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Once you’re finally settled in your new home after relocating, you probably just want to put it all behind you and relax. It’s completely understandable – moving is tiring and draining, you deserve a break. However, before you can forget about the entire thing, there’s something you still need to do – clean your NYC apartment. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ll give you some useful tips. So, if you need help cleaning your new home after moving in, here’s what to do.

Consider hiring professionals

Depending on the size of your home and the amount of chaos, cleaning your new home after relocating can take a long time. Luckily, you can always turn to the pros and get their help. Just like you were able to get Manhattan moving services, you can find a company that offers professional cleaners. This way, cleaning your home will be done in a flash, so you’ll save both time and energy.

The first step of cleaning your new home after moving in: decluttering

Whenever it comes to cleaning your home, decluttering and downsizing is an essential part. Getting rid of all the things you don’t need in your home is the key to reducing the mess in your living space. So, if you haven’t already decluttered before moving, now is the time to do it.

Person holding three sweaters
Before you put your clothes away, get rid of the things you won’t wear again.

While you’re unpacking your boxes, decide if there are any things you could do without. If so, decide whether you want to throw them away, give them to friends or donate them. Another thing you could do to clear out your home is to put your things in inventory storage. This is a great first step when cleaning your new home after moving in. 

Dust your new home

Another crucial part of cleaning your new house after moving in is dusting, of course. Dust is a common issue in every household. However, your home is probably dustier than usual after the move. So many people going through your home, all the packing supplies and all-round chaos are bound to lead to a dusty home. Be thorough and don’t skip any corners or surfaces. Make sure your new home is deeply cleaned and dust-free.

Vacuum all the rooms and clean the floors

Of course, you can’t clean your new home after moving in without cleaning the floors. You should vacuum all the floors and carpets. If you want to be even more meticulous, take a mop to make sure your floors are spotless.

Cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen

The bathroom and the kitchen are always the hardest rooms to clean. You should pay attention to the details and clean these rooms thoroughly. Here are some things you can’t forget to clean:

A person cleaning the countertops - pay attention to the kitchen when cleaning your new home after moving in
Take some extra time to make sure your kitchen is spotless.
  • After cleaning the countertops, take some time to clean the appliances.
  • Thoroughly clean the fridge and the oven.
  • Clean the area under the sink.
  • Deeply clean your shower, toilet and the sink. 

So, this is a simple guide for cleaning your new home after moving in. We hope it was helpful. The most important thing is to be thorough if you want your new home to be squeaky clean. Cleaning your new home is the first step for preparing for your new NYC lifestyle.

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