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The ideal home is the one that satisfies all your needs and simplifies your life. Even though this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. An ideal home is made up of common-sense traits that give you satisfaction. In case you are moving to Manhattan, this task is a little bit complex. But, don’t despair. There are ways to make your home perfect and make it function like a dream. In this article, we will present you with some of the traits of an ideal NYC home. Have these essentials in mind if you get the opportunity to remodel or buy a new home in NYC. Stay tuned for details.

Let us start with some basic traits of an ideal NYC home

It is a well-known fact that home is where one starts from. The start and the endpoint are that your home has to be cozy and comfortable. Also, it has to be designed to help you and your family to live happily and comfortably. On the other hand, not all of us have the same concept of an ideal home in mind. The idea of an ideal home depends on individual requirements. Although, all the reputed designers try to maintain a standard and design a house that meets the requirements of their customers. Anyway, there are a lot of moving and storage companies NYC that can help you.

There are many traits of an ideal NYC home.
Home is where your story begins. Think about that, among other traits of an ideal NYC home.

The most important traits of an ideal NYC home are related to construction and design

Good quality of the material is maybe the most important trait of an ideal home in NYC

As you already know, NYC is a concrete jungle where millions of people come every year. Hence, a lot of people bring a lot of noise. That’s why your home must be well-constructed. Especially when you’ll probably invest your life’s savings in buying it. Therefore, find a developer who insists on using quality raw materials in their projects. That will eventually get you a well noise-isolated home where you will enjoy for many years to come. Another important aspect is quality fittings because good taps, shower fittings, and locks can leave a good first impression. Also, they can add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to the property.

Well-ventilated home is a must for an ideal NYC home

Ideal places for a living are the well-ventilated ones. Good ventilation will bring you good health. Also, a well-ventilated home will allow sunlight to come in and the air to flow well. Good ventilation is important for several reasons. First, it helps to control the moisture inside your home. Second, it keeps the ceiling, floors, walls, and furniture dry. Finally, proper airflow will remove the bad odor from your home and keep the house smelling fresh.

Traits of an ideal home in NYC concerning the interior design

Interior design should be ergonomic

Two of the most important aspects of an ideal home is ergonomic design. Well-designed and well-utilized space are also desirable traits that can help make the rooms more spacious.

Natural light is one of the most underrated traits of an ideal home.
You are lucky if you find a home with a lot of natural light. 

Pay attention to the height of the ceilings

The reason why this feature of an ideal home is important is that the rooms look spacious. Nowadays, the ceiling height is between 10-12 feet. With this height, you can keep the false ceilings without making the rooms look congested. Furthermore, with this height of the ceilings, every room will look more capacious.

Design the living room while leaving enough space for sofa and dining table

The most vital part of any house is a living room because we spend most of our spare time in them. That’s why it’s crucial to design it ergonomically so that you can see the space inside the room. An ideal house must have enough space to keep the dining table with chairs and sofa properly.

Making enough space for the kitchen area

Another important room in your home is the kitchen. Therefore, you should leave enough space for the kitchen essentials and cooking stoves. Every professional developer knows how to properly design the kitchen area and keep it streamlined.

Outdoor living space as a trait of an ideal NYC home

Some studies concluded that spending time outside lowers stress and reduces the level of cortisol. That’s why outdoor living areas such as decks and patios are a desirable factor for homebuyers.

Take into consideration the importance of southern exposure

In case you are lucky to find a home with southern exposure, that’s such an advantage. Here are the tips on how to take full advantage of natural light indoors.

  • During the day, open the shades and drapes on windows on the south side. At night, cover it up.
  • Remove any plants that block winter sun from reaching the windows on the south side.
  • Consider adding awnings to south-facing windows. They will let in winter sunlight when the sun is low on the horizon but will help block summer sun.

The importance of the single-level house

The single-level houses are easy to care for. You don’t need big extension ladders to reach the second floor. Everything you need is within reach. You can easily clean, paint or do repairs. Also, it is easier to regulate temperatures inside a single-level house. Finally, this kind of home is ideal for aging in place because there are no steps to worry about.

Make a room for every family member.
One of the most important traits of an ideal home in NYC is a separate master bedroom.

Separated master bedroom

Even though the big-happy-family concept sounds appealing, it isn’t so in real life. Every family member must have its own space. So, some small adjustments and separations are necessary to give everybody their peace. When it comes to a single-level house, there is an ideal layout. A master bedroom on one end, a living room area in the middle and kids’ room on the other side.


Finally, aside from the features we’ve listed above, everyone has their traits of an ideal NYC home. Before signing the deal and buying a home, make sure you have the whole picture. Don’t hesitate to present your special desires to the developer. We wish you good luck and quality buy!


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