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“Experience the Best Move of Your Life with Divine Moving!”

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When moving things from one area to another, working with a trusted and reliable moving company will always be the best choice. Traveling back and forth between places just to relocate your things can be exhausting and a hassle. Before a move becomes troublesome, work with movers in NYC who can make your job light and convenient.


Are you a New Yorker looking for reliable and trusted moving services in NYC? Divine Moving & Storage is the best possible solution. Our NYC movers have helped the New York community with their moving needs for decades.


Our movers in New York City offer various services that residents and soon to be New Yorkers appreciate.

Moving Services in NYC by Divine Moving and Storage


  • Moving things is Divine Moving & Storage’s expertise! We’ll move your personal belongings to the proper location.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a local resident relocating within our area or need NYC movers to help you move to the Big Apple from abroad; Divine Moving & Storage takes care of the hard work on your behalf. Our team will move your treasured possessions to your new place swiftly and efficiently.


Have you thought about living and experiencing a wonderful life in New York City? Choosing to relocate is only the first step in a long, rewarding journey. When you or someone you know needs reliable professionals to assist them with moving their belongings in New York, you can rely on Divine Moving & Storage to lend a helping hand.

?? Need to move? We understand. NYC rents can be scarier than a Horror Broadway show! But our moving service won’t give you chills; it’ll only leave you laughing all the way to your new home! #AffordableAmusingMoves

By choosing our team, our clients never need to worry about their belongings’ safety and security. These results are primarily because our services put secure transportation and storage as a paramount focus, always handling furniture, boxes, and other sensitive items with the utmost care and attention.


Don’t entrust your possessions to just any moving company; choose our certified movers in New York City who can provide you with much-needed peace of mind during a transitional stage in your life.

Storage in NYC

  • Divine Moving & Storage Offers Commercial Moving in NYC


Many businesses relocate their offices to more appealing areas in New York. These companies don’t need to worry about how they can move their office equipment and documents because Divine Moving & Storage is ready to help.

New Yorkers who want to move their office to a new building can count on our commercial movers in NYC to provide our clients with 100% performance. Although your move may seem insurmountable, Divine Moving & Storage makes the impossible possible no matter how far your destination is.


Divine Moving & Storage professionals move office belongings to their new home, enabling companies and employees to continue their work without worrying about disruptions to the business flow. Your business can rely on our movers in NYC. We’ll ensure that everything you transport remains secured and protected against potential harm.


  • Divine Moving & Services Offers Storage Solutions


Our customers entrust Divine Moving to take care when moving and storing belongings safely and securely. 


Movers no longer should feel anxious regarding moving or storing their belongings as we utilize state-of-the-art security technology and techniques to ensure our NYC storage facility remains secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


Our facility is secure and climate-controlled, and our moving crews commit to conducting comprehensive inventories. This effort helps clients track their belongings while taking asset protection and security another step further.

Local and long distance moving

  • Divine Moving & Services Handles Transportation and Delivery


Anyone hiring professional movers in New York City will want assurances they can move their belongings without unwanted damage. Divine Moving & Storage offers the best and most secure delivery to the correct destination.


Our company remains the premier resource to help movers in and to New York. Established in 2000, Divine Movers has served individuals relocating to New York City and local residents with the finest moving services in NYC. Clients seeking a reliable relocation company can depend on Divine Moving & Storage.

?? Your budget’s tighter than those skinny jeans you’re still trying to fit into? No sweat! We’re like that magic diet for your moving costs—wondrously slimming without the effort! #SkinnyBudgetBigService

Hiring Divine Moving & Storage as your NYC movers and avoid the common pitfalls, regrets, and difficulties associated with other companies. Instead, our movers in NYC provide various benefits, serving as a partner in moving our clients’ belongings to the beautiful Big Apple without any regrets or difficulties.

Benefits of Hiring Divine Moving & Storage

Working with some moving companies can pose notable challenges for individuals attempting to move to New York for the first time, in addition to others simply needing to relocate to another part of the city.


With Divine Moving & Storage, our services ensure every move goes smoothly without stress and aggravation. We remain accessible to all clients in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or any other boroughs in NYC.


We maintain our facilities well, offering clients a safe, secure, and clean storage environment. Our security team utilizes modern break-in and alarm detection systems, primed 24 hours daily for optimal security.


The company not only focuses on moving belongings but will also pick up moving boxes, furniture, and other items for swift, safe, and efficient delivery to a new home or office. 

Our commitment to servicing New Yorkers extends to those experiencing difficulty packing their belongings. Divine Moving & Storage proudly serves the NYC community, working hard to ensure we pack and box their items safely.


Customers will always be pleased using Divine Moving & Storage because they can obtain and experience the full extent of moving service in NYC, provided by a premier moving company in New York.


Our team of New York movers works hard to help individuals and families move confidently. With services ranging from commercial to residential, storage, and packing, Divine Movers remains the ideal solution for anyone moving cross-country to New York or across town.

?? We’re the party of moving services, but we certainly don’t party hard on your wallet! We provide a fun-filled, affordable moving fiesta that will leave you chanting for an encore! #NYCPartyOnTheMove

We train and employ the most skilled movers in New York, treating every client’s items with safety and utmost caution. Our most extraordinary service of all is the peace of mind we can offer via satisfaction in your movers.

NYC storage

Experience the Divine Moving Difference

Moving to another town, state, or country is a laborious, exhausting process, no matter your relocation reason. You must transport virtually all your belongings, including massive furniture and appliances, sometimes long distances.


However, sometimes the more hectic phase of the process is organizing minor items and keepsakes you just can’t leave behind. When you consider situations like moving with children or pets, seeking professional assistance is necessary.

Making your NYC move smooth and stressfree!

Let’s be honest; most people have more than a few large items that they need help moving. For this reason, seeking professionals like Divine Movers that specialize in helping individuals, families, and companies move is a prudent idea.


Although countless movers in the NYC area provide help to individuals and companies moving around, our professional, expert moving company ensures a seamless process you can rely on.

Experience NYC Moving with Ease!”

Divine Moving has long extended a helping hand to families and companies that intend on relocating in or out of NY. We remain popular in New York and with new individuals arriving in The Big Apple. This positive reputation begins and largely stems from our excellent services, including:


  • NYC moving services you can feel confident in

Divine Movers instills confidence in our clients, who can trust our positive reputation and commitment to expert service. Our team guarantees a seamless moving experience that provides you peace of mind.

Moving is so much easier when you know that our team controls your belongings, packing, moving, or storing them with no oversights or issues. Relying on countless years of experience assisting those moving around NYC with various items and location types, Divine Movers is the preeminent moving resource, and we’re ready to assist you.

Moving tip
Although, we do prefer that you give us enough time to do things without stress.
  • Our movers have access to a broad spectrum of resources


When you prepare for a move, you must consider all the supplies you require for a successful move. You may need some resources: trailers, ratchet straps, shipping materials, boxes, and trucks.


Unless you have an inside connection or already own many of these resources, securing assistance from our New York City movers remains your best choice.


  • Efficient moving solutions


Divine Moving & Storage understands that moving is one of the most stressful and time-consuming tasks. Packing, wrapping, and storing items before a move begins takes its physical and mental toll.


Our professional moving staff has the training to handle and complete the moving process promptly, without compromising service quality, ensuring our clients reach their new location with minimal time or disruption.


  • Securely move your cherished valuables


Trusting your valuable to a company isn’t easy. Divine Movers understands that everything our clients own and intend to bring to a new location has meaning and value. Many individuals have significant anxiety associated with leaving special items or furniture in the hands of individuals they barely know, even when they’re experts.


Nonetheless, our NYC movers work swiftly and efficiently to pack and move all belongings while guaranteeing every possession’s safety and security. We don’t compromise our clients’ items under any circumstances. However, we recommend personally moving the most sentimental items and personal documents.


  • The best in customer care


From the moment you call Divine Movers to the process of moving into your new location, our professionals treat you with the utmost respect, upholding the highest standards of professionalism.


Our moving specialists treat every client fairly while promising to answer all queries accurately and with expert knowledge.

Let our Moving Services in NYC Take Care of All the Hard Work

Everything that goes into moving and transporting your belongings can take a toll. You may discover that your head and back hurt simultaneously after your move. Leave the hard work of New York City moving behind. Instead, work with our professional New York City movers.


While you may feel initial apprehension about entrusting such a personal task to strangers, Divine Movers offers an expert team you can trust, guaranteeing that we can prove we’re worth your time.


Divine Movers handles your possessions with the utmost care and precision. Everything you need to be moved from the old location to the new will reach its destination. We’ll arrive at your new property with all contents in the same condition and shape as before you began packing.


We view our success in a job as your success, only obtainable when we can provide you with peace of mind, confidence in our services, and satisfaction. These represent the pillars of Divine Moving & Storage services in NYC.

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Highly Rated New York City Movers Offering Service that Fits your Budget and your Timeline

Our professional mover team has helped individuals, families, and commercial owners move around New York City for years. Our process is hassle-free, easy, and seamless. 


Divine Movers company warehouses and offices remain highly accessible. Our state-of-the-art facilities have installed smoke, theft, fire alarms, motion detectors, and continuous video surveillance offering 24-hour security.


We additionally provide storage service to our clients. Divine Moving has you covered if you wish us to pick your belongings up or want us to bring, wrap and pack boxes for you.


Consulting with our team can help determine a cost-effective and efficient moving process when you must move sooner. We provide FREE consultations.

Customer Satisfaction is 100% Our First Priority

We can only be successful when our clients are satisfied with our services. Divine Movers does our best, committing to providing the best moving services in NYC you deserve.

Don’t Wait – Secure Your Professional Moving Services in NYC Today!

Are you planning to move to the beautiful city of New York but need help moving your belongings in one trip? You can depend on Divine Moving & Storage. We work to move your belongings to any part of New York City without causing damage. Our experts transport and handle items with care, guaranteeing our customers they have nothing to worry about during or after their move.

?? At NYC Moving Services, we’re faster than a Manhattan minute and our prices are friendlier than a neighborhood bodega. Fast and affordable; it’s how we roll. #RollinInSavings

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