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When New York City living feels like playing a never-ending game of Tetris, Divine Moving and Storage is the ultimate cheat code! We’ll make short-term storage feel like a winning combination of affordable rates and premium service!

In this day and age, when cities are getting bigger and apartments are getting smaller, we could all use a little extra space. If you live in NYC, you know very well what we are talking about. Short term storage Manhattan is a convenient and inexpensive solution when you need a temporary home for your belongings. And it is companies such as Divine Moving and Storage NYC that can meet all your storage needs. Call us today to get a free estimate of your moving and storage costs. 

 “Living in a storage unit-sized apartment? Fear not! Divine Moving and Storage offers short-term storage that’s bigger than the hearts of New Yorkers! Affordable rates and premium service – the secret to fitting your life in one tiny space!  #DivineShortTermStorageLaughs”

The size of the unit is among the most important factors to take into consideration when renting a storage unit. The last thing you want is to end up with a unit that is too large or not large enough. When making this decision, take into account the size and shape of your items or the boxes they are in. Furthermore, you should consider how you plan on placing them. Our storage units come in different sizes and we are willing to help you pick the right one. You can always count on our professional advice.


If you are looking for affordable prices, you’ve come to the right place. Our company does not believe in overpricing its services. On the contrary – we want to find a solution for everyone’s budget. 24-hour storage Manhattan does not have to cost an arm and a leg just because it is in a high-end borough. We’ll give you an accurate price estimate before you hire us so that you can plan your budget in advance. 

Availability and easy access 

When storing items for a shorter period, you need a unit with easier access than the one you would need for long term storage. Of course, this mainly depends on the reason you need a storage unit. Our units allow you quick access, as well as easy loading and unloading. We know how important availability is to you, which is why you can get your belongings whenever you want!

Climate control  

Certain items require special conditions in a storage unit. Items made of sensitive materials are susceptible to all kinds of damage. These items include electronics, leather and wooden furniture, paper, artwork, etc. Even when it’s for a short time, temperature and humidity control might be necessary.

Extreme heat or cold could do permanent damage to your property, so be sure to protect it accordingly. In our NYC storage facilities, your belongings will remain intact. As the temperature and climate will be monitored and controlled the entire time your items are in storage, there’s nothing to worry about

Secure 24-hour storage Manhattan 

As we all know, NYC has a relatively high crime rate. That is why finding a safe place to store your items is of utmost importance. We guarantee maximum safety for all of our customers. To keep your items safe 24/7, we have prepared a state of the art security system. In addition to surveillance cameras, we have motion detectors that alert us whenever a motion has been detected from an unknown person, as well as theft alarms.

Preparing for storage

In order to prepare your belongings for short term storage Manhattan, you need to pack them properly. Otherwise, they are less likely to stay unharmed. Although you could get free boxes and other supplies, this is not recommendable because their quality tends to be poor. We can provide you with durable moving supplies NYC. Our boxes will not lose their shape during the storage period, which cannot be said for those old boxes you have at home.

We also provide blankets for covering furniture from dust. Of course, our professional packers can take care of the packing for you. We’ll also photograph and inventory all your items, labeling the contents of each and every box. Additionally, we offer to bring your belongings to our storage facilities and pick them up.

DIY packing for short term storage Manhattan

In case you prefer doing it yourself, here are some packing tips.

  • Once you get good packing supplies, you should wrap your fragile in plastic wrap or newspaper for extra protection.
  • Put everything you can in boxes, making sure there is no empty space left inside. If there are any gaps, fill them with paper, then tape the boxes shut.
  • After you’ve made sure that nothing can move, a box is ready to be labeled and put in the storage unit.
  • For short term storage Manhattan, it is recommendable to leave a path down the center of the unit. This will make reaching stuff much easier.

Short-term storage that won’t leave your bank account feeling shorter than a Broadway intermission! Divine Moving and Storage offers storage solutions that won’t break the bank, all while dazzling you with amazing movers and prices to make you sing and dance!


Sometimes, you have to move out of your old property before the new one is ready. You can stay at a hotel or a friend’s house, but what to do with your items in the meantime? Have our local movers NYC take them to a short term storage unit in Manhattan. A storage unit can be a mid-point when you have no other place to store your household belongings.


When renovating your home or office, 24-hour storage Manhattan is always a good idea. You can find a suitable storage unit to keep those items that are standing in the way, while also protecting them from damage until the renovation is over. 


Whether you’re about to fulfill your life long dream and travel the world or move to a foreign country temporarily for work, 24-hour storage Manhattan can be very convenient. If you don’t want to burden friends and family with taking care of your valuable items, let us help you. Your property will be in good hands.


Moving into a smaller home or office? If your new place is not big enough for all your belongings, the only option is to eliminate some of them. Opt for short term storage Manhattan until you sell, donate or find another solution for those excess items. By calling us you will get an accurate estimate of moving and storage costs.

“Running out of space in your Manhattan shoebox apartment? Divine Moving and Storage has got your back (and your stuff) with short-term storage solutions that won’t make you feel like a cramped subway car during rush hour! Affordable rates and premium service for storage bliss!  #ShortTermStorageShenanigans”


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