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Moving to Queens involves many tasks and activities. You need to research Queens movers, pack your belongings, get moving supplies for relocating to Queens, etc. That is why it is necessary to remember that it will take weeks, if not months, to get organized for the moving day. This is a stressful and time-consuming process. In order to help you plan your move and gather quality moving materials, we have prepared some tips for you. Read on and find out how to ensure a safe and stress-free relocation.

Plan your move carefully

Creating a solid plan is the first thing you should do when planning a move. The moving plan needs to include all your activities and a timeline. This checklist will assist you with managing your move during a very hectic time in your life. Also, it will help you remember everything and stay on track when it comes to time schedules. Among others, it should include tasks such as

  • Finding a moving company in Queens
  • Packing your belongings
  • Gathering moving supplies
  • Renting a storage unit
  • Renting a moving truck.
Writing books on a package
Label all your packages and boxes once you protect and pack them. This will speed up the unpacking process

Hire reliable and experienced movers

The moving market is well-developed in New York. There are numerous movers that can handle your move. However, there are also many fraudulent movers. If you want to avoid being a victim of a moving scam, make sure to check whether your company is licensed and offers insurance. Check specialized moving websites and find companies’ reviews and ratings. Read previously submitted comments and complaints. Find a company that can fit your budget and meets all your needs. There are also companies that provide packing services. This will help you save a lot of time and energy. On the other hand, if you want to pack on your own, your movers can advise you where to buy moving boxes NYC.

What are the best places where you can get moving supplies for relocating to Queens?

If you decide to protect and pack your items yourself, without the help of professionals, you need to gather packing supplies in advance. Bear in mind that moving boxes aren’t all the same. Also, it is not always the best option to buy the cheapest boxes. Some of the places where you can find boxes of various sizes and shapes are Walmart, uLine, Amazon, dollar stores, Costco, U-Haul, Craigslist, etc. Also, you can opt for plastic containers or simply rent boxes.

Using bubble wrap to protect a bown
Use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or packing paper to protect your belongings. Prevent any damages during transport.

The moving process can be quite a costly endeavor. That’s why it is a great option to use free moving boxes. Not only will you cut moving costs but you will also make your move more eco-friendly. Visit your local grocery store and ask for cardboard boxes. Check out local bookstores and ask if they are willing to give away some boxes. Also, go to local restaurants and liquor stores – they get shipments regularly and often throw away cardboard boxes.

Why is it important to gather quality packing materials?

If you decide to use free moving boxes or rent them, make sure to check them carefully. They must be sturdy, durable, and in good condition. Otherwise, you risk damaging your belongings during transport. This is the last thing you need, especially if you have valuable possessions. If you are planning an office move, you need to be extra careful when selecting used boxes. The equipment you transport is usually delicate and expensive, such as computers, laptops, machines, important documents, etc. In addition to cardboard boxes, other moving supplies you will need to get when moving to Queens are packing paper, bubble wrap, markers, scissors, furniture blankets, packing peanuts.

Protect and pack your belongings with care

Before you start packing your things, make sure to declutter your home. There is no point in transporting items you no longer need such as old clothes, furniture that won’t fit in your new home in Queens, old magazines, and kids’ toys. The more things you bring with you, the higher the expenses will be. Since the cost of your move depends on the size of it, it is highly recommendable to get rid of the unnecessary items. Organize a garage sale or donate stuff you don’t use.

A person preparing package for shipment
Learn proper packing techniques before you start the packing process

Now that you have decided which items you want to bring with you, it is time to start packing. Learning proper packing techniques is very important, especially if you are an inexperienced mover. Protect every item with bubble wrap or packing paper. Put them in boxes carefully and seal them with tape. In addition, label each box. Write essential information on the side of each box – content, destination room, and handling instructions. In this way, you will be able to read everything even when the boxes are stacked. Labeling will greatly facilitate and accelerate the unpacking process.

Reach out to local movers if necessary

If you realize this is too much for you, and need help packing or unpacking, contact local movers. Many moving companies across New York offer these services. They provide quality packing materials, know proper packing techniques, and can guarantee the safety of your things during transport. Request a free moving estimate and see how much these services cost and whether you can afford them.

In conclusion

As you can guess, the moving process can be tiring and time-consuming. However, finding the right moving company will take the burden off your shoulders. They will handle your relocation and transport all your things. However, in case you opt for a DIY move, you will need to get moving supplies for relocating to Queens. It is possible to buy and rent them, or you can find free moving materials. Just make sure they are in good condition.



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