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New York City is no easy place to get accommodated with if you’ve never traveled there before. However, it really is a one of a kind place and there’s a reason so many tourists from around the world flock there each year. Moving into the city is a big commitment, especially in the more popular burrows like Queens, the Bronx, and even Manhattan.

With that being said, regardless of the burrow you live in, living in New York City is a unique experience unlike any other which is why with the right level of dedication, one should really give it a shot. So, if you’re ready to take that bold next step and move to Manhattan, keep reading to see some of our tips for living in the Big Apple, because at Divine Moving, no one knows Manhattan like we do.

 5 Tips for Living in Manhattan

  1. Get used to public transportation. Unless you live on Long Island, you’re going to want to get really comfortable with public transportation if you want to get anywhere in the city. Regardless of your burrow, the subways and trains will become your best friend. If you’re worried about getting around, there are plenty of great applications out there for your smartphone that are like the Google Maps of the subway system. Download them.
  2. Reevaluate your money management. Living in Manhattan is expensive. Let’s put it this way, a family of four living in their cozy suburban home that spends $48,000 annually on living will be spending $94,000 to enjoy that same type of lifestyle in New York City. With that being said, you may have to reevaluate your expenses and budget accordingly.
  3. Grocery shopping is different. Rather than being able to fill a cart then your trunk with groceries, in New York City, you won’t have a trunk to put that food in. Instead, you’ll have to carry it back to your home and depending on the nearest supermarket near you; it could be quite the hike. New York City is a walker’s paradise, so on the plus side, you’ll be in fantastic shape.
  4. Prepare yourself for downsizing. In Manhattan, square footage is at a premium. In April of 2014, those looking to rent a home were seeing prices of roughly $1,350 per square foot. The easiest way to save yourself some money on these apartments is to downsize your belongings. If you have items you’re not willing to give away, but can’t keep at your home, look into affordable storage units. At Divine Moving, we have custom built storage facilities that are not only accommodating to our customers, but also to the city itself.
  5. Consider the investment. Moving to Manhattan will most likely force you to cut back significantly on your spending and adjust the way you live your life. Luxuries like elevators and dishwashers are something that New Yorker’s are used to not having, so keep that in mind.

Moving to Manhattan

If you’re moving to Manhattan from another neighboring burrow, contact us at Divine Moving. We specialize in moving throughout New York City and as we mentioned before, no one knows the city like we do. In the event that you need to keep some of your things in a storage unit for the time being, that’s a service that we also offer. So give us a call today, or visit us online for a free quote on your upcoming move.

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