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When it comes to moving planning, scheduling your move should be one of your top priorities. After all, you won’t be able to create a reliable moving calendar or follow a detailed move checklist without knowing when your move will happen. So first, you need to choose a convenient date for the move (or at least a suitable time period). And then get adequate assistance for that day. If you do not move short distances and do not expect your good friends to help you move, this means that you need to hire professional moving company services for the day of the move. But when is the best time to search for movers? How many notifications does a moving company need to fit your preferences? Is one month too early? Are two weeks enough?

How far in advance is the best time to search for movers?

Theory and practice prove that it is best to order exceptional movers NYC as early as possible. Moving is a complex and multifaceted process, so you need a lot of time for everything to line up and go smoothly. Early planning of your move will give you the opportunity to simplify the process. And also to properly take care of the tasks associated with the move in an orderly and efficient way. Not to mention the fact that this guarantees you quality assistance when moving on your chosen date of relocation.

Moving organizer
Find out the answers to these questions in order to make the best schedule for your move

So we recommend you to book your move as soon as you find the best movers for you. You can check their reviews on Yelp to make sure they are the right ones. But how soon before moving you need to make a decision in order to be able to hire movers on the desired date of moving? When to start exploring your moving options and looking for a reliable partner? How far ahead to plan movers?

It depends on the specific circumstances of each individual moving case:

Date of moving

The main factor determining the best time to search for movers is the time period of your move:

  • If you want/need to move during peak moves (late spring months, summer season, first and last few days of the month, weekends and national holidays), you are strongly advised to schedule your move well in advance – at least two months before the desired date of relocation. Relocation services are in high demand during these stressful periods. So most reputable relocation companies will be booked a few months in advance. Especially if you are looking for senior citizen moving companies. If you wait too long and start looking for a relocation partner with only a month left to relocate, you will have a very limited choice of movers and may have to accept lower quality at a higher price.
  • If you move in a less busy time, then the best time to search for movers does not have to be that early. Four weeks before the move should be early enough. Of course, in order to provide the services of a reliable and affordable mover on your preferred moving date.

Travel distance

Long distance
The further you move, the earlier you should book your move
  • If you are moving across the city, you can book your movers as late as 2 weeks before moving. Work will take only a few hours, so movers will be able to easily put it into their schedule;
  • If you are moving within the same state, a notice should be made 4 weeks in advance. The moving company will have enough time to plan the logistics of local relocation within one month;
  • If you are moving long distances, you should book a moving company about 8 weeks earlier. Long-distance movers need extra time to coordinate pick-up and delivery in different states, find a way to consolidate transport, and take care of the many details associated with the interstate move;
  • If you are moving abroad, make sure to hire reliable international movers at least 3-4 months in advance. Moving to another country is a complex process that requires careful planning and organization, which requires a lot of time.

Size of the move

The number of items that you need to move should also be taken into account when choosing the best time to search for movers. A large move will require a lot of time and resources (equipment and labor). So you need to plan it a little further in advance to be sure that the moving company you choose can satisfy your needs.

Complexity of work

It is always useful to warn your movers in advance if you are moving special items that require a special type of transport or special moving equipment. So that movers can ensure that they have the necessary equipment on the day you move. You should also schedule any necessary additional moving services NYC early. So that the movers have enough time to complete it and make sure that everything is in order.

Good to know: if you intend to hire movers with a full range of moving services NYC, you need to pre-order the move, because moving with a full range of services requires more coordination and can take several weeks.

Moving box
Some jobs are easier to schedule for movers than others

To summarize, the best time to search for movers is about 4-8 weeks before the move. So that your preferred mover has enough time to work through the logistics and ensure the success of your move. You must provide as many notifications as possible when moving during peak season, when leaving the state, and if there are certain time limits or special needs for moving. The more flexible you are with the date of your move and your requirements for moving, the less important it is to book for several weeks in advance. Because it will be easier for you to find a company that can satisfy your moving needs.

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