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Like many things in New York City, trends and tastes come and go. What is modern today will be a memory tomorrow. However, art is endless, and it is here to stay. Sure enough, it takes on different forms daily and evolves. One thing is for sure, NYC will always be a hub for budding artists, no matter their tastes and directions. Just the same, there will always be certain neighborhoods that art enthusiasts favor over others. More and more people are moving to NYC with the help of moving companies Long Island, thanks to good housing and the amazing art scene. You will often see apartments converted into work studios and galleries. So, if you’re an artist looking for a new home and inspiration in The Big Apple, you can count on us for help. Below you will find a list of the best neighborhoods for artists in NYC.

Chelsea offers good and spacious apartments

Given the fact that Chelsea is located in Manhatten, one would expect a very noisy area. However, it is a very quiet living space. In addition, it is home to many well-known colleges, like Visual Arts and CUNY. You will find many small apartment buildings, all owned by individual landlords. Keep in mind though, that the apartments here may be a bit older. But even still, they are very sunny and spacious. If you’re thinking of moving here, get moving boxes Manhattan and start packing! The neighborhood is very close to the 14th Street Station, where you can find parks and restaurants to enjoy. If you enjoy shopping, you will also find many local stores and craft shops. It is also worth mentioning that, because the housing is somewhat older, the prices are also lower. This makes Chelsea one of the best neighborhoods for artists on a budget.

aerial view of the NYC skyline
New York City offers plenty of interesting neighborhoods to artists

Red Hook is one of the best neighborhoods for artists

Red Hook attracts artists thanks to its scenery. It is surrounded by many shipyards and warehouses, giving it an industrial feel. But more importantly, it offers an amazing view of the Statue of Liberty. This waterfront neighborhood is nested between Buttermilk Channel and the famous Gowanus Canal. And even though it doesn’t have a direct subway connection, its island-like vibe is perfect for enticing creativity. In 2012, a thriving artist called Dustin Yellin founded Pioneer Works, made for researching and experimenting with the modern culture. He came to NYC with the aim to be an artist, all with the cities long relationship with art in mind. The center spreads across 25000 square feet of space and offers a recording studio and performance spaces. Everything in it is made to support the young artists in making. Needless to say, you will definitely find your inspiration in Red Hook.

East Harlem, a beautiful mix of cultures

This neighborhood is always expanding and advancing, with plenty of focus on affordable housing. But regardless of this fact, the cultural aspect of the community remains untouched. East Harlem is right next to Central Park, as well as Randall’s Island and the Manhattan Waterfront. This means that it provides its citizens with an active nightlife, but also plenty of family-friendly activities. For example, the community transformed an abandoned public school into an art space. El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 now offers 90 units of both work and living space for artists and their families. Divine Moving and Storage would be delighted to help you relocate to this community project. With that in mind, this is one of the more flexible neighborhoods for artists in NYC. If you wish to explore a hidden gem of East Harlem, pay a visit to the Poet Den’s Theater and Gallery.

NYC neighborhoods for artists at night
The mix of cultures in Harlem has made amazing results

The Poet Den’s encourages the community to both observe and participate in different art exhibits. If you really want to get a feel for the spirit of East Harlem and its inhabitants, check out the El Museo del Barrio. It is a tribute to Latin American and Caribbean art, and its goal is to both promote artwork from Puerto Rico, and bring Puerto Ricans to the community. Lastly, if you want to learn about the cultural diversity of New York City, we recommend the  Museum of the City of New York. You will get a deeper insight into the many communities and cultures that mix in the city, as well as how they influenced the local artists and their work through the years.

Clinton Hill unites the artists from the Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhoods

Many residents of Clinton Hill were worried about the future of the neighborhood when Barclay’s Center was built. However, this Brooklyn neighborhood practically became an extension of Manhattan. Mainly because you can travel between Clinton Hill and Manhattan in less than 15 minutes via the subway. Brooklyn is very proud of its unique culture and art scenes, and it’s not afraid to show it. In Clinton Hill, in particular, you will mostly find African-American-based galleries, art shows, plays, and performances. In addition, there are plenty of music bars in Brooklyn well worth visiting. Finding a home here won’t be a problem either, since there are many furnished apartments, perfect for either a short or longer-term stay.

street graffiti in a Brooklyn street
Brooklyn is full of inspirational street art

All things considered, NYC is full of locations perfect for artists of all sorts. And, even though it is considered as one of the most expensive cities, you will adapt to it very easily. Once you get familiar with your neighborhood and meet the locals, you will learn many clever money-saving tricks. The city is full of cozy bodegas, perfect for cheap shopping and delicious sandwiches. With the help of local movers Manhattan, you will easily find the best neighborhoods for artists that suit your needs. No matter if you want to permanently live in NYC and became the next greatest artist, or spend the summer here as an intern, you will feel at home in any of these neighborhoods.

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