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Moving is about a lot more than just one day you actually move in. The d-day itself is not the only day you are working on your relocation. It is but a culmination of all the hard work and planning that went into the many weeks before that. For this reason, we hope that all of you understand just how early you need to start your planning and that nothing is to be left to chance on the actual day of the move… However, we also want it to be understood that moving day is still important. There are some aspects of it that are inherently better or worse. Therefore, you need to pick carefully. And, where to start in picking if not with a very simple proposition: weekday vs. weekend moves.

Which one is better? We made some points, arguing for both at different times and evaluating the pros and cons that are present in them both. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Weekday vs. weekend moves cost-wise

There is a reason everyone loves weekends. For most of us, Saturdays and Sundays are days of relaxation and rest. And, while some services like furniture storage NYC will do their job 24/7, many will take shorter work times or simply close for a weekend in order to rejuvenate and rest for another day of work. You might be thinking that this is a great time to move. After all, you will not be missing work, which is bound to be important.

Weekday vs. weekend moves - dollar bils
First and foremost – cost

However, you would also be missing the fact that moving companies want to work less on weekends as well. Their rates very much reflect that. You might have seen the calculations that go into your price before. A formula of sorts. Variables on this formula include the weight of the items, time is taken to carry them in and the distance you will be covering (if the move is more than just a local one, in which time of work is the primary concern)… However, all of these have one more thing, and that is the price of work. It is not explicit, but the 2 hours of effort by workers will cost more on the on weekend in a weekday vs. weekend moves comparison.

The amount of stress

So, if you are planning to save as much money as possible for your Manhattan moving, weekday is the way to go. One of its pros is that it is, objectively, cheaper. However, when it comes to stress it is subjective as much as it is important. You need bo able to handle the immense stress of moving. A process that takes months to plan and a day of plentiful action to deal with is a no easy task.

Truth be told, almost nobody really enjoys moving. That does not mean we don’t do it, a lot. There is a reason a whole moving industry has sprung out. There is a lot of demand for moving professionals. However, this has never made moving any more enjoyable of an experience. However, it did make it easier, and there are things you can now do to make it less stressful further.

Support word scrabble
What kind of support will you need?

Therefore, weekday vs. weekend moves, which one is better stress-wise? Well, if you are relocating not just yourself but also your family than weekday might make more sense in terms of a local relocation. Kids will be at school, avoiding the whole mess of a relocation. When kids are involved, it is best to actually have them not involved in the moving day itself, as they might just turn out to be more of a problem than a solution. However, if you are moving a little bit further away, there will be a lot of time you will waste on a road, making loading, unloading and unpacking a longer process, even with the services of movers. Then you might opt-out for a weekend when you will have plenty of time to deal with it, rather than a workday.

Helping hand

A con with a weekday is that moving companies Long Island will be more expensive, and therefore you might not be able to use their additional services such as packing or unpacking. This also means that you will need some helping hands in order to deal with such a task.

On a weekend you are, however, more likely to have your friends near to help you out. Also, you will be far less likely to waste a day of work (or make your kid miss a day of school) just so you can unpack after a long journey.

Missing out

Speaking of weekday cons, if you pick a workday to be the day, there is a great chance that Brooklyn movers will be there at your service while you are missing work. This is not necessarily a very bad thing, but we all love to have a day off work for rest, not, arguably more work.


One more thing that is a con when moving on a weekday. Trafic! There is just so much more of it during a weekday.


A crossroads
How will the traffic be on your moving day?

Always try to avoid it. No matter how punctual the moving company of your choice is descried to be on Yelp, they are not magicians. They can just fly above heavy traffic.

What about the time of the day?

One good way to avoid traffic on a bad day is to pick a good time. While this is a weekday vs. weekend moves confrontation, we threw a little bit of timing into the mix.

  • Morning. No matter your stance on weekday vs. weekend moves, mornings are definite winners. It is far less hot (if you live in such climates), traffic is easier to deal with and it leaves the rest of the day off.
  • Midday. Traffic might just drive you insane, but with careful planning, it will do.
  • Evening. Highly recommendable. Traffic is slow and there will be no time for unpacking.

Summing it up

So, when it is summed up, what does this pros and cons list tell about weekday vs. weekend moves. Well, all in all, it seems that weekdays beat weekends in every category except the price. However, if the cost is not such a concern, Saturday/Sunday morning (8-10 am) is the very best option you can choose!

About Author

John has been with Divine Moving and Storage in New York for nearly two decades. Starting as a young helper and climbing up the ranks to be a staple in our organization. John has the knowledge and experience to assist our clients with any move or storage related needs. You can reach John or any of our associates in NYC at 212-244-4011