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If you are moving to NYC just in time for your summer vacation, you will have the best time ever! New York offers endless possibilities when it comes to entertainment and exploring the city. Divine Moving and Storage NYC will make sure you have a seamless relocation, and we are here to give you suggestions on how to spend your vacation in the most fun way possible. Whether you’re alone, with friends, or want to explore the city as a family with kids, we are sharing the 10 best NYC places for a summer vacation. Check out our list!

These are the NYC places for a summer vacation you can’t miss

Living in NYC is exciting, and there aren’t many people who would say no to such a fantastic opportunity. Whether you’ve just moved to New York or you’ve been a long-time New Yorker and know all the best local movers NYC offers, why not get to know the city even better. Here’s a list of the places in New York City you have to visit while you’re there:

  • Central Park
  • the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Broadway
  • Fifth Avenue
  • the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Coney Island
  • Museum of Modern Art (the MoMA)
  • Staten Island
  • the Hamptons
  • the Montauk Lighthouse

1. Have breakfast in Central Park

Apart from the Statue of Liberty, one of the most famous parts of NYC is Central Park. Hidden in the big, bright city is a piece of nature where you can go when you need a break from the city rush. Whether you want to go for a morning jog, or simply a breakfast picnic with your family, this Manhattan gem is available for anyone. After a successful relocation with the best movers in Manhattan, you deserve to pamper yourself and spend the morning in the park.

Central Park is one of the best NYC places for a summer vacation
You can’t miss taking a stroll through Central Park on your summer vacation.

2. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of the largest art museums in the world, the Metropolitan Museum of Art will be in the palm of your hand after you move to the Big Apple. For any art lover, this is a chance of a lifetime to see spectacular artwork and immerse in the work of countless artists from around the globe. The Met is home to over 2 million pieces of art, created over a time period longer than 5,000 years- can you imagine? This 150-yeard old building holds treasures that everyone who gets the chance to be in New York City should not miss.

3. Check out a Broadway show

When you’re in NYC for the summer (or longer) you’ll surely visit Times Square. While you’re there, don’t miss out on visiting the Broadway Theatre. Another NYC staple when you’re looking for a summer vacation to remember is seeing a Broadway show. If you have a certain show in mind you want to see, make sure to make ticket reservations in advance. The tickets sell out quickly, and making reservations is the safest way to know you will get to see the show you wanted.

4. Take a stroll down Fifth Avenue

While we’re still in Manhattan, we can’t miss mentioning the amazing shopping possibilities that Fifth Avenue offers. For any shopaholic, Fifth Avenue is Heaven on Earth and one of the best NYC places for a summer vacation. You will have all the luxury stores at your hand’s reach. Indulge in visiting the Prada store, or check out the Jimmy Choo store if you love shoes. The options are endless, if you enjoy high fashion and shopping for luxury items, there is no better place for you in NYC than Fifth Avenue.

5. Go to Brooklyn Bridge for spectacular sunsets

Linking Manhattan and Brooklyn is the Brooklyn Bridge. Don’t miss an opportunity to watch a majestic sunset from the bridge if you get the chance. Although that is a short moment in time, it will make your summer vacation memorable forever. Moving companies Brooklyn offers also recommend visiting the Brooklyn Bridge Park after a successful relocation. Take a walk through the park and enjoy some time in nature and away from the city crowd.

Brooklyn Bridge
The sunsets are extraordinarily beautiful when watched from the Brooklyn Bridge.

6. Visit Coney Island with your kids

A kids’ favorite for the summer vacation of their dreams is Coney Island. The amusement park on Coney Island is one of the most famous things to visit in New York City. You could even celebrate your child’s birthday at Coney Island Luna Park. The possibilities for fun are endless and your children will forever remember such an amazing and one-of-a-kind experience.

7. Check out the Museum of Modern Art PS1 while you’re in Queens

If the MoMA in Manhattan seems too crowded for your liking, try visiting the Museum of Modern Art PS1 in Queens. After moving with Queens movers, you will have a lot to do, but summer fun can’t wait! And what is more fun for any artistic soul than visiting the MoMA? If you have the time, you can visit both the MoMA in Queens and the one in Manhattan.

8. Don’t miss visiting Staten Island

In addition to Staten Island Museum and National Lighthouse Museum, the most interesting thing you can do when spending summer vacation in NYC is to take a Staten Island ferry ride. Enjoy seeing Manhattan from the river and don’t forget to take a lot of photos, that will make the vacation even more memorable.

9. Spend a weekend at the Hamptons if you’re visiting Long Island

A place known to any New Yorker who likes the beach and pampering themselves is the Hamptons. If you get the chance, by all means, visit the Hamptons for a weekend. That will be the cherry on top of your NYC summer vacation of dreams cake.

10. Don’t miss out on seeing the Montauk lighthouse

Another spectacular place to visit in the City that Never Sleeps is the Montauk Lighthouse on Long Island. Long Island movers will confirm that this is one of the most beautiful places to see in New York. Visit the lighthouse and watch the sunset, you will never forget the spectacular view and the extraordinary nature.

the Montauk lighthouse
The Montauk Lighthouse on Long Island is a place you must visit when you’re looking for the finest NYC places for a summer vacation.

We hope that we’ve given you some ideas on where to spend your vacation after moving to New York. There are many more excellent NYC places for a summer vacation, but we’ve tried to compile a list of the most popular and famous ones. The more experienced New York locals have probably already visited all the NYC staple locations and moved on to more secluded and unknown places. Welcome to NYC!


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