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When you move, it often seems like the thing you pay the least attention to is your stuff.  Between worrying about your new life, your new expenses, or your new apartment, making sure to delicately transport your armoire seems fairly trivial.  Moving is stressful, but that doesn’t mean that your things should be susceptible to damage in the craziness of it all.  Professional movers know how to protect your things so you don’t have to and have the experience, packing tips, and tricks to make your move as seamless as possible. 

Navigating New York

Moving in New York is tricky.  With apartment building hallways barely wide enough to fit a shopping cart, items like couches and dressers can seem absolutely impossible to get out of the door.  However, if you’re moving items out of your home, it means that they somehow got in to begin with.  As experienced New York City movers, Divine Moving knows how to not only get through tight hallways without bumping and breaking your things, but how to navigate the streets as well.  With so many people and so many cars, driving a moving truck through the city can be difficult.  Quick starts and stops can jostle your things, causing irreversible damage.  We’ve weaved in and out of just about every neighborhood in the city, meaning we’ve got the experience to give your breakables their best possible chance at survival.

Knowing How to Pack

This is absolutely crucial to protecting your belongings during a move.  Anyone can surmise that fragile glass items should be covered in bubble wrap, and that you shouldn’t pile breakables on top of one another without a soft layer separating them, but packing tips go far beyond that.  Our moving company knows how to pack and stack your boxes to ensure optimum security, so you can rest easy and not worry about whether or not your dishes will be in a million pieces bye the time you settle in for dinner at your new place.  For more packing tips, you can check under the “Packing Tips” tab on our website.

Strength and Steadiness

The stronger you are, the more you can carry and the easier you can carry it.  When you’re not physically equipped to do heavy lifting, you run the enormous risk of dropping what you’re trying to transport.  Professional moving companies have the muscle to transport your things carefully and quickly, without dropping, shaking, or losing grip on your belongings. 

Moving is stressful enough, so don’t worry about your stuff getting damaged in the process!  Hire a reliable New York City moving company like Divine Moving and know that your items are safe and sound.


Mental Health Makeover: Acting Like You’re Moving

Moving is regarded as one of the most stressful things that one can do in life, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  The stress of moving often comes from the anxiety of living in a new place, establishing new relationships, and in many ways, restarting your life, so putting all of that aside: is moving really that stressful?  Or can it be a great way to clear your mind?  Acting like you’re moving and the way it forces you to evaluate your possessions, and by extension your life, can be a really cathartic and productive use of your time.

Ending the Clutter

In New York, having a storage unit it almost as necessary as having an elevator.  With real estate at the price level that it is today, it’s nearly impossible to find an apartment that is a livable size for you and able to accommodate all of the things you’ve seemed to amass over your lifetime.  Deciding to go through everything you own, sorting what to keep and what you can trash, can be the first step in not only clearing your apartment, but clearing your mind. 

Selling the Excess

Once you’ve sorted through all of your belongings, chances are that there’s a lot that you don’t need.  Money, or rather lack thereof, is easily one of the biggest stressors that we all have to worry about, so help relieve the stress and make a quick buck!  Sell your discarded belongings! And though they will definitely take time to sell, whether you do it through a garage sale, Craigslist, or eBay, it’s going to take at least a little bit of effort to get your items on the market and into someone else’s home.  If some of the items that you’ve decided to sell are on the larger side, consider hiring a local moving company to do the heavy lifting for you!  By hiring professional movers, you lessen the risk of damaging your stuff, meaning you can get more money for it.

Moving is no breeze, and deciding to fake a move to help your mental health seems insane.  However, being forced to organize your home and compartmentalize your things will result in a natural organization of your mind.  Once you have everything clean, clear, and sorted, your home can feel brand new, and sometimes all we need to get out of a rut is to make a little change. 

Hire Divine Moving for all of your New York moving needs, real or simulated!


professional movers

It goes without saying that professional movers make any move easier.  They know what they’re doing, they know where to go, and best of all: they do the heavy lifting.  But what about trying to do it on your own?  Should you even attempt it?  If you’re trying to justify moving alone, whether it’s to or from a building with a doorman, a 4-story walk up, or a cozy townhouse, we’re going to convince you that there’s no “I” in move!

Moving to an Apartment Building

If you’re lucky enough to afford an apartment in New York City, then you deserve to move into it with ease.  When you’re moving to a smaller apartment building with only one elevator, that’s going to create a lot of issues.  Waiting for it to come up and down and only being able to cram some of your stuff in each time is going to take forever, and you need all the power you can get.  Multiple team members mean you’ll always be ready to move another load.  Larger apartment buildings will typically have more than one elevator, so use the extra strength to your advantage!  By hiring professional movers, you can have several people making trips at the same time, expediting the moving process.  Not to mention the fact that moving hard objects like furniture and crates can damage an elevator’s interior.  Professional movers know how to get in and out of your building without damaging it.

Moving to a Walk Up

Yikes.  The laws in New York are changing to accommodate those with disabilities, but many buildings 5 stories or less do not have elevators simply because they were never required to.  Whether you’re moving in or out of a walk up, it’s not going to be easy.  This is really where the muscle behind professional movers comes in.  Sure, you can ask your friends to lend a helping hand, but so many trips up and down could make you enemies by the end of the day.

Moving to a Townhouse

A townhouse may seem less daunting than an apartment building due to the sheer size difference, but don’t let them fool you: you’re still going to have to make a lot of trips up the stairs.  Professional movers won’t just leave your stuff on the ground floor to deal with later (which we all might be a little inclined to do after a long day), but they’ll actually take your stuff up to the floor you want it in.

No matter what your move is, do it right, do it easily, and do it with Divine Moving.


Moving in New York City in the spring is an exciting time for anyone. Even the most seasoned movers will have their hands full trying to get their stuff from one home or apartment to the next. One of the most important things to remember is that there are a host of things that could go wrong on a moving job. That’s why it’s so important to find the right mover for the job.

moving trucks of Divine

Moving in New York isn’t like moving in most of the towns of America. New York is one of the busiest cities in the world, and has an array of difficulties to deal with when moving that movers in some cities would never have to deal with. The traffic can be terrible. There is also a unique transportation system in the city, and those who’ve never navigated it may find it quite difficult. Find the right mover:

Choosing Moving Companies in Brooklyn

Spring is about Growth

Springtime means new growth. That means growth on the trees in Central Park, and it means growth of the population of the city due to an influx of those who are excited to get a taste of what living in New York is all about; so get a hold of the moving company you want ahead of time!

Find the Right Mover

The moving process is made easier when the right mover is found. This entails more than just finding the company with the catchiest name or slogan. A quality mover will have had quality relationships with their past customers, and will have a proven track record of putting the customer first.

Plan Accordingly

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world, and that means it’s going to have some of the greatest resources available for those who are moving there. Movers to New York or those who are moving from one NYC spot to another can do their research and plan for all the ins and outs of their move that are particular to them. No move is the same and the better that one prepares for everything they will need, the smoother the entire process is going to go for them.

Divine Moving has been moving New Yorkers since 2000. There are more than enough potential problems to deal with when it comes to moving in this great city. Divine Moving makes it our business to help those in New York move safely and smoothly. To schedule a move or to get a quote, get in contact with Divine Moving today at 866-668-7666!

There can be a lot on someone’s plate as they start preparing for a moving job (like moving supplies). Looking into hiring the right local moving company, selecting a date and renting a van or truck, and getting the right help for the job can all seem like a lot of work. Some people have shown up for the moving job with their friends, ready to get the load moving supplies, without ever acquiring more than a box or two to get the job done.

moving supplies nyc

New York moving companies are experts at knowing what moving supplies will be needed for a particular job. But those who don’t have this experience may have a harder time knowing what supplies to pick up to help them during their move. While the exact supplies that are needed will vary from job to job, there are a few things that will come in handy for everyone that is moving.

Supplies for those Moving

Rubber Wheel Dollies

Anyone that’s ever moved knows that the dolly is your best friend. The dolly can be used to easily move two or even three boxes. It also comes in handy when trying to move heavy furniture such as desks or cupboards. The dolly can be used to efficiently move objects that are too heavy to be moved conventionally, even with a number of people. A group of movers each armed with a dolly have the capability of moving a large number of items in little time. The rubber wheel on the dollies also helps them not scratch the surfaces they come into contact with in homes or apartments.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are simple, but are a necessity when moving things made of glass or wood. These items could chip or break easily if not moved with extreme care. Fragile items are kept from breaking by having blankets between them to keep the surfaces from colliding in a moving truck or van. Blankets can also be used to protect floors, though floor protectors are preferable to blankets.

Floor Protectors

Masonite is a type of hardboard used to protect floors. Masonite board also allows dollies to roll along easily and effortlessly, preventing any unwanted scratches to the floor. These floor protectors are a great help to moving companies who need them to

Variety of Boxes

There are a number of different boxes that will be needed in a moving job. Boxes and moving supplies come in all shapes and sizes and each size has a particular use. The main advantage of boxes when someone is moving is that they are easy to stack and can fit nicely into a tight space, where others would be unable to fit.

Tape, Shrink Wrap, Tie Downs

There are a variety of different packing and moving supplies that will be needed as well. Tape is used to secure boxes, which may close on their own but are more secure when tied down with duct tape. Having a pair of box cutters will help as well, as getting in and out of the boxes post-move can be difficult depending on the type of tape used. As far as the move itself, tie downs help secure furniture or boxes and keep them from sliding around the moving truck or van.

Divine Moving is the premiere moving company in New York City! Movers who are interested in getting the job done fast and right and not having to worry about all the necessary supplies and procedures should get in contact with Divine Moving as soon as possible. We have been moving people in NYC since the year 2000 and are the local experts on everything that goes into helping someone move successfully.  For help with a move in the great city of New York, get in touch with us today at 212-244-4011!

Found this review online:

BBB A+ moving review “I have some weirdly shaped things that didn’t fit into the conventional boxes and so I required Divine moving & storage to be really creative with their packing. The movers arrived right on time and got to work. They really were super creative while packing my valuables. Even my furniture received a coat of shrinking tape. While many would argue that they use too much packing materials, I think it made sure that my valuables travel safely from Astoria, NY to Manhattan. They arrived on time and as I expected all my valuables were unharmed. I have never seen movers this professional.”

new york moving
Moving to New York City can be an experience all on its own! New York City movers, Divine Moving, are able to make it a positive one. Today we want to discuss some tips to keep your belongings and valuables safe during a move and what can be done to prevent anything from getting damaged in your local moving company experience.

Tips to Keep Your Valuables Safe From a Local Moving Company

Use Ratchet Tie Downs

Whether you are undertaking a big moving project with the help of a local moving company, or just taking a couch across town to a buddy’s house, it is ALWAYS a good idea to move with your belongings ratcheted down. These straps can be a little tricky to use at first but the benefits far outweigh the time it takes to learn how to tighten and loosen the straps. They will help keep your belongings and valuables safe and free from harm throughout the process.

Load Boxes First

Again, whether you are using a local moving company or are moving some things in a truck or SUV yourself, loading boxes first allows the more abstract shaped furniture, tables, and miscellaneous items for the front. This will allow you to load as much as possible and secure the furniture and tables in the back while leaning them against the boxes for support. The furniture can then be tied down to walls or rails to keep them secure and in place.

Remove Drawers and Glass!

Many cabinets, dressers, and shelves have drawers that slide and move around if they are not removed. Emptying these drawers and removing them from the dressers will prevent them from sliding out during the moving process. The drawers can also be tied or strapped in to avoid the same issue.

Cushion is Your Friend

It would be difficult to have too much cushion during a move. The most efficient way to go about keeping fragile spots or fragile pieces from being vulnerable during a move is to wrap them in a healthy dose of clothes or blankets – and if those aren’t available bubble wrap will do the trick. A few towels or blankets would save the price on bubble wrap, and either one will be able to keep fragile pieces safe. But remember this does not take the place of properly securing down your belongings!

Use Common Sense!

Don’t lift anything that will cause you to strain, as this puts you at a risk for hurting your back. Refrigerators, washers or driers, and desks are some of the heavier pieces to consider letting a professional help you move. Also remember to always double-check to make sure your belongings and valuable are strapped down and secure. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Lastly, remember that for big jobs and heavy items, Divine Moving is here to assist you. We specialize in moving and help New Yorkers move on a daily basis. Let us help you and make the beginning (or end) of your stay in this wonderful city smooth and carefree!

If you or someone you know would like help from a professional local moving company, don’t hesitate to call! Our friendly, professional movers would love to get your into your new home, apartment, or office! You can reach us at 866-668-7666

dorm move-in nyc

Summer is winding down, football season is just around the corner and it is almost that time. What time? Back-to-school time. This is the time to begin getting your dorm move-in checklist together, and to contact your local moving company, especially if you will be more than a car-ride away from home. Whether this is your first experience with dorm move-in day or you are a seasoned pro, read our helpful tips to ensure your move goes as smooth as possible.

Tips for Your Move

Mind your work (paperwork)

Prior to your dorm move-in, your university will send out a lot of paperwork. Some of it will be promotional in nature, but much more of it will detail the things you need to be aware of during move-in day. Things like move-in dates and times separated by everything from status (freshmen-senior) to last name are meticulously listed in this paperwork. Are you supposed to unload in a certain area? Is there are designated place for parking during move-in day? Will there be university sponsored move-in teams to help your child get settled or will they need to arrange their own local moving company? These questions and more are detailed in the pre move-in paperwork.

Get Organized

If you have made this move once or twice before, then you might be tempted to just sling everything into the back of your car, get on the road and worry about unpacking later. However, unless you are packing light, that is a bad idea. Making multiple trips to your car to retrieve loose items can get time consuming and tedious. Instead, organize your things with storage bins and labeled boxes to make your NYC dorm move-in a breeze.

Bring what you need

Surely, you will show up to university fully equipped with the necessities. Money for books, pens, paper, folders, a laptop (If you have one. If not, there are computer labs), etc. But, do not forget the stuff that makes you, you. For incoming freshman, the year will bring about a lot of changes. This is especially true if your dorm move will be your first time away from home or first big move. It is an exciting time and naturally you may think of leaving the “childish” stuff home. But, bringing things like childhood teddy bears, blankets or other sentimental trinkets can ease the transition and provide comfort during the times you are homesick. If you do not want to leave your childhood items out in the open, you can always use your storage bins to keep them out of sight.

Get crafty with tools

Some dorms are like swanky hotels that are so luxurious that you will be positively inspired to decorate. Just kidding. They are usually little more than bare bones canvases waiting for your personal touch. Since it will be your home away from home, don’t be afraid to get crafty. Hang a few pictures or posters of inspiring quotes. Put up a cork board or whiteboard. Grab a toolbox and get going to make your dorm room a your own personal retreat.

Don’t forget to inspect your room to make sure everything is in working order when you move in. If you find anything broken or missing, be sure to inform your RA or front desk staff immediately. And finally…have fun! Remembering these small tips will make a big difference for your New York moving experience.



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