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Usually, finding the right moving company for your needs means all the difference between having a successful relocation and the one you wish went completely different. However, finding a quality moving company isn’t easy nowadays. It’s the era of moving fraud and scams, meaning you have to be extra careful when hiring moving assistance. Whether you are looking for Manhattan or Brooklyn movers, there are certain traits of trustworthy moving companies you need to be on the lookout for.

Please bear in mind that the traits we are about to mention here aren’t the only criteria you can use for making a judgment about a relocation specialist. But they are certainly enough to estimate whether you are dealing with a trustworthy company or not. After all, isn’t that the most important thing?

Two people shaking hands.
In order to seal the deal with a moving company, you first need one thing – trust.

Look for a licensed moving professional

There’s nothing more important than working with a company that has obtained all the necessary licenses for the job. Speaking of which, you need to check the USDOT number of a company in order to ensure they are licensed by the United States Department of Transportation. Such a company has permission for operating vehicles in different states, depending on the area of the company’s services.

You can find this type of information online by visiting the United States Department of Transportation’s website or by asking your movers about it directly. Something as important as this should be public knowledge and a licensed mover will have no problems vouching for their credibility.

A good reputation is one of the most important traits of trustworthy moving companies

No one would really put in a good word for a company that provided them with unsatisfactory services, right? That’s why if you get a couple of recommendations for a moving company, and especially if they come from the people you trust, you should go ahead and make your appointment. A company that has a good reputation and favorable moving reviews will rarely turn out to be anything less than a complete delight. So whether you are looking for residential or office movers, make it your task to visit their website and head for the customer testimonial section.

A girl looking for traints of trustworthy moving companies online.
Are you less than impressed when reading the reviews? Feel free to broaden your search.

Moreover, feel free to search the web for any forums where people share their moving experiences. If you find the name of a company you are thinking of hiring to be mentioned more than once in a positive way, you can go ahead and assume you have found your perfect match!

Vast experience is usually a characteristic of trustworthy moving companies

When it comes to a successful relocation, there are a few things that matter more than the experience of your movers. That’s because experienced NYC movers will know the best way of transporting all of your belongings. They have already transported:

  • Fragile items
  • IT equipment and electronics
  • Important documents
  • Valuable objects
  • Household furniture and appliances

And for that reason, you can feel free to entrust them with all of your items. And if you ever run into a company you can trust with your most prized possession, wouldn’t you say you have run into a trustworthy assistant? That’s what an experienced moving company will be – your best ally.

Check the level of professionalism

How does the person who picks up the phone when you give them a call sound? Is the moving team sporting a clean-cut and uniformed look? How are they behaving when it comes to moving estimates NYC? Are you getting quick responses from the team? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself. Because if you get a feeling that something is shady, and even if that feeling is a very faint one, you should definitely act on it. It’s much better to overreact but be safe than to let the opposite happen. Without a doubt, you should have nothing but great associations with the company you are about to hire.

Two people shaking hands in front of a team.
You should only think about hiring a trustworthy and professional moving team.

Rest assured that professional movers will never make you feel uncomfortable. Quite the contrary. You will have a good feeling about choosing them as your moving ally, making the whole process much, much easier.

Trustworthy relocation experts come with reliable equipment

A company might have gone above and beyond to employ top-notch moving experts, but it won’t mean much unless those experts operate modern moving equipment. Outdated moving equipment won’t provide sufficient safety for your belongings, nor will it facilitate efficient relocation. And if we are being realistic, the one thing you absolutely need is a quick relocation. Well, a quick relocation can only be pulled off with modern moving equipment. And one other thing – a fleet of moving trucks.

There’s no telling how many items you will have to pack for your relocation. One moving truck might just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your needs. That’s why you need to find a company that has much more than just one truck. We are not saying that you will require a whole dozen of them – but, it’s better to be safe than to lay all of your eggs in one basket, don’t you agree?

Trustworthy moving companies usually come with affordable rates

We definitely wouldn’t suggest you choose a moving company just because they have affordable rates. However, if you notice they have all the other traits of trustworthy moving companies and are considering whether to hire them or a more expensive company, you most likely wouldn’t make a mistake by opting for the more affordable option. That’s because trustworthy moving companies care about their customers. They are aware that not every person can afford a steep price. So even though they offer reliable moving services NYC, they don’t impose a luxurious price. After all, isn’t that the entire definition of a company that cares about your needs?

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