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Practically every company faces the need to move to a new office at least once. The reasons for the change in occupied space can be very different. This may be an extension, the search for more comfortable working conditions and an improvement in the image. It can also be the purchase of your own office or, conversely, the search for a more economical option due to financial difficulties. If you are moving your office to Brooklyn, your priority should be to hire Brooklyn movers. But – how to properly prepare and organize this very important event?

Moving your office to Brooklyn should be done right

At first glance, the task is not easy, especially if this is your first time. But if you approach it in detail and without fuss, the process of moving can be quick, neat and pass without any loss.

Office space
So, after you have chosen the best office space, what is your next step?

What should you do first?

The manager must appoint a coordinator who will be responsible for moving your office to Brooklyn. His first task will be to prepare a complete and accurate relocation plan. This should be implemented with minimal damage to the production process.

After you sign a contract with the landlord and set a day for moving to a new location, you must inform the company about the upcoming event. You can do this during a general organizational meeting or verbally by going through the departments. It will be good to use the means of communication accepted in your company – e-mail or internal instant messenger.

Before the move, it will be helpful to arrange an excursion for the employees to a new place. This will help more effectively plan the placement of jobs and placement of furniture. In addition, employees will be able to think in advance how they will get to work.

Do not forget that the change of addresses brings certain inconveniences both to the company and to business partners. To make this discomfort minimal, notify partners and customers of the new location. And, if it is possible, you should try to send a route map to a new office.

The optimum time for moving your office to Brooklyn

Depending on the type of activity of the company, its status and the number of employees, the time to prepare for the move can be from 1 to 1.5 months. But it often happens that the circumstances “delay”, and you need to prepare the move in 1-2 weeks. In such an extreme situation, a step-by-step schedule of moving will be especially useful. With it, you will better organize your actions and reduce moving stress.

The optimal time for moving is two days. It is advisable to assign it on weekends. Do not take this step as a natural disaster. Even here you can find positive points. For example, you can conduct a large audit and clean the office of unnecessary things that have been stored for years and occupied additional space. And the active participation of all employees will help unite the team and raise the corporate spirit.

What should you look for when choosing a moving company?

Moving truck
The decision to hire a company for moving your office to Brooklyn depends on the capabilities of the company

There are many companies on the market that offer a wide range of office relocation services. This usually includes:

  • furniture disassembly and assembly
  • packing
  • disassembly and transportation of furniture to a new office
  • property insurance
  • provision of transportation services with loaders
  • furniture placement
  • garbage removal

There are some things you should think about when choosing office movers. Particular attention when choosing a company should be paid to its experience in this area. Be sure to read the reviews of customers who used his services, ask for discounts and your own trucks.

As a rule, in the case of cooperation with a reputable transport company when moving your office to Brooklyn, a company representative works with you. He goes to the call site where he estimates the amount of work. He considers furniture, equipment, other materials, and technical values. In the end, he submits a detailed invoice for the services provided. The advantage of working with a specialized moving company is that it takes care of all the moving work. In addition, all furniture and appliances will be insured in case of damage during the move. The insured amount is determined by the client and is in the contract.

Movers will make sure everything is safely packed

The representative of the loader also offers the customer a choice of packaging material: plastic wrap, tape, cardboard boxes, bags, cardboard. To save money, you can buy packing materials yourself. You can find them in hardware stores, and it is not expensive. If there are “native” boxes of office equipment, consisting of a guarantee, it will simplify the work, as well as reduce costs.

Disadvantages of hiring a transport company

The main drawback – comfort is worth the money. Therefore, movers can give you a big bill. In order to somehow reduce it, follow the pricing policy of various companies and do not be afraid to negotiate discounts. Please also pay attention to the detailed list of services provided, since the cost of individual items may be unreasonably high. In this case, it is more advisable to abandon them or attract other specialists.

How to prepare your office for relocation

  1. Conduct an audit, get rid of unnecessary employees and old things.
  2. Create a group to whom you will entrust the organization of moving your office to Brooklyn. Consequently, there will be a certain work for each participant.
  3. First, collect smaller items. Empty drawers and cabinets. Then pack stationery and other things in packages.
  4. Collect money and documents separately and keep them with you.
  5. Prepare furniture and equipment. If possible, disassemble items, remove accessories in separate packaging. Pull out drawers and shelves. If it is not possible to disassemble, secure the sliding objects with duct tape.
  6. For packaging technology use cardboard boxes, preferably their own. If the box is not saved, sign the top and bottom of the object on the container.
  7. For packaging furniture, use bubble wrap and tape. Also, consider alternative packing materials.
  8. Remember to label boxes. Consequently, it will simplify the process of unpacking and packaging.
Office move
And, of course, get your employees involved in every step

Get ready, that all your office staff will complain that they are not paid for it, the boxes are dirty, the load is heavy and everything else. Do not worry, promise them a day off after moving your office to Brooklyn, it will reassure them. Also, hire professional movers NYC to help them with everything. Professionals will know how to pack everything properly and how to make your office move as painless as possible.

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