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Every move is difficult. Moving an office could be even worse, given that you need to maintain business continuity. Moving plants is possibly the most demanding task of all. Plants are not furniture. They are living organisms that still require conditions in which they will not perish. This is why moving an office becomes that much more difficult if you are moving office plants. As if the task wasn’t challenging enough. This is especially for those offices that have green thumb people, such as mine. Half of my office looks like a national park. The corner office even has a human-sized tree covering a good portion of the room.

No matter their size, moving office plants is not easy.

Now, some of these plants are even extremely expensive. And as an unwritten rule of thumb – the more expensive the plant the more fragile it is. These fragile ones are the ones you need to worry about when moving office plants. Couches can be large, heavy and expensive but they are still just a couch. It doesn’t need any special conditions other than ‘don’t hit it against the wall’. Plants can’t be, for example, wrapped in some tin foil in order to protect it. It needs to breathe and it needs its vital parts unstruck by anything. This is why moving house plants is difficult. But, it is far from impossible with a few very cool tips we have prepared for you.

Moving office plants – tips and tricks

The first thing we would like to mention is not really a trick, but just solid advice. Hire professional office movers to handle your office relocation. Furthermore, these professional movers will know exactly how to handle your office plants. This means that you will not have to move a single muscle, nor will you fear to make some mistakes that professionals normally wouldn’t. Regardless of what type of relocation you are facing, moving professionals are there to tackle the difficult stuff. You have enough on your plate as it is, you don’t need some additional risks and dependencies. Leave the job to professionals is what I always say.

You will not move only furniture when moving office plants.
As if all the furniture was not enough…

Still, there are scenarios where companies do it with their own vehicles and manpower which makes sense in some cases. Also, other companies tend to hire professional movers for one part of the move, where they do the rest themselves in order to save as much money as they can. Moving is expensive as it is, there is no need for any additional costs if you can end up saving money. Still, if you are bent upon moving office plants on your own, there are a few things you should know.

Secure the pots when moving office plants

The trick is to secure the pots, especially those made out of ceramic. But, you can’t block the plant itself, so you need to be rather careful with this. The best thing you could possibly do if you can have the time for it is to grab a lot of cardboard material and wrap the pots with it, using duct tape to secure it. This one is very time consuming but offers the best results. This way you would create a protective layer all around the pot itself, ensuring that even if there is any friction during transport – the pot will hold as it will receive no immediate impact. Another thing you wish to accomplish aside from not having the pot break is not having any dirt spill. This could cause some tedious work afterward. Keep in mind that all of this can be entrusted to moving companies NYC.

There are some plants that will require quite a bit of cardboard.

This will take some time, though. The material needed to do this costs almost nothing, but the time needed compensates well for it. You need to have at least two people doing it, too. One person to hold the plant for it to be stable while the other is using the duct tape to secure the cardboard. You need to be careful to cut the cardboard in a way where it doesn’t cover any of the leaves or the tree. This becomes even worse of a job if you have a good number of plants. The more you have, logically, the more time you will need.

Alternatively, get a big box

If you can’t afford the time to wrap them in – get a big moving box. Make sure that all the pots are close to one another in order to avoid any tumbling. Tumbling is what breaks the pot and spills the dirt. Furthermore, you want to avoid any of the plants falling over at all costs because this might be the plant’s doom. Especially during transport. Many plants cannot sustain such damage and will most likely wither after taking such an impact. This is why it is so challenging to when you are moving office plants. They are fragile and you can’t simply place them at any position. Transportation is one heck of a challenge too.

Climate control

However it is that you will be transporting these plants, you need to have a vehicle with climate control. This is because some plants require cold conditions whereas others require heat. In order to accommodate these needs, you will need a semi-specialized vehicle. This is why not any old truck will do. Again, this is an additional cost, but it is the price of having and moving office plants. You can’t move them in any vehicle. The only exception to this is when you are moving them a very short distance. In this case, most will survive without climate control for such a little while. In all other cases, you will not have this choice.

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