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Removing items from your home always brings dozens of smaller tasks as a bonus! And while some of them are easy- others require more attention! When you decide to put your furniture into the storage units you will also need to do a certain preparation! Depending on how long it will be there, you must make sure that your furniture is ready to spend time there. Leather is said to be one of the most delicate materials out there, and since it is covering your furniture- you will need to put it through a certain process. Here is how to prepare leather furniture for storage!

Steps to follow when you want to prepare leather furniture for storage

Before you start the entire process you will need to set your leather furniture aside. By this, we mean taking it to a different room or spacious garage. Once you set it there, bring all the items and products you will be using on the furniture. This should include water, gloves, and cotton buds. Place it on a shelf close to you and work may officially begin! Many moving companies NYC provide great advice on how to deal with delicate furniture items, so make sure to additionally inform yourself before you start! Here are the most crucial steps.

brown leather sofa
In order to prepare leather furniture for storage, make sure to clean and moisturize it!

Start with cleaning your furniture

Regular soft towel and warm water will do the trick! Your furniture needs to be clean before entering the storage so you may start using it upon picking it up again. Keep in mind that you should avoid using strong chemicals while cleaning leather furniture. Those are harder to wash off and may consume a lot of your time. Since you will be storing it in the inventory storage, movers may schedule picking it up faster than you planned. With all of this being said, simple but efficient cleaning is more than enough!

Condition your leather furniture

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to leather materials is avoiding conditioners. Leather is a pretty delicate material and needs constant hydration in order not to break. This is especially important for furniture because it is being used all the time. If using a regular hand or body cream some to your mind while reading this- avoid it at all costs. There are different brands of leather cream that are specially made for keeping leather items moisturized and soft. Get your hand on one of those and apply it with cotton pads or a soft brush. If you put too much, don’t wipe it off. Simply get some charcoal that will absorb the excess. You will see the results immediately but they will provide care for a long period of time. 

Speaking of a long time, employees of long term storage NYC usually give great advice before you deposit your items there. These may include tips on how to prepare your items and what exactly you need to know before leaving them there. Consider using this option as it may prevent future damage to your furniture. 

dark green leather sofa
As an extra protection use cotton blankets to cover your furniture!

Cover it with blankets

If you have some extra cotton blankets they will serve great as extra protection for your leather furniture. Simply place them over each part of it and tuck them in on the sides. As a result, your leather furniture will stay moisturized for a long period of time and dust particles won’t be sticking to it. When looking for a perfect blanket, avoid furry ones and ones with metal details attached to them. You will want to avoid everything that may break or damage the leather.

Don’t put anything on the furniture

Since Storage units are usually spacious there will be plenty of space for the rest of the items you want to store. Don’t put boxes or other items at the top of your leather furniture. Even if it won’t be there for too long, it can still cause unrepairable damage. Being fragile as it is, leather tends to break under pressure and the entire damage leaves visible marks. The best way is to simply ask short term storage Manhattan workers to help you with finding some extra space for the rest of your items. They will place them somewhere else and you will not have to worry about your furniture anymore! It will certainly be good to know that after you prepare leather furniture for storage- it will be safe there!

Avoid plastic wrapping

Although it may look like a pretty good method to prepare leather furniture for storage- it is actually one of the worst! By wrapping it in plastic or any other type of foil, leather simply won’t be able to breathe. And while this itself is not too dangerous for a short period of time, mold definitely is. No matter how good the storage is, or how well you prepared your furniture, mold may form once the plastic wrap is involved. Since it usually causes unrepairable damage, this is something you would like to avoid! Stick to the cotton blankets or paper pads and there is nothing to worry about. 

In your search for storage space Manhattan, don’t forget to mention the actual state of the furniture. This will help the moving company understand your needs better, and there will be no space for any risks!

woman working in a storage units office
Storage units are a perfect way to keep your items safe and professional employees will make sure you are satisfied!

Bottom line on how to prepare leather furniture

By following these simple steps it is very easy to prepare leather furniture and keep it in a good condition as long as you like it to. Once you are ready to come and pick it up, you can put it to use at once. Storage units are very modern nowadays and provide extra safety for all the items inside. Since there is nothing to worry about you may continue with your tasks while your furniture is in a safe place. Just like you would expect from New York City and its storage units- the safety of your items is a primal goal. 


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