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Some people think that they can relocate on their own. They sit down and think to themselves: “Why do I need movers anyway? I can pack myself and rent a truck! Why should I waste my time and money working with movers?” Well, let us tell you that those people are wrong. How wrong? Well, we would tell you to try and find out for yourself. But, we wouldn’t want to see you get into too much trouble. Let’s just say that driving a moving truck isn’t as easy as the rental companies would like you to think. So, just trust us on this one. In order to relocate you are going to need to hire trusted NYC movers. And, we are here to tell you all you need to know about hiring reliable cheap movers.

Looking online

Finding and hiring reliable cheap movers is all about being thorough and diligent when looking for them. True, you may get lucky and have a great moving company right down the street. But, for those of us who are not so lucky, looking online is the best first step. You need to see what is out there before you can decide on the best Manhattan movers you should hire.

Check independent sites

Best way to look for moving online is to first check independent sites. Sites like Google and Yelp offer customer reviews so that you can check how good the company really is. Facebook can also be useful in this matter, but it is much easier for moving companies to temper the moving reviews there. If a moving company doesn’t have reviews or they have very little of them, stay away. Those companies are either new or they filter their reviews too much. Either way, there is no reason for you to risk the quality of your relocation by working with those companies.

Before hiring reliable cheap movers check them out online
Check independent sites before hiring reliable cheap movers.

See if they are certified

Organizations like the Better Business Bureau offer their professional reviews of moving companies. In order to make sure that you are hiring reliable cheap movers, you need to check if they are certified. All movers that operate in the US must have certain legal certifications. With those, there is no telling of how reliable the movers are. Do not trust any mover that says that they are legit, but simply didn’t have time to get the certificate yet. Do yourself a huge favor and only work with certified movers.

Go local when hiring reliable cheap movers

After doing your online research you need to start your local search. Some of you might think that there is no need to look locally. That you can find just as good movers by simply looking online. Wrong! There are many reasons why when hiring reliable cheap movers you need to look locally.

Better service for a lower price

Local movers can offer you a better service at a lower price. This is not because they are doing you any favor or something like that. Of course not. It is simply because they can relocate you in the most efficient way possible. By being close to you they can get their trucks to your home in considerably less time then it would take some far away movers. This is important as you will pay your movers by the hour.

This will include the time it took them to get to your home and to get back to their headquarters after moving you. Furthermore, if your movers are local they can easily check your possessions and make any alterations to the moving plan, if necessary.

Moving estimates

After discovering who your local movers are you need to get estimates from them. Now, why would you need estimates from multiple movers if you only plan on working with one? Simple. The more estimates you have the better you will know what the true cost of your relocation is. This will be essential information especially when hiring commercial Manhattan movers, as you will know if someone is trying to pull a fast one on you. .

There are many factors that go into figuring out how much a relocation will cost. Therefore, you will need to know if an incompetent mover is trying to overcharge you because they cannot think of a cheaper way to move you

Ask around the neighborhood

Sure there are many reviews online, but how extensive are they? They will tell you that the movers were good or bad, but you cannot get to the heart of the matter. Well, that is another reason why local movers are good. More often then not there is going to be a neighbor who has worked with them. This will give you an opportunity to talk to them face to face and find out how good those movers really are. They will give you their impressions like no online review ever could. So, remember to ask your movers for any locals who worked with them before.

Final tips

Whether your moving day is going to hell or heaven is completely dependant on your movers. Therefore it is vital that you hire the right ones. What we recommend is that you don’t look for the cheapest ones but for the most cost-effective ones. Cheap movers can end up being poor quality ones. This can end up costing you more money then it would if you hired reliable, reasonably priced ones. So, do not let the apparent cheap moving services fool you.

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