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Recent research shows that as much as 71% of young people who are currently living in Long Island have a plan to leave it in the next five years. What could be causing this massive exodus? Why are people suddenly deciding that moving from Long Island makes the best sense for them? That’s what we are here to find out. Considering how busy moving companies Long Island have been in recent years, it’s very easy to conclude this trend isn’t a new one. But let’s take a look into the main reasons that are suddenly driving people out of Long Island and into the neighboring states.

The three main reasons why people are moving from Long Island

Let’s start with an interesting fact first – an average American will have moved twelve times during his/her lifetime. That being said, one can easily conclude that people are circulating the states so we can expect a certain outpour of people. But when more people are going out than they are coming in, that’s the right time to be concerned. And that is currently the situation with Long Island.

A woman carrying a suitcase, moving from Long Island.
People seem to be in a rush to pack their bags and leave Long Island.

Once a person takes a good long look at the situation, he will be able to notice three main reasons why people are packing their bags and moving out of Long Island.

  1. Housing is very expensive and the standard is high.
  2. The average income per person is low.
  3. There isn’t a lot of room for improvement.

Long Island has notoriously expensive housing

Once again, we’ll start with statistical data. Did you know that a recent survey which was done on adults between the ages of 18 and 34 showed that as much as 41% of them still lived with their parents? Let’s be honest – it’s no one’s goal in life to be living with their parents after high school ends. But that seems to be the case in Long Island.

What’s driving this trend is the fact that one, properties are too expensive to buy and, two, there aren’t enough rental properties. And let’s not forget the high cost of living here. In fact, the cost of living is very similar to the New York metro area, which is a good reason why young people these days are moving to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and other places outside of NYC.

Just to give you an idea of how expensive life in Long Island is, you should know that an average family with two children would have to bring in $139, 545 per year combined to be able to afford a normal life. That doesn’t make Long Island one of the most affordable places in America – far from it.

Long Island’s average income per person is one of the reasons people are leaving

You can’t expect people to stay in a place with high rental prices and low average incomes. And, sadly, that’s one of the things that seem to be happening in Long Island at the moment. In the previous paragraph, we stated the exact sum a family needs to earn to be able to afford the basic necessities. Unfortunately, if a family has an income that’s under six figures, that family won’t be able to cover all the basic expenses. As of the moment, over 45% of people earn less than six figures, meaning they simply aren’t able to cope with the expenses.

Three stacks of coins.
The incomes are low and the costs are high. Not an ideal situation.

Could there be a bigger reason than that to debunk why people are moving from Long Island? There’s also the fact that salaries have been stagnant and, even though there are a lot of profitable jobs to be found in Long Island, there simply aren’t enough of them. And that’s why long-distance movers are now busier than ever.

People find it hard to improve in their careers and lives

People need to evolve. We need to improve. Unfortunately, there seems to be no possibility of that happening in Long Island any time soon. The two previous issues that are forcing people to relocate from Long Island are rather big ones. They need to be resolved quickly, and they need to be fixed efficiently. However, that doesn’t seem to be happening right now. A lot of residents here say that they aren’t seeing any progress which forces them to call the nearest local movers NYC and run away.

What do you say? Are you among those who are currently thinking of dialing movers in their vicinity? If you aren’t, then that means you are satisfied with your life on Long Island. And if that’s the case, then you can count your blessings. You belong to a minority of people who share the same situation.

People just might need change and that’s why they are moving from Long Island

Alas, we all get tired from time to time. More than tired, we get bored. So we can’t blame all the migration from Long Island on the three previously mentioned facts. We also have to take into account human nature. And human nature frequently has a need for change. We also can’t ignore the fact that people are moving from some of the best places in America to live. And these are the places that frequently rank well on lists of this sort.

Three alarm clocks lined up.
What time it is? Time for a change!

Finally, what happens to people who decide that moving from Long Island is the right choice? A good portion of those people decides to venture to NYC’s boroughs with Brooklyn leading the way. But an even bigger part of these people decides to move to a state that isn’t New York. Luckily, their choices are limitless. And we have to be honest – there are a lot of states that are cheaper than New York and that make a great alternative for those who are thinking about cutting their costs. Our Divine Moving and Storage NYC team hopes that every person that decides to move will find what they are looking for.

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