When you shift to another house, there are so many things on your minds; from packing your things to taking care of your pet, from checking the closets to clearing the bills before leaving, you have to ensure that there is nothing that is left behind. When there are so many things you have to handle, you are bound to lose your strength and have a decrease in your excitement of shifting to a better and bigger place.

Thus, most of the people switch to the thought of hiring NYC moving companies so that all they have to do is focus on clearing the bills and not their shifting process.

First of all, when an individual has to shift to another house or location, he has to take care of the some formalities for the house he stays in, even if it is an owned apartment; he has to ensure that the electricity and maintenance bills are paid so that he doesn’t have to visit the old city over and over again. In such a situation, an NYC moving company seems to be a blessing for those shifting to a new city.

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But why would I need a moving company when I can do the shifting thing on my own?

You ask. Here are the top reasons that would enlighten your mind and tell you the importance of such a company:

  • Moving companies are experienced in this field: The best thing about moving companies is that they know how to conduct the shifting job for you. Shifting to another location or house may be a tiring task for you, but for an experienced NYC moving company it is nothing, but a job that has to be done. Since it knows about its job, you don’t need to be worried about having your stuff transferred to any location you are shifting to; experience counts and the team of such a company knows how to do its job.


  • You have ten other tasks on your head: Shifting to another location is no piece of cake and there are ten, hundreds and even thousands of things on your head and you have to ensure that you take care of each and every one of them, nicely. Why would you want to take the headache of shifting the stuff, when you have so many experienced moving companies in the market tirelessly working for you? Hire a company that is well-known in the market and let it do its job for you.


  • dogYou can’t take care of each and every little thing on your own: No matter how much you say or think that you can do everything on your own, there are times when you get tired and realize that the shifting process is going too hard on you. In fact, even your health gives up when you have to pack every single thing and ensure that it reaches the destination without being damaged; it is a tiring task. Since you know you are not able to take care of every single packing and shifting task, you need to depend upon an NYC moving company.


  • You might get a few things damaged during the shifting process: You know what is the most assuring thing about a moving company? Delivery of all of your things without being damaged at all. When a company promises to help you with the shifting process, it packs every little thing and doesn’t let even a single thing get damaged. Why do you want to have your favorite glassware broken? Why would you want to shift your electronic devices with the risk of having them broken or scratched? Trust a moving company and let the team take the pains on your behalf.


  • A trustworthy NYC moving company knows how to take guarantee of your items: This may sound a little absurd to you, but the truth is that most of the moving companies take the guarantee of having your products delivered without even a single scratch. This is because the companies are experienced and know how to pack different types of things in such a way that they are not even scratched during the shifting process. All you need to do is drive to your new house and relax till the company delivers the products to you.


  • You can’t shift large sized items on your own: Believe us when we say this to you – you can’t take the responsibility of shifting large sized products on your own, especially if you have a small car. How are you planning to move that refrigerator? How are you thinking of having that washing machine shifted to the new city? Do you really think you can move all those computer systems you have at home? Do you think you can shift those large electronic items without having them damaged? Don’t spend on getting the things repaired; hire an NYC moving company and be relieved of your electronic items.


  • Moving companies are affordable: The biggest question that arises in the heart of every person is – how affordable moving companies are? To your surprise, most of the moving companies are quite affordable and some of the companies are also open to negotiate on their service fees. This is because the competition in this field has tightened up and hence, to be ahead of competitors, most of the companies have now lowered their rates.


  • You don’t have to take the stress of transferring each and every single thing: Even if you don’t like a particular thing, if you have old your old house or have been living in a rented apartment, you are not allowed to keep the old stuff there. Your old house is not your storage place and hence, you need to ensure that every single thing is transferred to the new house in the new city or location, with you. Shifting every single thing is a huge responsibility which only a good NYC moving company can take for you.


  • You need a helping hand, when it comes to moving to another location: We all want help, especially if we are moving out of town. But how much can you depend upon your friends or colleagues? Taking help from someone you know is good, but if he has his own stuff and work life to deal with, you can’t expect him to leave everything for you and simply come to your doorstep the moment you call him. Thus, to get a helping hand for the shifting process, most of the individuals trust moving companies.


  • Even the packing of the items is done by the moving companies: Let’s say you want to do the shifting thing on your own because you think you need to save money and you don’t need the help of a third party company for your shifting process; do you have any idea about how you are going to pack all those things? The most wonderful thing about moving companies is that they take care of the packing process as well. They ensure that they pack the things for you so that they can be shifted just the way they are.

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Moving during the winter is not easy. You are dealing with the extremes of the cold temperature and the holidays. We understand how annoying moving during the holidays could be, but sometimes there is no way around the fact that it has to be done. We already gave you some tips for moving during the fall and to continue with this tradition we are going to leave you with some tips that will help you during a frosty move.

5 Packing and Moving Tips for First Time Movers

Moving can be a stressful occurrence. Believe us we know; the act of finding a suitable location, getting a lease, getting school set up for the kids, finding a new job, and packing are some of the inconveniences that a first time mover will have to experience.

Sometimes moving is inevitable and can bring upon a fresh start. Instead of looking at it as a negative, try looking at it as something positive and something that was meant to happen. A fresh move can bring upon new friends, better career opportunities, and a new life.

Before a first time mover makes a move to their new location they are going to have to pack and move all of their current belongings. This Packing services for last minute movestask can be really stressful, the act of carrying furniture, boxing up, and organizing the belongings in the truck can be a major annoyance.

Many people opt out of moving themselves and choose a professional to move and package their belongings for them. If this isn’t the case and the person likes to do it themselves, although hard to do, it is still possibly.

Luckily, through ours years of being a premier moving company in the heart of NYC, we here have acquired the knowledge necessary to give first time movers some packaging and moving tips to make their move less miserable!

5 Packaging and Moving Tips

1. Pack the items you will need as soon as you get to your new location in a clear plastic bin.

The reason for this is so that you are easily able to find what you will need to use first. If you know moving like us, there is usually a horde of brown cardboard boxes. It would be hard to tell which box is which till you look at the sharpie description. Things to include in a clear plastic bin would be a box cutter, paper towels, trash bags, silverware, cookware, power strips, toilet paper, soap, phone chargers, tools, etc.

2. Save on bubble wrap.

You can save on bubble wrap by wrapping your dishes and glasses in clothing. With this method you are killing two birds with one stone, packaging the clothes and kitchenware together.

3. Separate boxes for the appropriate room.

DO this instead of putting all the blankets or books in one designated box. When it comes to unpacking it would be quicker and more efficient to separate the boxes for the assigned room. For example, don’t mix Michael’s belongings with his twin brother Peter’s stuff. This will just create an avoidable headache.

4. Label the SIDES of the boxes.

This is very important to remember! If you label the top of the box you will not be able to identify what the box is when it is stacked. Remembering to label the side of the box can save a lot of much needed time.

5. Moving heavy furniture and glass, it is better to get a professional to do this.

When moving heavy furniture and glass we always recommend getting a professional to
help with this. We have heard many times of someone falling dogdown the steps with a heavy
television or sofa. With what you gain in doing the process yourself, you will lose ten-fold in medical bills. Furthermore, getting a professional is important because they will know how to properly organize the objects in the moving truck to ensure stability. This is important if you have glass or objects such as high end televisions.

We hope a prospective mover enjoyed these tips. These tips will help ensure a smoother
moving process. Once again, for bigger objects we always recommend getting a mover to help with the process. Have a safe and swift move!

Moving is not easy – we are here to help in the NYC area

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