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Everyone knows that although New York City is a city where opportunities are vast, moving there is no easy job. From the consistent traffic to understanding the grid system, there really are no other cities like it, but there also aren’t a lot of NYC moving companies like us at Divine Moving.
We’ve made it our goal to make moving in NYC a breeze, whether it’s by providing custom storage spaces to keep some items in, or moving the contents from one apartment to another.

However, even though we can do a majority of the hard work, we can’t do it all which is why there are some tips we’ve compiled to help make moving from one location to another easier and less stressful.

NYC Moving Tips: The Things You Might Not Have Considered

  • Pick the professionals over your friends

    Although it may seem like a good idea to enlist in the help of your friends because the labor will be cheaper, you’re really putting your stuff at risk and you’re extending the entire moving process. Moving with the help of your friends will not only cause a ton of distraction, but also fights and potential damages to your belongings.

    When you invest in a professional NYC moving company, you’ll also get movers insurance which will help protect anything that may get a little dinged up in the process. So, spend the money. It’ll be far more worth it than looking at your dented bedframe that Rob and Tim couldn’t get up the stairs.

  • Buy all the boxes in the world

    Okay, not literally, but you want to vary the boxes that you buy for packing. Don’t just get a bunch of big boxes because you think that’s what you need, instead get a few large ones, some medium ones and a few smaller ones. The small boxes will be perfect for packing books; medium ones are great for loading in smaller boxes or dishware, and the large ones you want to keep for lightweight items like bedding and clothes.

  • Choose the right company

    Us, right here! Pick us! Honestly, there’s no other moving company out there that understands the city like we do. Our storage units are even custom built for the city. However, if you aren’t moving in NYC and we can’t assist you, then you’ll want to make sure you’re hiring a moving company that is licensed and properly insured. Also, take a look at their Yelp profile to see reviews from former customers. Word of mouth is always the most reliable source.

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One of the biggest causes of stress while you’re moving is the whole concept of it. Moving is a BIG deal. If you don’t think it is, then you must live out of a backpack. Think of all the stuff you need to do, you not only have to find a place to live, you have to find movers, cancel any utilities, and make sure the apartment you’re leaving looks brand new, like you were never there (which can be sad). So, we’re going to try and make things a little easier for you and let you know the timeline in which you should start looking into every part of your move.

How to Set Up Your Moving Timeline

  • Your Moving Timeline:

  • One year before you move, you want to start saving money. Bottom line. You’re going to have to pay for security deposits, rent up front, and there’s a chance you may be paying rent on two apartments for a couple of weeks. So, save up.
  • Two months before, you want to start getting your act together. This is when you want to start going through all of your things to determine what you’ll keep, donate, and give away. Once you have a list of what you’re keeping, take detailed inventory of it for insurance purposes. Also, if you have any documentation such as passports, birth certificates, social cards etc, you want to gather those up so you know where they are because you may need them.
  • Six weeks. Alright, once you hit the six week mark, you want to start looking for movers, whether you’re investing in a reliable moving company like us at Divine Moving, or if you’re enlisting in friends (they must be awesome friends), give them a call. You also want to start gathering boxes at this point so you can start packing some of your stuff away.
  • One month before the move. So you’ve got four weeks left before the big move; if you’ve kept up thus far, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re right on schedule. Once you’re at the one month, you want to get everything organized. This means making sure you give your landlord notice that you won’t be renewing your lease, and you also want to change your address and notify service providers you’ll be changing location.
  • One week before you move, schedule your walk throughs for both your new apartment and old one. You want to make sure there are no damages in the new apartment and that the old one looks brand new so you get your full security deposit back.
  • On your final night, defrost the fridge and freezer. You’ll also want to pack up any final essentials that you’ll be taking with you in your own car. For that last night, we recommend just treating it like you’re going on an overnight trip, so just pack a few pieces of clothing, toiletries, and valuables.

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