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When you are considering to move to NYC, you must be concerned about the price. After all, organizing a relocation to one of the most popular cities in the world is definitely expensive. Then, you have to consider all the other options. For example, should you rent storage units Manhattan? Should you hire movers or opt for a DIY move? In order to make things a little bit easier for you, here are the average costs of moving to Manhattan. Keep in mind that your final prices will depend on the size of your relocation, distance, special services, and so on. 

Renting in NYC 

First of all, most people opt for renting a place in Manhattan as opposed to buying one. This is more affordable, especially for young people. For this reason, expect to pay the first month’s rent and deposit before moving in. Deposit varies but it is usually the same amount as the first month’s rent. However, now, it is illegal to ask for both, but still, some landlords might try it. Be careful when renting a place. Check everything before telling your best movers in Manhattan to deliver your items.  

In addition to this, you should expect to pay the broker fee. If you are using a broker’s assistance or a real estate agent, do not forget about this expense as well. Do you need to hire a real estate agent? This depends on you. If you are familiar with the area or you already know someone to help you out, then you do not have to use a real estate agency. However, if you are new to Manhattan, then get help. Your real estate agent can recommend some moving companies NYC. 

buildings in NYC
Renting in NYC, especially in Manhattan, is expensive

The costs of moving to Manhattan – relocation costs 

As mentioned, organizing relocation is pretty expensive. That being said, what exactly this means? The average costs of local movers are around $1,250. If you plan to move long-distance, then, the price will be higher. It can be around $4,890. Again, this depends on your relocation. If you are moving just one room, it will not be this expensive. However, if you plan to move your entire household, then, expect at least $2000 

In addition to this, you have to think about travel costs as well. This means organizing your transportation, meals, drinks, and so on. If your new place is not ready, then, you have to find different accommodation. You can find some affordable hotels in Manhattan.  

 costs of moving to Manhattan include airplane tickets
Do not forget to include your travel costs as well

The last things to consider 

As you can see, the costs of moving to Manhattan are pretty high. As a small reminder, here are all the things you need to cover. 

  • Rent 
  • Broker’s fee 
  • Moving services 
  • Storage services 
  • Packing services 
  • Transportation 
  • Accommodation 

You can always try to save money by packing your items, getting your friends’ help, and so on. For this reason, check your options and plan your moving budget accordingly. 

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