer. Think about it. If you expect employees to help with moving the office, then you should help them move, right?

Employees meeting
Let’s see should you – and how you can help employees relocate.

Regardless of whether you are offering a relocation package or not, you want to be frank with this information and inform your candidate in advance. Do not wait until they ask about it. This allows them to really think about what resources they will need to move when they decide to accept or reject your job offer.

How can you help employees relocate

Show them the area

If you expect the employee to move to an area, it is very useful to give them time to acclimatize. So that they can do the research before this happens. This may include paying for a long weekend or business trip to an area where an employee can begin to explore the area, amenities and transportation needs.

If you move a lot of employees, creating a portfolio of a new area can help employees learn more about what they face. Including information about schools, care facilities, and local amenities can help them begin to plan their move well before the move itself.

Do not complicate the policy

Will the company pay expenses in advance? Should employees submit receipts for refunds? Is that true for some things, but not for others? Is there a limit to what will be paid? Will temporary housing be paid in the new location while employees are looking for a permanent home?

Explaining policy
Explaining the policy is the best way you can help employees relocate stress-free

Developing this entire policy in advance helps companies and employees avoid confusion. As an employee, it’s very frustrating to know that if you had just described something different, it could be paid for or refunded. And the employer is very frustrated by having to answer the same questions over and over again. Prepare a simple explanation of company policy and stick to it. Update it as needed. It is very useful if you can also include information about which expenses are taxable and which are not.

Help find professional and respected moving companies

One of the main factors affecting a large-scale move is the transfer of your belongings from one place to another. One of the great ways businesses can help employees relocate is to find a good, respected moving company that takes them from one place to another. Regardless of whether you can find a company that has both residential and office movers, or you have different recommendations for personal and business issues, giving your employees several potential names for work planning is a big help.

Assistance with immigration procedures

If your employees enter or leave the country, the process of filling in immigration documents can be complicated. One of the great advantages that companies can offer to new employees is the availability of a staff expert who can help them cope with any problems they may have.

Employees meeting
Your employees will appreciate any help you give them

Since the immigration law is incredibly complicated and any small mistake can delay the process a few months ago, it is important to treat it as properly as possible. By offering employees a specialized resource within the company or an expert with whom they can consult the company’s accounts, employers show that they want this experience to go smoothly.

Be clear on expectations

Will your employees have one week to move before they report to work in a new place? Do you need them there every weekday? Will they need to use PTO if they need more time than usual?

Knowing these answers well in advance is a great boon for busy companies and concerned employees. Selecting policies and writing them helps ensure that implementation is fair for all employees. And can also help team leaders give timely answers. In addition, if employees know that they need to leave work at the old place on Friday and arrive at the new place on Monday, they will plan differently than if they thought they had a week-long vacation to take care of moving. It is always easier to manage expectations when the details are clear. And practically nothing remains as “we just thought that you would understand”.

Moving a company from one place to another can be a source of stress, which undermines corporate trust. Or it can be a pleasant experience that employees enjoy and look back at with a smile. How the company handles the details will play a large role in determining what employees think about the future experience. Therefore, make sure you help employees relocate so that they start their new job with enthusiasm.

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